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HCA 3/46 f.41r Annotate
First transcribed 2 May 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 41  +
Parent volume HCA 3/46  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 02/05/2015  +
Transcription did decree the said Sarah Jefferson to be did decree the said Sarah Jefferson to be cited to<br /> appeare in this place upon the [BLANK IN ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT] daye pf<br /> this instant moneth of May betweene the houres<br /> of nine and twelve in the morninge to contribute<br /> towards the repayringe and setting forth the said<br /> shipp to Sea upon the said voyadge accordinge to<br /> the proportionable part thereof, or else to showe<br /> cause why the said shipp should not be repaired<br /> and sett forth to sea at the proper costes and<br /> charges of the said Hodges Muddeford<br /> dawes and others the owners thereof [?with] intimation et cetera Christopher yardley against}<br /> Bartholomew hill}<br /> Bud Ireland} '''Thursday the fourth day of'''<br /> '''Maye 1654.''' before the worshipfull<br /> William Clerke and John<br /> Godolphin doctors or lawes and<br /> Twoe of the Judges of the Admiralty<br /> in the presence of Mathew Bayly<br /> Notary Publique Appeared the said Ireland<br /> for the said hill and made himself party<br /> for him and produced for sureties James<br /> Bridgeman of the parishe of James Clerkenwell<br /> Merchant and Robert Gardner of Newgravekk<br /> Lane in the parishe of Stepney in the Countie<br /> of Middlesex Chirurgion whoe submittinge themselves<br /> et cetera obliged themselves et cetera for the said Bartholomewe<br /> hill in the sume of Twoe hundred poundes of<br /> lawfull money of England to the said Christopher<br /> Yardley to answere the action consigned against<br /> the said Hill and to pay what the said hill shalbe<br /> condemned in with expences of suite in case hee<br /> shalbe overthrowen And to bringe forth the said<br /> Hill in iudgement whensoever his presence shalbe<br /> thereunto required, and decreed the said hill<br /> to be released from the arrest./ '''The next day after Ascention day'''<br /> '''beinge ffriday the fifth day of the'''<br /> '''moneth of May 1654''' before the<br /> Worshipfull William Clerke and John<br /> Godolphin doctors of lawes and twoe<br /> of the Judges of the highe Court of<br /> Admiraltie of England in the dyning<br /> Chamber within the doctors Commons<br /> London in the presence of Samuell howe<br /> notary publique./ Barnaby Croford against the}<br /> shipp ''Gennua merchant'''}<br /> Smith} The Certificate is continued<br /> to this day./ William yeames John Stowe and}<br /> Jacob Blackleech against the}<br /> Pincke called The ''hopewell''}<br /> whereof [BLAN IN ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT] Spencer os}<br /> master and her tackle et cetera and}<br /> against the said Spencert and}<br /> all et cetera Clements} The third default is grannted<br /> and the Certificate is continued<br /> to thsi day.<br /> Which day the Judges at the<br /> petition of the said Clements<br /> did continue the Certificate in<br /> the same state that nowe it is<br /> untill the first Court day of the<br /> next Terme./ dalitias Page against Nailor}<br /> ffrancklin Clements} The cause is continued in the<br /> same state that it was untill<br /> this day at ffrancklins petition./r /> this day at ffrancklins petition./  +
Transcription image [[File:CIMG1534.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/CIMG1534.JPG|[[:HCA 3/46|HCA 3/46]] f.41r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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