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HCA 13/73 f.482r Annotate
First transcribed 24 June 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 482  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 24/06/2014  +
Transcription to carry the said goods soe laded at Cadizto carry the said goods soe laded at Cadiz which were laded by the said Wilmot for the said account<br /> for account of himselfe, Simon delbo and Company alsoe English Merchants<br /> for which there was a Charter partie passed betweene the said Captaine<br /> Morales and the said Wilmot, and at Cartagena hee saith there were<br /> about an hundred and fiftie bales of the said English marchants said goods<br /> to be delivered, and this deponent was imployed to goe along to sea to<br /> the transport and deliverie of the lading, and accordingly saw the<br /> delivery of the said number of bales of goods at Cartagena, unto John<br /> Cuello factor for the said English merchants, which Cuello went<br /> along therewith in the shipp and went ashore with the said goods soe<br /> delivered at Cartagena, where hee was to dispose of them, and<br /> for the rest of the said shipps lading the sugar was thence carried to the<br /> havanna and there disposed of by the said Captaine Morales being<br /> thereto imployed and to whose disposall they were consigned, like as those<br /> delivered at Cartagena were consigned to the disposall of the said Cuello<br /> who hee saith is a Spaniard of Saint Lucars, and subiect of the said king,<br /> And further deposeth not. To the third Interrogatorie hee saith the said shipp last before shee<br /> was seized came from the havana in the Iland of Cuba, and that<br /> the name of the frigot that tooke her was the ''Nightingale'' commanded<br /> by Captaine Lightfoote, and that the lading (that was aboard her at the time of<br /> the said seizure) was taken into her at the havana aforesaid, And were<br /> as followeth videlicet two thousand three hundred and fourtie kintalls<br /> of Campecha wood, which hee saith was laded for and was to be delivered<br /> at Teneriff in the Canaries for the account of the said Wilmot, delbo<br /> and Company English merchants aforesaid freighters aforesaid, One<br /> thousand five hundred raw hides, of which hides there<br /> were five hundred and sixtie or thereabouts and alsoe six chests of sugar laded at<br /> havana by Miguel da ffaguagua for account of don Lewes Perez da<br /> Vittoria subiect of the said king and dwelling in the said Iland of Teneriife<br /> where they were to be delivered to him or his use. And<br /> saith the other five hundred of the said hides were laded by<br /> [?Ivan] Britton at havana, which Britton is a Portuguese and lived<br /> in the Indies, and came thence with his said goods for Teneriff<br /> where hee was to receive them. Two hundred and fiftie more of the<br /> rest of the said hides, were as hee saith laded at havana by Antonio<br /> Veloso tthere dwelling and being subiect of the said king, and consigned<br /> to be delivered to Simon Riverzo Inhabitant in Teneriff, alsoe<br /> subiect of the said king and native of the Canaries, but for<br /> whose account hee knoweth not, and for the remainder of the said hides<br /> hee saith they were laded by the said Captaine Morales for account<br /> of ffrancis Pepyn a ffrenchman of Saint Malo's, but to be delivered at<br /> Teneriff by his order. And further shee had then aboard foure<br /> and twenty baggs of the drugg called Halappa or Jallop which were<br /> laded by don ffernando Attalia Mendia a Spaniard and subiect of<br /> the said kinge and the same were at Teneriff to be delivered to the<br /> said don ffernando for his owne account. And over and besides the<br /> foresaid six chests, which were for account as aforesaid, there were in her<br /> seaventie five chests of sugar were laded as hee saith by the said<br /> Captaine Morales, for account of the person or persons mentioned<br /> in the said Captaines owne memorialls which account hee saith is unknowne to him<br /> this saith is unknowne to him<br /> this  +
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