Tools: PROB 11/328/520 Will of John Rayment, Ropemaker of Stepney, Middlesex 21 December 1668

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PROB 11/328/520 Will of John Rayment, Ropemaker of Stepney, Middlesex 21 December 1668

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[?Tm]. Johnis Rayment [RH MARGIN]

In the name of God Amen, I John
Rayment of lower Shadwell in the parishe of Stepney (otherwise) Stebonheath
in the Countie of Middlesex Ropemaker being sicke and weake in bodie but of sounde
and perfectminde and memorie (praise bee given unto Allmighty God for the
same) doe make publishe and declare these presents to bee and to Containe
my last will nd Testament in manner followinge (that is to say)

ffirst and
principally I doe committ and commende my Soule unto the Lord my Creator


hopinge and stedfastly beleivinge in by and through the merritts death and
passion of Jesus Christ my onely Saviour and Redeemer to have free pardon and
forgivenesse of all my sinnes and Salvation thereof And my body I doe committ
unto the Earth to bee buryed in a decent manner acordinge to the discretion of
my Executor hereafter named

As for all the wordly Estate wherewith it hath
pleased the Lord of his mercie to blesse and [?endue me withall, my debts and
funerall expences being first paide and satisfied I doe dispose thereof as
followeth videlicet

I doe give and beqeueath unto my very lovinge freindes John
Tylor Sailemaker and Thomas Wyuth Gentleman twentie shillinges a peice to
buy them Ringes

Item I doe give and bequeath unto my honoured Mother
katherine Rayment unto my very lovinge sister Catherine [X]anghan, and
unto my very lovinge freindes Elizabeth Peters Elizabeth dickes and Alice
Burroughs tenne shippings a peice to buy them Ringes The Residue all
of my Estate both reall and personall lett the same bee of what kinde
nature or qualitie whatsoever I doe freely bequeath the same and every
parte thereof unto John Clay of Mile end in the parishe and Countie
aforesaide Gentleman whome I doe make the full and sole Executor of this
my last will and Testament And doe hereby make name and Ordeine
my saide lovinge freindes John Tyler and Thomas Wyuth to bee the
Overseers of the same

Lastly I doe utterly renounce disanull and make
voide all former wills legacyes and bequests by me heretoforeeither made
or spoken and doeconfirme these presents to bee and conteine my last will
and Testament

In Wittnesse whereof I the said John Raymentthe Testator
have hereunto sett my hands and Seale dated the ffourteenth day of
december Anno domini One Thousand six hundred Sixty Eight and in
the Twentieth yeare of his majesties Raigne etcetera

John Rayment

Signed sealed
delivered published pronounced and declared by the saide John Rayment
the Testator for and as his last will and Testament in the presence of us
Joseph holt, John Shott scrivener./

Probatum apud ad[?es] Exonien scituat in Le Strand in Comitata
Middlesex fuit huinsinodi Testamentum Coram Petro Lane in Actibus M[XX]Surrogato venerabilis et egregij dui Guilielmi Mericke militis et Keg[X]
dottoris Curia Prerogativa Cantuarien Magri Custodis sive Commissarij
legitime constituti [?v]icesimo primo de mensis decembris Anno domini
Millesimo Sexcentesimo Sexagesimo Ottavo Juramento Johanis Clay
Executoris in huinsinodi Testamento nominat Qui Commissa fuit Administrata
omnium et singulorum benorn Jurium Accreditoris dicti defuncti de bene et
fidliter Administrando eadem Ad Sancta dej Evangelia in debita Juris
forma Jurat. [XX]



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