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HCA 13/73 f.79v Annotate
First transcribed 19 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 79  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 19/08/2013  +
Transcription To the first article hee saith that in theTo the first article hee saith that in the moneths of January ffebruary<br /> and March 1648 and in the moneths and tyme arlate in the yeare 1649 and<br /> 1650 and untill Aprill 1651 the arlate Thomas Ewans was Master<br /> and Commander of the arlate Shipp the ''Scipio'' and had the care and charge of<br /> her as Master Committed to him by her Owners and for Master of her was<br /> Comonly reputed this hee so better knoweth being hired by the sayd Ewens<br /> and goeing a foremast man of the sayd ship the voyage in question./ To the 2 article hee saith that in the moneth of January 1648 the sayd ship<br /> ''Scipio'' was bound from this port of London upon a tradeing voyage to<br /> the Streights and other parts neere adioyning and soe to returne to this port<br /> of London and saith in persuance of such voyage the sayd shipp about the latter<br /> end of the sayd moneth of January 1648 fell downe to the Hope And<br /> the sayd shipp at here goeing out had noe designe of goeing to Brazeele<br /> or any other parts of the West Indies as this deponent beleeveth for that<br /> the sayd Ewens hyred this deponent only to goe from London upon a tradeing<br /> voyage to the Streights and back thence to this port of London, and made then<br /> noe mention of her goeing to the Brazeele or any other parts of the West Indies<br /> And further hee cannot depose not being privie to the hyreing of any<br /> other of the shipps company nor knowing at what rates or upon what<br /> conditions they were hyred/ To the 3: 4th and 5th articles of the allegation hee saith that before the goeing<br /> forth off the shipp ''Scipio'' upon the voyage in question the arlate humfrey<br /> ffosse was hyred to goe and did goe Boatswaine and the arlate John Tucker<br /> Quartermaster and the arlate Charles howgate a foremast man of<br /> the ''Scipio'' the voyage in question but at what rates or what conditions<br /> they were hyred hee knoweth not but saith hee this deponent was hyred<br /> at the usuall rate of a voyage from London to the straights which was<br /> twenty three shillings per month or twenty two and six pence hee remembreth not well which And saith hee knoweth the sayd ffosse Tucker and<br /> howgate as alsoe this deponent and the rest of the ''Scipio'' her company<br /> proceeded upon her voyage from London to Genoa in the Straights and<br /> there discharged her outwards ladeing and there tooke in some goods and went<br /> with them to Ligorne where fayling of their designe they there landed<br /> the goods brought from Genoa, and went from Ligorne to Allecant and<br /> there tooke in goods and went therewith to Lisbon and there unladed them<br /> And further saving his subsequent deposition hee cannot depose/ To the 6th and 7th articles hee saith that after the ''Scipio'' had at Lisbon<br /> discharged her ladeing brought from Allecant the sayd Thomas Ewens<br /> the Master did take upon him a new voyage to be made from Lisbon to<br /> Brazeele and thence to returne to Lisbon and having contracted with the<br /> freighters for that new voyage acquainted his shipps Company<br /> therewith, who not being hyred for any such voyage were most off them<br /> unwilling to goe the same and refused to goe the same as being as ?they<br /> ?conceived an unlawfull voyage for that thereby they should ?endure the<br /> hazard of being taken by the hollanders which were then at difference[?s GUTTER]<br /> with the Portugueses in whose behalfe that voyage was to be made and<br /> also be reason of the unhealthfullnesse of the voyage it being beyond the<br /> lyne and to the south latitude about fifteene degrees, whereupon the sayd<br /> Ewans seeing the unwillingnesse of the company to goe the sayd voyage<br /> to Brazeele did publiquely upon the deck of the ''Scipio'' in presence of<br /> this deponent and his precontets Pinshurst and Bryant and divers others of the<br /> sayd shipps company to encourage them the more readily to undergoe the<br /> sayd voyage voluntarily promised to advance every ?one ?of Companyes wages<br /> five shillings in the pound per month from that tyme during the sayd [?voyage GUTTER]<br /> over and above the wages hee had agreed with them for when hee shipped<br /> at London, and to pay every of them their wages then due till [?that GUTTER]<br /> tymen due till [?that GUTTER]<br /> tyme  +
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