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Week Six goals

(1) Introduce different handwriting styles and different subject matter

(2) Try a page of medium difficulty and a page of high difficulty

Preparation for Sunday's Skype call

Please browse the MarineLives wiki to get a sense of the range of handwriting styles

Try looking at some pages from HCA 13/73

e.g. HCA 13/73 f.568r [HARD - 2 handwriting styles]
e.g. HCA 13/73 f.568v [HARD - 2 handwriting styles]

Try looking at some pages from HCA 13/63

e.g. HCA 13/63 f.55r [MODERATE]
e.g. HCA 13/63 f.417v [HARD]

Sunday Group Skype call

The week six group Skype call will be held at 15.30 UK time/10.30 Eastern Standard time on Sunday November 15th

Colin and Philip will co-facilitate the call, which Colin will initiate

Agenda for Skype call

(1) Feedback from each participant

- what is going well for you?
- What are you finding difficult?
- what tips can you give other participants?

(2) Different writing styles

We will work on a range of pages graded moderate and hard

The pages will be drawn from:

Moderate difficulty

David Ben Mordecay of Moroccow in Barbary merchant aged 40 yeares
- Hamburg Jewish merchant had lost goods; ship (Prophet Elias) departed Hamburg; goods to be transported from Hamburg to Rochell

William Hayward of Ratcliffe shipwright aged 24 yeares
- dispute between Thompson and Peter Pett regarding the Ruth over ship repair work

Baptista ab Alexandro of Venice one of the Company of the shipp the Angell Custode aged 21 yeares

Samuel Raymond of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk Mariner master of the sayd shipp the James aged 37 yeares
- "imployed upon the sayd voyage into the Baltique sea for Eastland"

Abraham ffilter of Redderife in the County of Surrey Mariner Master of the shipp Peter and John of London aged 32 yeares

High difficulty

Andrew Marson of Tonborough in Norway Sailor aged 46 yeares

Thomas Rowe of horsey downe Waterman aged 61 yeares

Albert Oldson of Tonborough in Norway Sailor aged 20 yeares

Francis Kelmey of Horsey Downe sailer aged 21 yeares

John Bollet of Embden Coxen of the said shipp the Golden Lyon aged 30 yeares