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HCA 13/73 f.186v Annotate
First transcribed 10 March 2018  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 186  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 10/03/2018  +
Transcription not thense into the River of Thames, and snot thense into the River of Thames, and saith hee is a native of Palma<br /> aforesaid and subiect of the king of Spaine, and came thense about foure<br /> yeeres since, the most part of which time hee was in fflanders, and then came<br /> afterwards in Amsterdam, and thense went this voyage, and otherwise<br /> negatively saving as aforesaid and saving hee went to assist the said Lopez<br /> in the said voyage as aforesaid. To the second hee refereth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition and otherwise hee<br /> cannot answer saving as aforesaid. To the third hee referreth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition and saith it was in<br /> the Channell of Bahama wherethesaid Ailewarde bought the said<br /> Sassaperilla of the said Toribio ffernandez, for which hee saith there was not<br /> any money paid that hee saw, but To the fourth hee referreth himselfe to his foregoing deposition, and cabbot<br /> otherwise depose. To the fifth hee saith hee hath knowne ths aid Betts and Andrewes from<br /> the beginning of this voyage, and not longer, and saith the said Aileward<br /> is a married man this deponent having seene his wife in London, and<br /> otherwise hee cannot depose, saving Aileward hath his house and<br /> familie in this citie, where this deponent hath bin at it. Diego mendes [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] Wm Martyn Interpreter [SIGNATURE, LH SIDE] ************************************* The 14th of Aprill 1659. Claime of the said Jacomo}<br /> Otto and others} Examined upon the foresaid allegation. '''2.''' '''Diego Mendez''' of La Palma in the Canaries aged 2[?8] yeares<br /> or thereabouts, sworne and examined. To the first and second articles hee saith and deposeth that hee well knoweth<br /> the claimers arlate and saith they were on the voyage in question in the<br /> sahippe the ''hope'' arlate from Amsterdam for the Spanish west Indies<br /> neamely the producent Jacomo Otto went as Skipper of her and carried<br /> out in her for his owne account linnen, and knives, and the [?XXX]<br /> William alias Jacob Tompson who went carpenter of her carried<br /> pepper and linnens for his account, and that the producent Bartholomew [?Guardier]<br /> waho was one of her companie, carried out pepper in her for his<br /> account, and that with the said shipp and goods the said parties all<br /> arived in the Spanish West Indies, where John [?Lopez] who went<br /> [?XXXXall] Sopra cargo at their instance and request (they being [?XXX]<br /> of tradiing there as not being Spaniards) trucked away their said outward<br /> goods, and produced for them therewith (which they laded aboard the<br /> said shipp) the severall goods following, videlicet for the account of the<br /> said Otto twelve chests and nine skinns of Indigo, and for account<br /> of the said Tompson thirtie five chests of Indigo, and for account<br /> of the said [>Guardier] one chest and two skinns of Indigo, all which<br /> hee knoweth for that this deponent an the said Lopez being Spaniards<br /> and having the libertie of trade there, and this deponent going the said<br /> voyage assistant to the said Lopez to help him in the said disposall<br /> of the producents outwards goods and producing the said homewards goods<br /> the markes whereof hee knoweth not, And further cannot depose. To the third fourth fifth and sixth articles hee saith and deposeth<br /> that after such buying and providing the said goods at the West Indies<br /> they were laded aboard the said shipp for the said respective accounts<br /> to goe to the downes or dover and to be delivered for their accounts<br /> or to them, and the said shipp departed therewith accordingly, but<br /> by adverse winde and weather was put into Milford haven<br /> where this deponent came ashore and came for London leaving all<br /> theame for London leaving all<br /> the  +
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