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HCA 13/73 f.89v Annotate
First transcribed 11 August 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 89  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 11/08/2013  +
Transcription of letters to the foresaid John Roberts, dof letters to the foresaid John Roberts, desiring him to have<br /> a speciall care of them, and preserve them if hee could<br /> Possible; and all the Company of the said Ship, being gone<br /> a way in their boate, and this deponent staying aboard<br /> as aforesaid, hee went into his Cabbin, and there tooke<br /> some Copyes of Accounts which lay there ready Tyde<br /> up, and put them in his pocket, and there being other<br /> Originall papers, Letters, writings which hee thought were of<br /> more Concernment hee wrapt them up in a paire of Loinings<br /> and a Shirt, the better to keepe them dry, and by that time<br /> hee had soe done the ship was bilging, and hee<br /> perceiving the same Imediately ranne upp, upon the Deck<br /> of the ship, with the said writings. and leaped off as aforesaid.<br /> and after hee had Carried the said writings which were<br /> wrapt upp in his Loinings and Shirt, in his hand<br /> about a Stones through from the said Ship, hee was forced<br /> for safeguard of his life; to let them goe, and with<br /> much difficulty and hazard of his life got to the said Boate<br /> as aforesaid. and soe by the Great Providence of God<br /> got to Shore, where the said papers which hee had in his<br /> pocket were dryed, at the house where hee arrived and XXXX goeing from ?the house on horse back towards the place<br /> where the ship was cast away hoping to save some of the Lading of ?her hee was by [INSERTION IN LH MARGIN]<br /> ffrench officers carryed<br /> away p[XXXX] to the rest of the<br /> Company of the ship which<br /> were kept Prizoners in a<br /> Court of Guard and after [?they] were dryed, they,<br /> came to the hands of one John Walker who was Mate<br /> and Pilot of the said ship, who delivered the same to<br /> this deponent herein London and this deponent delivered them<br /> to the foresaid Mr ffrancis ffooke; and the<br /> said Bag of Letters which were preserved by the said Roberts<br /> this deponent Carryed to the said Mr ffookes Lodging<br /> but hee not being then in Towne; (as this deponent was<br /> informed by one Mr Bridges. kinsman of the said<br /> ffrancis ffowke, and at whose house the said Mr ffowkes lay.)<br /> this deponent acquainted the said Bridges. with his Busines<br /> and the said Bridges advised this deponent to delivered<br /> the said Letters to the merchants to whom they were directed<br /> and the said Mr Bridges to that End went along with<br /> this deponent to the Exchange; where hee delivered the<br /> said Letters according to thir Superscriptions; And further<br /> hee cannot answer to this Interrogatorie saving hee saith<br /> that neither hee this deponent nor any of his Company durst<br /> venture into the ships hold to take out the said Box<br /> of writings and Accounts:/. To the 5th hee saith the said Ship ''Anne'' Came from ffalmouth<br /> next before her Casting away, in Company of about 6 or [?7 GUTTER]<br /> saile, and the winde then was variable; and the weather thick<br /> and ffoggy and saith hee heard that a fflemish Vessell that came from<br /> ffalmouth the same day the ''Anne'' came thence was cast away the same night that the ''Anne'' was, and on<br /> the same Coast And further cannot Answer. To same Coast And further cannot Answer. To  +
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