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HCA 13/73 f.70r Annotate
First transcribed 15 April 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 70  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 15/04/2015  +
Transcription '''Rp. 2.''' '''William Stephens''' of Li'''Rp. 2.''' '''William Stephens''' of Limehouse Marriner late<br /> masters mate of the shipp the ''Jonathan'' (Robert<br /> Graves comander) aged 28 yeares or therabouts<br /> sworne and examined To the first article of the said allegation hee saith and deposeth that<br /> hee well knoweth the producents Maurice Thompson, Thomas Canham<br /> and Christofer Willoughbie and saith that they and companie were the<br /> monethes arlate of the yeare 1656 freighters and Imployers of the said<br /> shipp the ''Jonathan'', and imployed and sent her out on a merchandizing<br /> voyage from this port for the East Indies and places thereabouts for<br /> their proper account, and they upon their account shee was to retourne<br /> by her said Merchandizing imployment to this port, which hee knoweth<br /> being Master Mate of her the said voyage, and going the voyage To the second article hee saith and deposeth that within the said time<br /> namely in or about the moneth of January 1656 the said shipp was quietly<br /> trading in the parts of East India, and had aboard her a considerable<br /> quantitie of goods and merchandizes which were for the said account<br /> taken in [?on] the coast of Coromandell, and were to be transported<br /> to Bantam, as were proper for Bantam trade and not elsewhere, and<br /> were bought [?provided] and laded with purpose to be carried to<br /> Bantam and there delivered, and the said commander and company<br /> were carrying the said goods in the said shipp for Bantam where thee<br /> same were to be [?vended] and bartered for the benefit accompt<br /> of the said Imployers of the said shipp, which hee knoweth for the reason<br /> aforesaid. To the third and fourth fifth and 6th articles hee saith that in the said time<br /> namely in or about the said moneth of January 1656 English stile<br /> the said shipp in her passage from the coast of [?Cormandel] for<br /> Bantam, comming neere [?Pulliapajam] Iland about five leagues<br /> distant from the Roade of Bantam, came [?acrosse] a Squadron<br /> of ducth shipps consisting of five or six saile, which were in the<br /> service of the dutch East India company (as the persons aboard them<br /> acknowledged) one of the boates whereof came from one of the said<br /> ducth shipps and haled the ''Jonathan'' and asking whence shee came<br /> and whither bound, and being, and being answered that shee was an English shipp<br /> comming from Cormandell bound for Bantam, the company [?in] the said<br /> boate commanded her to come to their Generall, and the [?commander]<br /> and company of the ''Jonathan'' [?holding] in their course they of the said<br /> boate called out to their shipp being one of the said dutch shipps that<br /> was nere at hand, and willed the company aboard her to shoote at<br /> the ''Jonathan'' and accordingly the said shipp fired a gun [?XX XXX]<br /> towards the shipp ''Jonathan'' [?with the ?XXXX XXX XXX XXXX]<br /> [?by] the Admirall of the said Squadron, [?XXXXXXXXXX]<br /> [?XXX XXX XX Admirall XXX the said XXX having the XXX XXX]irall XXX the said XXX having the XXX XXX]  +
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