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HCA 13/73 f.30r Annotate
First transcribed 8 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 30  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 08/08/2013  +
Transcription to doe unlesse Some of the said Ships Compto doe unlesse Some of the said Ships Company would goe on<br /> shore with him in the said Ketchers boate; The Premisses hee deposeth<br /> hearing the same, And further hee cannot depose./. To the 10th. hee saith that one of those who came in the said Boate Pretended<br /> himselfe to be the ffactor to whom the said ship was Consigned who did<br /> alsoe demand the Captaine, Mate, Purser and one or two more of the<br /> said ships Company to goe ashore as aforesaid, and then hee would<br /> procure them Prattick for their said ship, and one in the said Boat<br /> said in the hearing of all other Spaniards in the said Boate that<br /> hee knew they were all Englishmen. (meaning the said ships Company)<br /> and thereupon the Company of the said ship perceived they<br /> were discovered to be English; And the said Ty did then and there refuse<br /> to goe ashore in the said Spanish Boate, And further hee cannot depose To the 11th hee saith that the said Spanish Boate soe came unto the<br /> said ship the ''Lisbone ffrigot'' upon or about the 28th day of July 1658<br /> and further cannot depose saving as aforesaid and saving what<br /> followeth/: To the twelveth and 13th hee saith that a while after the foresaid Spanish Boate, was<br /> gone from the ''Lixon ffrrigot'' to shore, there came a Spanish Boate<br /> from Shore, (which Boate this deponent verily beleeveth was the same<br /> boate that came before to the said ship the ''Lixon ffrigot'',) with about<br /> five or six Spaniards therein, (some of which men were<br /> alsoe in the Boate that came first to the said ship;) and they<br /> alsoe spake to the master Mate Purser, and some others of the said<br /> ships Company to come ashore, to get Prattick (as they pretended)<br /> and while the said boate Lay by the said ships side, the<br /> Master and Company of the said ship espyed three small vessells or<br /> Barques which were sent out from Oratava, and some of the Company<br /> of the said ship asked them in the said Boate what Vessells they were<br /> and one in the said Boate made answer. in broken English,<br /> that they belonged to him, and were carrying of wine to Santa Cruze<br /> and then hee saith the said Vessells were sailing from the ''Lisbone''<br /> ''ffrigot'', and the said Ketcher furled his sailes, and Comanded his<br /> boate to be ready, and intended to have sent some of his Company<br /> on shore therein, and came to an Anchor with the ''Lisbone ffrigot''<br /> whichsoe soone as the Company in the said Vessell perceived they<br /> Imediatley altered there coarse, and came directly before the winde<br /> as if they would have seized the said ship, and lading, which the<br /> said Ketcher and Company perceiving, they weighed Anchor, and<br /> put the said ship the ''Lisbone ffrigot'' under saile, which being perceaved<br /> by the said Vessell then presently Altered their course, and sailed from the ''Lisbone''<br /> ''ffrigot'' againe, The Premisses hee deposeth hearing and seeing the same, and further hee cannot depose./: To the 14th hee saith that in case the said Ketcher had sent his boate<br /> and foure or five of his Company a shore at such time as the<br /> said Vessells were sailing as aforesaid in all Probability and likelihood<br /> they might and would have takena and seized the said ship and lading<br /> for want of men.:- And further hee cannot depose./. To the 15th hee saith that at such time as the said last Spanish Boate<br /> was and remained by or neere the ''Lixon ffrigot'', some of the Company<br /> (ingot'', some of the Company<br /> (in  +
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