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HCA 13/73 f.158v Annotate
First transcribed 25 January 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 158  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 25/01/2014  +
Transcription The eighth of Aprill 1659. Claime of the The eighth of Aprill 1659. Claime of the said van hulten}<br /> and others in the ''Mary''} Examined upon the foresaid allegation. '''3''' '''John Moller''' of Amsterdam Marchant aged 28 yeares or [?thereabouts GUTTER]<br /> sworne and examined. To hee first article of the said allegation hee saith and deposeth hee well knoweth the<br /> producents Philip van hulten, hendrick Mathias, Christofer Cotsenburgh and<br /> Cornelius Mayeart and hath soe donne for many yeares last past namely the<br /> said van hulten about sixteene yeeres last past, hendrick Mathias and<br /> Cornelius Mayeart about eight or nine yeares and Christofer Cotsenburgh<br /> about fowre yeares last, during all which spaces hee hath knowne them to be<br /> living in and to be Merchants of Amsterdam, saving that about eight yeares<br /> since the said van hulten lived some space in Cadiz. And saith that<br /> about the moneth of Aprill 1657 the said Philip van hulten, hendrick Mathias<br /> Christofer Cotsenburgh and Cornelius Mayeart at Amsterdam had treatie<br /> and communication together about the hiring and freighting of a shipp to [XXX]<br /> with goods for the Canaries and thence for Santa domingo or other places of<br /> the Spanish West Indi[?a]s, and sending a cargo of goods out in her for their<br /> account, which hee knoweth being present severall times at such their [XXXX]<br /> in the house of the said van hulten (where this deponent then lived) and elsewhere<br /> in that citie, which Phillip van hulten was by the other three impowered to<br /> hire and freight a shipp for the said voyage and imployment and to provide and<br /> buy a cargo of goods to the valew of about tenn thousand pounds<br /> fflemish for their account to send along in the said shipp, and each and<br /> every of them agreed to have their equall fourth part or share thereof<br /> and of the charges and adventure of the said voyage, the whole management<br /> of which buying and providing the goods and freighting the shipp being<br /> left to the said van hulten. All which hee knoweth being privie to all<br /> the premisses. To the second article hee saith that in or about the middle of May 1657<br /> Hollands stile, the said Phillip van hulten hired and tooke to freight of<br /> John van Linen arlate the shipp Saint Mary arlate whereof the said Linen was<br /> master for a voyage to be made with her from Amsterdam to the Canaries<br /> and thence to goe to such places and parts as the said van hulten and his<br /> agents or factors hould order and direct, and soe to returne to Amsterdam<br /> according to the said Charter partie, which hee knoweth being present<br /> at the said treatie and agreement about the said affreightment. And<br /> further deposeth not. To the third article and schedule hee saith and deposeth that the said<br /> schedule now showed unto him, is a true copie of the said Charterpartie<br /> or contract of affreightment soe made betwixt the said Van hulten and<br /> van lynen, passed before Adrian van [?k]ock Notary at Amsterdam<br /> with whom the originall (according to the manner there) was left and<br /> saith the said originall was signed by the said van hulten and ban<br /> lynen the contractors at or about the said day of the date thereof,<br /> which hee knoweth being present and alsoe signing the same as a<br /> witnes together with Maynardt May[?merdson] van [?k]eeren a broker<br /> then alsoe present. To the fourth article hee saith and deposeth that in performance of the<br /> premisses the said Philip van hulten on behalfe of himselfe and<br /> the said hendrick Mathias, Christofer Cotsenburgh and Cornelius<br /> Mayearts bought and provided a cargo of goods and merchandize[?s]<br /> consisting in lynnens, mercerie wares, silke stuffs, kersies and<br /> other commodities to the valew of about tenn thousand pounds<br /> fflemish, and after laded the same at Amsterdam aboard the said shipp[?s]<br /> accountard the said shipp[?s]<br /> account  +
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