Thomas Gregge

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Thomas Gregge
Person Thomas Gregge
First name Thomas
Middle name(s)
Last name Gregge
Spouse of
Widow of
Occupation Pewterer
Secondary shorebased occupation
Mariner occupation
Associated with ship(s)
Training Not apprentice
Is apprentice of
Was apprentice of
Had apprentice(s)
Citizen Citizen
Literacy Signature
Has opening text Thomas Gregge
Has signoff text Thomas Gregge
Signoff image (Invalid transcription image)
Language skills English language
Has interpreter
Birth street
Birth parish
Birth town
Birth county
Birth province
Birth country
Res street
Res parish Saint Andrew Holborn
Res town London
Res county
Res province
Res country England
Birth year 1614
Marriage year
Death year 1683
Probate date May 2, 1683
First deposition age
Primary sources
Act book start page(s)
Personal answer start page(s)
Allegation start page(s)
Interrogatories page(s)
Deposition start page(s) HCA 13/72 f.272v Annotate
Chancery start page(s)
Letter start page(s)
Miscellaneous start page(s)
Act book date(s)
Personal answer date(s)
Allegation date(s)
Interrogatories date(s)
Deposition date(s) Mar 31 1658
How complete is this biography?
Has infobox completed Yes
Has synthesis completed No
Has HCA evidence completed No
Has source comment completed No
Ship classification
Type of ship
Silver Ship litigation in 1650s
Role in Silver Ship litigation None

Biographical synthesis

Thomas Gregge (alt. Gregg) (b. ca. 1614; 1683). Pewterer.

Resident in the parish of Saint Andrew Holborn in 1658.

Thomas Gregge identifies his agents in Plymouth in 1658 as Robert Saunders and John Plummer.[1]

Charles Welch (1902) states that Thomas Gregg was a member of the Pewterers' Company and served as Master in 1672.[2] Welch records that Thomas Gregg was elected Sheriff of London in 1676-1677.

There is a will for "Thomas Gregg, pewterer, of Saint Andrew Holborn", proved on May 2nd 1683.[3]

Evidence from High Court of Admiralty

Forty-four year old Thomas Gregge deposed on March 31st 1658 in the High Court of Admiralty.[4] He was examined on interrogatories in the case of "Saunders and others owners of the Isaack against the Saint Jacob and John Clason) Master of her".[5]

Gregge stated that he knew the ship the Isaack, having had tin shipped in her from Plymouth to London in the past. He had been expecting two hundred and fifteen slabs or blocks of tin weighing twenty seven thousand two hundred and fifty seven pounds on the mosyt recent ill-fated voyage of the Isaack. This had been purchased by Gregge's agents in Plymouth at a cost of £1537-16-01 d. The Isaack had departed Plymouth for London on February 17th 1658, convoyed by an English frigate.[6] Gregge reported by hearsay that the Isaack had run upon an Amsterdam ship in her course for London and that she had been left in "a perishing condition".[7]

Comment on sources


"Brailsford, Peter, son of John, Duffield, Derby, yeoman to Thomas Gregge, 12 August 1652. Pewterers Company 12th August 1652"[8]


Nottinghamshire Archives: Ref. DD/E/14/37 Description: Assignment: Thomas Gregg, citizen and pewterer of London and Mary his wife (exor. of Nicholas Wolley dec'd.) to Peter Clayton of London, gent: Recites judgment in Kings Bench obtained by N.W. against George Weldon for £100 debt; Writ of Elegit to Richard Royd, Sheriff of Notts. and delivery to T. and M.G. :-- Closes called Rough Close and Weston Close in Strelley -: T. and M.G. assign Closes to Peter Clayton. Witn. Ra. Gregge junr., John Yould, Ralph Edge. Date: 26 June 1673.[9]


PROB 11/373/6 Will of Thomas Gregg, Pewterer of Saint Andrew Holborn, Middlesex 02 May 1683


...Gregge, John (Grigge) 1722
Gregg(e), Robert 1678, 1683
Gregg (e), Thomas 1654, 1677..."

"The Touch Plates...(Item) 215. ROBERT GREGGE ; device on a crowned shield, a slipped trefoil ; 1673."[11]
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