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This is the "SemParish" template.
It should be called in the following format:

'''This page summarises data in the MarineLives wiki regarding the parish of {{PAGENAME}}.'''

The parish of {{PAGENAME}} is located in [[Located in::London]].

{{#ask: [[Category:Semantic biography]] [[Res parish::{{PAGENAME}}]]
 |mainlabel=Full name
 |?Birth year
 |?Birth place
 |?Res street
 |?Res parish
 |?Res town
 |?Res county
 |?Mariner occupation
 |?Associated with ship(s)
 |?Has literacy
 |?First deposition age
 |?Dep start
 |intro=This table aggregates data from all  semantic biographies in the MarineLives wiki relating to the parish of {{PAGENAME}}
 |default=Currently there are no semantic biographies for the parish of {{PAGENAME}}
{{Invert-property|Located in|Location of}}
[[Category:Semantic parish]]

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