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Edward Arlibeer(e)

HCA 13/65


Deposition: Edward Arlibeere, age 2?9, Marriner, of the parishe of Saint Mary Matsellon
Date: August 22nd, 1651
Case: On the behalfe of John Cape and others touching the losse of the ship Mathew and John of London in a businesse of assurance


Deposition:Edward Arlibeer, age 28, Marriner; Master of the said shipp the Mathew and John, of Wapping in the County of Middlesex
Date: May 17th, 1652
Case: William Harris Thomas Bowyer and Richard XXXX Executors and possessors of the shipp the Mathew and John of London against Thomas Walker Thomas Pussell Hugh massye Richard webb and Richard Nest Merchants

HCA 13/71

HCA 13/71 f.128v

Deposition: Edward Arlibeare, age 32, Mariner, of Wapping Wall in the County of Middlesex
Date: April 2nd, 1656
Case: Harris, Bowier and others against Pursell, Walters and others

1. The second of Aprill 1656
2. <margin value="left margin">Harris, Bowier and others against}
3. Pursell, Walters and others}
4. Smith. Suckley}</margin>
5. Examined upon an allegation on the behalfe
6. of the said harris and others 7th March last.
7. <margin value="left margin">X. Rp. .J.</margin>
8. Edward Arlibeare of Wapping Wall in the County
9. of Middlesex Mariner, aged 32 yeeres or thereabouts
10. sworne and exámined.
11. To the first article hee saith and deposeth that thXX XXX this deponent
12. the master, and his Company of the shipp arlate the Mathew and John
13. did not begin to take or receive into her at Newfound Land (the voyage
14. in question) any fish upon the account of the arlate Walters, Pursell
15. Webb and Massey and company untill all the said fish was well
16. Cured before the nine and twentieth day of July 1650, which hee
17. knoweth being master of the said shipp and receiving the same there
18. aboard.

HCA 13/71 f.129r

Deposition: Edward Arlibeare, age 32, Mariner, of Wapping Wall XXXX
Date: April 2nd, 1656
Case: Harris, Bowier and others against Pursell, Walters and others

SEE ALSO: POSSIBLE MATCH: PROB 11/295/543 Will of Edward Arlibeare, Mariner of Stepney, Middlesex 07 September 1659; SEE ALSO: PROB 11/327/16

Richard Prior/Pryor

Using wikispot search box to finding the evidence

Wikispot Search Box for 'Prior' in HCA 13/72
Wikipsot Search Box for 'Pryor' in HCA 13/72

Example: Richard Prior, lighterman, of Wapping in the parish of Stepney


Deposition: Richard Prior, age 30, Lighterman, of Wapping in the parish of Stepney
Date: March 22nd, 1651(52)
Case: Thomas Aw?res and Company against a ship of an unknowne name laden with Corne and other goods and against Sophia Ernest Casper XXXXX and others

* Deponent well knoweth James Salmon and James Browne

  • "In or about the Moneth of June last past hee this deponent being in the streete att Wapping Wall by accident mett with the said James Browne who then and there told this deponent that hee was now goeing out upon a desperate designe upon the tearmes and conditions of Noe Purchase Noe pay and then asked this deponent whether they should drinke together before his departure, to which this deponent condescended and soe went into the Blacksmiths Armes upon Wapping Wall together with the said Browne, And saith that about 3 weekes or a month since this deponent together with his contest John Hearne being att one Bells howse in Water lane in Tower streete London and heareing that the said James Browne and the arlate James Salmon were returned from a voyage which they had lately made to Sea in a man of warre sent for the said James Browne to come and drincke a cup of beere with them..."

  • Browne told Hearne that he had been out on the Harry whereof Henry Bennett was Commander, and that he went as Boatswaine of the ship, and that James Salmon went out Captaine "in equall ?clayme and Comission together with the said Bennett"

  • Deponent cometh at the request of "Andrew ?Huyson an East Country merchant"

  • Hee hath knowne the said Browne by the space of about seaven years and came first acquainted with him by this deponent goeing to buy a lighter of him the said Browne being then a lighter man by profession, and of a Middle stature and black haired and a ruddy complexion. And the said Salmon hee saith hee hath knowne by the space of about 12 moneths and came acquainted with him through the said brownes meanes And that the said Salmon is a full bodied man of a middle stature for height, light coloured haire and ruddy complexion"

  • "Hee for his part cannot tell whether the said Browne and Salmon bee honest men or noe and such as will not sweare an Untruth. but saith that the said Browne did voluntarily declare unto this deponent and his ?precontest that hee and the said Salmon went out upon the designe of Noe purchase noe pay, which hee saith is noe honest calling as this rendent conceiveth"


William Venus

Example: William Venus, shipwright, of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalene Bermondsey

William Venus deposition, HCA 13/65 P1180290

HCA 13/65 Unfol., verso P1180290

William Venus identifies himself in a deposition in HCA 13/65 as a 41 year old shipwright of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalene. He is illiterate, signing his deposition with his mark, and identifies the Charterparty of the ship the Thomas and Sara having seen it and "heard reade unto him". The Thomas and Sara was a ship of 260 tonns burthen, commanded by Thomas Greene, who was also a part owner of the ship ("Thomas Greene and Company".

The same day. Examined upon
the said allegation
Rp. 2.
William Venus of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalen
Bermondsey, Shipwright aged 41 yeares or therabouts
wittness Examined and sworne deposeth as followeth videlicet

HCA 13/72 f.88v

34. On the 27th of August 1657.
35. <margin value="Left">Rp 2</margin>
36. William Venus of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalen[e GUTTER]
37. Bermondsey in the County of Surry Ship wright,
38. aged about 42 yeares, a wittnes produced, sworne
39. and examined deposeth as followeth videlicet./
40. To the first article of the sayd allegation he deposeth and saith
41. That he the deponent well knoweth the arlate shipp the Six
42. Brothers having gone fower voyages in her as Carpenter of
43. her, and that the last voyage the sayd shipp made ˹was˺ from
44. Porto=port in Portugall from to this Port of London
45. in the months arlate, during which time the arlate William
46. Greene, was of this deponents certaine knowledge Master and
47. Commander of her

HCA 13/72 f.115r

William Venus, again described as aged 42, deposes alongside his contest Thomas Greene, mariner, of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, age 34, both having been requested to inspect the lighter attending the Six Brothers, in which William Venus sailed as a ship=carpenter. The Six Brothers was commanded by William Greene (presumably a relative of Thomas Greene), as is stated by Thomas Greene in his deposition. (HCA 13/72 f.XXX)

Comparing markes of William Venus in HCA 13/65 and HCA 13/72

Marke of William Venus, HCA 13/65 P1180292
Marke of William Venus HCA 13/72 f.115v P1150138

Using wikispot search box to finding the evidence

Wikispot Search Box for 'Venus' in HCA 13/72

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