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HCA 13/73 f.528v Annotate
First transcribed 5 June 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 528  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 05/06/2014  +
Transcription The 2d. of July 1660./.[CENTRE HEADING] TThe 2d. of July 1660./.[CENTRE HEADING] Touching the ''hopewell'' aforesaid}<br /> Arthur Perkins} Examined upon the foresaid Allegation '''Rp. EA. 6us.''' '''William Jackson''' servant to Thomas<br /> Burton of London Merchant, aged [XX]<br /> yeeres or thereabouts, sworn and Examined To the first second third and 4th articles of the said Allegation hee<br /> saith and deposeth that he well knoweth the arlate John [?Jeffreyes]<br /> James Jenkins, Thomas Colclough, Thomas Burton and<br /> Richard Netmaker, And saith that in the months of September<br /> October November and December 1657: they were the true and lawfull<br /> Owners of the arlate ship, the ''Hopewell'' (Arthur Perkins Master)<br /> and of her tackle Apparrell and furniture, and soe [XXX]<br /> ought to be at this Present: And saith that in the said moneths<br /> of October, November and beginning of December 1657 the<br /> said Owners did cause a Cargoe of goods to be Laden onboard<br /> the said ship. (shee then Lying in the River of Thames)<br /> to be carried and transported in her to Angola and other<br /> places on the Coast of Affrica, upon their Account and [XXX]<br /> there to be bartered and sold for Merchandizes of [?that]<br /> Ciuntry, and those Merchandizes were to be transported<br /> in the said ship to Virginia or Barbadoes. and there<br /> to be delivered, and the proceeds<br /> to be Laden onboard the said ship of the same could [?be]<br /> all laden in her, and the same was to be transported<br /> from thence to London, and all upon the Account<br /> and risgo of the foresaid Owners And saith that the<br /> said Outwards Cargoe soe Laded as aforesaid<br /> onboard the said ship in the River of Thames. Consis[?ted]<br /> of Beads, Gloves, Silks and woorsted stockings [?such<br /> wars as Taffatas, Sattens and Stuff ffishehookes, Knives Sizers<br /> Earthen wars, Glasses, Pewter, Brasse and Iron wars,<br /> Haberdashery wars, as hatts, Tape Needles Pins [XXX]<br /> and such like, Cottons Kersyes, Castle Sope, Linens of [?severall]<br /> sorts, Fowling peeces, Pistols, Spices, Tobacco, Strong [?waters]<br /> Druggs, Wine Dressing Boxes, shooes and such like Merchandizes<br /> And the said Cargoe did here cost the said Owners<br /> the summe of 957: ''li'' 5: ''s'' 3 ''d'' or thereabouts besides the sume of 29: ''li'' 13: ''s'' 7 ''d'' that<br /> was paid for Customs and Excise, and charges of putting the same<br /> onboard, And saith that the said Thomas Burton did [XXX]<br /> cause a box of Lace, Gloves and Taffaty and some other things to be<br /> laden in the said ship to be Transported in her, upon [XXX]<br /> Private account, which did amount unto 24. ''li'' sterling or thereabouts<br /> and the said James Jenkins did put a Sute of Armour [?and]<br /> (othera Sute of Armour [?and]<br /> (other  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_0272_copy.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_0272_copy.JPG|[[:HCA 13/73|HCA 13/73]] f.528v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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