Tools: PROB 11/351/88 Will of Samuel Sambrooke of All Hallows London Wall, City of London 25 May 1676

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PROB 11/351/88 Will of Samuel Sambrooke of All Hallows London Wall, City of London 25 May 1676

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21/01/14, CSG: Transcribed item and posted to wiki


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Samueli[?s] Sambrooke

Memorandum That Samuel Sambrooke late of the Parish of Saint Allhallowes in
the Wall on or about the Seaventh day of May 1676 being then of perfect Mind and
Memory with an intent to make his Will and to settle and dispose of his Estate did by
word of mouth make and declare his last Will and testament nuncupative in the words
following or words to the like effect videlicet: I give and bequeath into my loving wife Mary
Sambrooke All my whole Estate and I doe desire my said wife to dispose of my Three
daughters that are unmarryed (meaning and intending his daughters Emaliah Mary


and hannah Sambrooke at her discretion only I desire her to give the eldest of them
the [?most] I give to my sonn Samuell Sambrooke and my daughter Elizabeth E[XXeyn] Tenn
Pounds a peece I give to my sonn Jeremy Sambrooke my seale Ring And I make my loving
wife Mary Sambrooke my Executrix which words or words to the like effect the said
Samuell Sambrooke then uttered with an intent that the same should stand for and be
his last Will and Testament in the presence and hearing of credible Witnesses Richard
[?Ridder] Jeremy Sambrooke.

Probatum Londini fuit h[?uinsinodi] Testamentum Coram venerabili [XXX] Richard
LLoyd Legum doctor Surrogato venerabilis et egregi vi{?c]i domini Leolini Jenkyns
Militis Legum etiam doctoris Curia Prarogativa Cantuariensis Magistri Custodis
sive Commissaris legittime constituti viresimo [XXXX]to die mensis Maij Anno dim Milimo
Sexcentesima Septuagesimo Sexto Juramento Maria Sambrooke Relicta et Executr[?is]
in huinsinodi Testamento bnominate Cui Commissa fuit Administatio omnium et singlara
Bonorum Jurium et Creditorum dicti degucti de bene et fideliter administrando eadem
ad [?S]ancta dei Evangelia in debita Juris f[?orma] Jurat. [XXX]



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