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HCA 3/46 f.35r Annotate
First transcribed 29 April 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 35  +
Parent volume HCA 3/46  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 29/04/2015  +
Transcription Childe ffishman and others}<br /> agChilde ffishman and others}<br /> against Batson and Beane}<br /> Suckley Smith} '''Tuesday the 18th day of Aprill'''<br /> '''1654''' before the worshipfull William<br /> Clarke and John Godolphin doctors<br /> of Lawes Judges et cetera in the dyninge<br /> Chamber et cetera in the presence of Samuell<br /> howe notary publique Appeared the<br /> parties on both sides, and forasmuch as<br /> the wittnesses on the behalf of the saide<br /> Childe and ffishman and Company are bound<br /> out to Dea, and cannot stay to be examined in<br /> writinge The Judges did order their testimonies<br /> to be delivered Viva Voce And then James Goldinge<br /> and William Welch by vertue of their corporall oath<br /> to them administred by the Judges did depose that they<br /> beinge in the shipp the ''Mathewe'' bound for Greeneland<br /> did in their course thither see the said shipp The ''Peace''<br /> Whereof the said Child was master surprize and take a<br /> certaine dutch shippe, and that after the taking the<br /> same the said Childe tooke out of the said shippe five<br /> men and putt them on board his owne shippe and putt<br /> five of his owne men on board the said prize, the said<br /> Child arrived with the said shippe at the [?XXXX] at<br /> Greeneland, and had there killed Three Whales before the<br /> rest of the shippes in whose Company she came from<br /> London came and arrived at Greeneland, and they<br /> likewise deposed that it was reported by the Company<br /> of the said shippe the ''Peace'' That those men whoe were<br /> taken out of the said Prizem and putt on board the said<br /> shippe The ''Peace'' did after their arrivall at Greeneland<br /> performe their service very carefully and were very<br /> industrious in their imployment wherein they were busied<br /> in soe much that the voyage was much furthered by their<br /> Industrie and labour, and that it was likewise reported<br /> that those five men which were putt out of the said shipp<br /> The ''Peace'' into the said dutch prize were very idle and<br /> sluggish persons, Then doctor Walker Advocate for the<br /> said Childe, ffishman, and the rest of the Marriners<br /> of the said shippe desired the Court would proceede to<br /> the [?interpretinge] theor order for the distribution of the said<br /> prize proceedinge to the order or reference of the Councell<br /> to them in that behalf made in the presence of the said<br /> Batson and Beane alleadginge that they have severall<br /> obiections against the said master and wittnesses to prove<br /> the same, and desired a tyme for the givinge in of the<br /> same and the production of the said wittnesses, Where=<br /> upon the Judges assigned the said Batson and Beane<br /> to give in their allegations upon Satterday next and<br /> to produce all their wittnesses the same day or upon<br /> Monday next at the farthest/ Conrado de Br[?aell] and others}<br /> against Breedon and yeo, Smith}<br /> Suckley} '''Wednesday the 19th day of'''<br /> '''Aprill 1654''' before the said<br /> Judges in the dyninge Chamber<br /> et cetera in the presence of Samuell howe<br /> notary publique Appeared the saide<br /> Suckley and upon the allegation by him in<br /> this cause given and admitted produced for<br /> a wittnes John durden whome the Judges<br /> receaved and administred an oath unto him to<br /> speake the truth at the time of his examination in the<br /> presence of Smith dissentinge and havinge the<br /> usuall tyme for Interrogatories.;br /> usuall tyme for Interrogatories.  +
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