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HCA 13/73 f.526r Annotate
First transcribed 13 July 2014  +
First transcriber John Kuhn  +
Folio 526  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 13/07/2014  +
Transcription And otherwise to this Article he cannot deAnd otherwise to this Article he cannot depose, not<br /> knowing the said Roderigo and Gilberto Melz and Lorenzo<br /> Ducler or either of them./ To the 4th Article and the three bills of<br /> lading therein mentioned and now shewed unto him, he<br /> sayth and deposeth that the said bills of lading were and<br /> are the originall and true bills of lading made for<br /> the receipt and delivery of the foresaid goods, and were<br /> upon or about the day of the date in them mentioned<br /> truely and really signed by this deponent at Rochell<br /> before his said ship's departure from those parts. And<br /> sayth he signed two other bills of the same tenor, and<br /> agreeing verbatim with each of the said three bills;<br /> which he left with the said Laders, and also one<br /> other bill for all the said goods, as consigned to<br /> Mr. Andre at Lisbone in Portugall, which last mentioned<br /> was so made and signed for a colour only, and to prevent<br /> the seizure of the said ship and goods, in case she could<br /> meet with any Portugall men of warre in the<br /> course of her said voyage; and therein he sayth<br /> the names of the foresaid two ffrench merchants<br /> were only used as consigners, because they were<br /> ffrench, and thereby in amity with the Portugueses;<br /> but the names of the said two Dutch merchants were<br /> left out, because there were was and is warre betwixt<br /> Portugall and Holland; And saving as aforesaid<br /> he sayth there were no bills or bill of lading whatsoever<br /> signed for the foresaid goods./ And further de=<br /> poseth not./ To the 5th Article he sayth and deposeth that on or<br /> or about the six and twentieth of ffebruary last past<br /> (new stile) the said ship the ''King David'' with the fore=<br /> said goods on board her set sayle from Saint Martins<br /> neare Rochell on her said voyage in Company of<br /> the ''Nonesuch frigot'', commanded by Captain Zacharias<br /> Smith, and that being gone about seaven leagues<br /> out to sea, the said Smyth commanded this Deponent to<br /> come aboard him, sending his shallop to fetch him; and<br /> this deponent going aboard with eight of his company, the said<br /> Smyth kept them aboard his said frigot, and carried them<br /> togeather with the said ship ''King David'' and the foresaid goods<br /> in her, for Portsmouth, and sayth that in the way thither<br /> the Company of the said frigot, plundered and pillaged the<br /> King David, and tooke away a great quantitie of her said<br /> goods.t quantitie of her said<br /> goods.  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_0267_copy.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_0267_copy.JPG|[[:HCA 13/73|HCA 13/73]] f.526r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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