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HCA 13/73 f.30v Annotate
First transcribed 8 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 30  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 08/08/2013  +
Transcription in the said Boate told the said Ketcher, Tin the said Boate told the said Ketcher, Tye, and others of the<br /> said ships Company that Captaine Neale of Dover was with<br /> his shipp trading in Grarchico Road, and it being not farr<br /> distant from Oratava, and the said Ketcher thinking, and<br /> beleeving it might be true; and if hee were there they<br /> might trade the more secure together, went thither with his<br /> said ship, but found noe such ship there, nor any other<br /> English ship,<br /> And thereupon the said Ketcher and Company<br /> (and alsoe the said Tye did Conclude and agree that<br /> what the said Spaniards in the said Boate or Boate said<br /> or did was meerely a meanes and devise to betray both<br /> ship, goods, and marriners. And further hee cannot depose To the 16th hee saith that during all the time the said ship<br /> was and continued in the said Road of Oratava the said<br /> Ketcher did severall times sollicite and Importune the said<br /> Tye to goe ashore to get Prattick and, never hindered him by word or<br /> Action. And the said Tye went twice to shore as aforesaid<br /> to get Prattick for the said ship, but returned as aforesaid<br /> without effecting any thing, and did still say, and declare<br /> that hee could not get Prattick for the said ship, for that shee<br /> came from Italy. where the Plague then was, And further<br /> hee cannot depose./: To the 17th hee saith that the Pretended ffactor aforesaid never<br /> came to the said ship the ''Lisbone ffrigot'', but the foresaid time<br /> and then hee saith the said Tye (as hee the said Tye himself<br /> declared.) knewe him not. nor knew hee whether hee was the<br /> right reall ffactor to whom the said ships lading was Consigned<br /> unto or not: and saith the said ffactor shewed noe Lycense in<br /> writing or otherwise to the said Ketcher, Tye or any other of<br /> the said ships Company that this deponent knoweth of, And<br /> further hee cannot depose saving as aforesaid./: To the 18th hee saith that there was not any boat or vessell<br /> whatsoever that came to the said ship after shee sailed out<br /> from Oratava Road aforesaid either to Grachico, or<br /> any other Place whatsoever thereabouts. neither<br /> did any Boate or Vessell after the said ship the ''Lisbone''<br /> ''ffrigot'' after her coming out from the said Road of Oratava<br /> neither did any Pretended ffactor ever speake with the<br /> said Ketcher or any of his Company after the said ship departed<br /> from Oratava Road aforesaid And saith it was not Possible<br /> for any Boate to come after and to the said ship, after shee<br /> was gone out of the said Road of Oratava, in regard the<br /> wind Blew very hard, and the ship sailing very swiftly<br /> and further hee cannot depose./ To the 19th hee saith hee cannot depose./ To the 20th hee saith that the said Ketcher and his Company<br /> finding and seeing that there was noe Pratick to be gott for the said<br /> shipp att the Canaryes did upon a serious Consideration<br /> saile the said ship and Lading for Maderas, where she safely [XXX GUTTER]<br /> and the said Ketcher upon his arrivall there applyed himsefe [to GUTTER]<br /> one Mr Pickford a merchant there Residing for his Advice and<br /> (Directionsfor his Advice and<br /> (Directions  +
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