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PROB 11/390/17 Will of Sir John Buckworth of Saint Peter Le Poer, 03 January 1688

(PROB 11/390 Exton 1-44 Will of Sir John Buckworth of Saint Peter Le Poer, City of London 03 January 1688)

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26/10/11, CSG: Created page

Abstract & context

Sir John Buckworth was a brother-in-law of the SVJS subscriber, Edwin Browne

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See Edwin Browne will (brother-in-law of Sir John Buckworth)

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This transcription needs to be checked, 26/10/11, CSG

I Sir John Buckworth of London Knt. Doo make my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following ffirst I bequeath my Soule into the hands of Almighty God trusting in him for the pardon of all my sinns through the meritts of my Saviour Jesus Christ My Body I committ to the earth to bee decently interred at the will of my Executrix hereafter named

And as for the all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God of his greate goodnesse to bestow upon mee I doe hereby give and dispose thereof as follows (vizt.)

IMPRIMIS I doe hereby give to my deare and loveinge wife Dame Hest:r Buckworth All my lands tenements and hereditaments within the Kingdome of England for and dureing the terme of her naturall life out of which I appoint to bee paid to Mrs Joane Dynton thirtyseven pounds and ten shillings p annum dureing the said Joans naturall life by equall halfe yearly payments and to Mrs Mary Otyhar [sic] the summe of ffive and fforty pounds p Annum dureingthe said Marys naturall life by equall halfe yearly payments and to Mrs. Elizabeth Watts the summe of thirtypounds p Annum dureing the said Elizabeths naturall life by equall halfe yearly payments that is to say I will that my said wife shall make good all the said three payments before mentioned for and dureing all the terme of my said wifes naturall life and that such other person or persons as by virtue of this my will shall enjoy my said Lands and Tenements shall pay and make good to the said Joan Dynton, Mary Otyhar and Elizabeth Watts the said respective Annuities above mentioned for and dureing all the rest of their severall and respective lives at such payments as abovesaid

And my Will and mind is that after the death of my said wife my son John Buckworth shall have and enjoy all my lands tenements and hereditaments (which are not already settled upon him) for and during (sic) the terme of his naturall life, the remainder to such Issue shall as hee shall have, and to their respective heires foreversuccessivelie (sic) [??] and in defect of such issue male then I order all my said lands and tenements (not already settled) to bee divided to and amongst my daughters Lady Margaret Vandeputt, Elizabeth Hartopp, and Mary Hussey [?] and such daughters as my son John Buckworth shall leave and to their heires and Assignes forever share and share alike

ITEM I doe give and bequeath to my said deare wife the summe of Six Thousand pounds, and I doe hereby declare that I fully purpose that the severall legacies hereby given to my said wife shall bee taken and accepted by her in full satisfaction and recompense for all dower, thirds, joynture, or other clayme whatsoever that she can any wise clayme or pretend to demand out of my estate either reall or personall, and I doe expect that ( according to her promise now made unto mee ) shee shall within three months next after my decease by writing under her hand and seale discharge all her demands to all or any further part of my estate as due to her for thirds or otherwise howsoever

ITEMI doe hereby give and devise to my said wife All her Jewells and Rings and all my Plate Householdstuffe, Linnen and Woollen and my Coach and Coach horses

ITEM I give to my neece Elizabeth Buckworth ffive hundred pounds and to her sister Mary Buckworth Two hundred pounds, To my nephew Anthony Buckworth (a Deputy Waiter at the Customshouse) ffifty pounds

To Elizabeth [BLANK IN ORIGINAL DOCUMENT] the daughter of Theophilus Buckworth lately returned from France, twenty pounds, to my brethren the foure Commissioners at the Customshouse Sir Nicholas Butler Sir Dudley North Sir John Averdon [OR, "Aberdon"] and Thomas Shirley Esquire the summe of twenty pounds a peece to buy each of them mourning, To Doctor Scott the Worthy Rector of the Parish of St Peters the Poore wherein I dwell Twenty pounds and to the Poore of the same Parish twenty pounds to bee distributed to the most indigent persons according to the discretion of the said Doctor Scott To my servant Thomas ffiney [?] twenty pounds and to every other of my owne servants Tenn pounds apeece, that is to each of them as shall be my servants at the time of my decease, and to all such servants as my said sonne John Buckworth and my sister Madam Hall [?] and my daughter Rawstorne [Or, "Hawstorne"] shall then have, the summe of ffive pounds a peece And I desire my said wife to give mourning or rings at my funerall to such of my freinds (sic) as shee shall think good

All the rest and residue of my Estate (after payment of all my debts legacies and funerall expenses which I desire may bee done with all convenient speed I doe hereby order and appoint shall be paid unto and devided amongst my said foure children, to witt my said sonne John Buckworth, my daughters the Lady Vandeput, Elizabeth Hartop (sic) and Mary Hussey share and share alike and in case of the death of any of them before mee then to the Child or Children of such of them soo dyeing and I doo give to S:r James ffuller [?] and his Lady twenty pounds a peece to buy them mourning And I doe hereby constitute and appoint my said deare and loveing wife the sole Executor of this my last Will and doe desire and expect that my said son John Buckworth and my sonns in Law S:r Peter Vandeput, Thomas Hartopp Esq:r and M:r W:m Hussey bee assistant to her to the utmost of their power in the collecting my Estate and in performing this my last Will and doe hereby revoke all other wills by mee at any time heretofore made

In witnesse whereof I have heareto sett my hand and seale the fourteenth day of December one thousand and six hundred eighty seven John Buckworth: Sealed and published by the said S:r John Buckworth as his last will and Testament (after interlineing) Six and Twenty in the presence of us Anne Hall Dick [?]Butler [OR, "Luther"] Joh:n Noringansell [?]

CERTIO diemensis January Anno Domini (Stilo Anglia) millesimo sexin:mo ottogessino septimo XXX Commissio Johann Buckworth Donna Margareta Vandeput (ux Domini Petr Vandeput Militis) Eliza Hartopp (sic) (ux Thoma Hartopp Armiger) et Maria Hussey (ux Emiliesin Hussey) Liberis naturalibus et legitimus et legatarys residuar Testamenti XXXX Johannis Buckworth Militis xx parochia xxxxx Poore Lond xxxx habentis vz Ad Administrandum xxxx xxxx et Credita disti [?] xxxx justa [?] xxxx et effectum testamenti xxxx xxxx (xx quod Domina histera [?] Buckworthxxxx ipsino xxxx et Executurix in codxx testament oneri exerationis dei testi xxxx xxxxx) Pe bene et fideliter Administrando padem ad Sita pei Evangelia Jurate XXXXXX. [THIS LATIN TRANSCRIPT NEEDS A LOT OF IMPROVEMENT]


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PROB 11/390 Exton 1-44 Will of Sir John Buckworth of Saint Peter Le Poer, City of London 03 January 1688