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Week Eight goals

(1) Continue to look at different handwriting styles and different subject matter

(2) Try a page of medium difficulty and a page of high difficulty from HCA 13/72

Sunday Group Skype call

The week eight group Skype call will be held at 15.30 UK time/10.30 Eastern Standard time on Sunday November 29th

Colin will co-facilitate the call, which Colin will initiate

Agenda for Skype call

(1) Feedback from each participant

- what is going well for you?
- What are you finding difficult?
- what tips can you give other participants?

(2) Armenians in England

We will look at three depositions made by Armenian merchants in the English Admiralty Court in December 1658

Joseph Armenian an Armenian by birth and a subiect of the King of Persia, but now living in London aged fifty fower yeares [HCA 13/72 f.680v]

John Abasa borne in the Country of Abassa in Asia minor but now living in London aged twenty three yeares [HCA 13/72 f.681v]

Jacob Armenian borne at Cis in Asia in the dominions of the Grand Signior but now liveing in London aged twenty three yeares [HCA 13/72 f.682r]