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PROB 11/397/549 Will of John Paige of London 30 December 1689

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SEE date%3d1689%26uidh%3d6i3%26_81004263%3d30%26_81004262int%3d12&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnSearchResults Ancestry Digital Image
- Incorrectly labelled in Ancestry metadata as "John Paigt"

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Johnannis Page [MARGIN, RH SIDE]

This present ffiveth day of Aprill
in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand Six hundred Eighty and
Nine I John Paige of London Esquire being in reasonable health in Body and
of good and perfect mind and memory praised be God calling to mind the


frailty and uncertainty of this Transitory use doe make and declare this
my last Will and Testament as followeth

ffirst and principally I commend
my Soule into the hands of Almighty God hopeing for eternall Salvation by
the Meritts of his sonn my Saviour Jesus Christ and my Body I remitt to the
Earth to be decently buryed

and for my Personall Estate I dispose thereof as
followeth videlicet

ffirst I give to my deare and loving wife Katherine Paige
ffifteene hundred Pounds in money whereof I order my Executor to pay her
one Thousand Pounds within one yeare next after my decease And the other
ffive hundred Pounds being the residue thereof within two yeares next after
such my decease

Item I give to the said Katherine my wife One Annuity of Two
hundred pounds per annum for and dureing the terme of her naturall life
to be paid to her by my Executor quarterly by equall portions Att the end of
each quarter of a yeare from the time of my decease

Item I will and Order that
the said Katherine my Wife shall have the use and weareing of my greate
Jewell and Plate dureing the time of her naturall life and after her decease
I give the same greate Jewell and Plate wholly to my sonn John Paige And
accordingly I dispose and give my Coach Chariott and horses the residue of my
Jewells I give to my said wife and I furher give her my householdstuffs as Linnen
Beding Pewter Brasse and other usuall householdstuff[?s]

Item I bequeath to my sonn
Gowen Page ffifteene hundred pounds to be paid One Thousand pounds at the
end of one yeare next after my decease and the other ffive hundred pounds
within Three yeares after my decease and my Executor to pay Interest for
the same after the ffirst yeare or to buy an Annuity therewith with his Consent

Item I Will and Order that ffive hundred pounds shall be putt forth at Interest
at the discretion of my Executor and my sonn Russell and the Interest thereof
payable to my daughter yearely in her life time to her owne hands and her
Receipt to be a good discharge for the same and after the decease of my said
daugher I give the same to her Two Children [?Th[X]s Russell and Katherine
Russell or the Survivor of them And further I give to my said Grand Children
Elias and Katharine Russell Two hundred and ffifty pounds a peece to be
paid at their respective ages of one and Twenty yeares or Marriage of my
said Grand daughter and if other of them dye wholly to remaine to the survivour
of them and if they both dye to be for the good and benefitt of my said daughter
which two last summs I order likewise to be putt out at Interest with the Consent
of my Executor and my said Sonn Russell and the interest thereof to be
paid yearely to their Mother towards their Education And if any losse happen
to any part of the said last One Thousand pounds my daughter and her
Children respectively to beare such losse

Item I bequeath to my Cozen Mary
Roberts ffifty pounds and to my Cozen Elizabeth Ewers ffifty pounds and to
the Parish of Stoke ffleming in the County of devon where I was borne
ffifty pounds to be layd out in an Annuity for Bred for the Poore of the
said parish and I further Bequeath to the Parish of Saint hellens where I now
live Twenty pounds

Item I give to Christ hospitall in London ffive and
Twenty pounds And I give to my Kinsman Andrew March Ten pounds
and to my household Servants ffive pounds a peece for Mourning all
the rest and residue of my Estate I give to my sonn John Paige and I
doe name and appoynt my said sonn John Paige sole Executor of this my
last Will and Testament

In Witnesse whereof I the said John Paige the Testator
have hereunto putt my hand and seale the say and yeare first above written

John Paige.

Signed Sealed Published and declared by the Testator for his last Will and Testament
this ffifth day of Aprill Anno dme 1689 in the presence of Thomas Langham Clement Kettell
Leonard Bates Scrivener.


Probatum fuit hummor Testamentum apud London
Coram ven[XX] et Egregio viro dommo Thoma Pinfold Milite Legum doctore
surro ven...




People mentioned by testator:

Leonard Bates

Scrivener (b. ca. ?, d. ca. ?)

John Page

Parish registers of Saint Helens Bishopsgate:

1652 April 22 Gowin s. of John Paige, Marchant, and Katherine his wife"[1]

Katherine Page

Daughter of Gowan Paynter, merchant Wife of John Page, merchant.

Other people of possible relevance:



Places mentioned by testator:


Other people of possible relevance:


Possible primary sources




PROB 11/306/348 Will of Gowen Paynter, Merchant of London 26 November 1661
PROB 11/397/549 Will of John Paige of London 30 December 1689

Possible secondary sources

  1. W. Bruce Bannerman (ed.), The registers of St. Helen's Bishopgate (London, 1904), p.32, viewed 30/11/13