Tools: Week Zero

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Team allocation

The nine participants in the MarineLives autumnprogramme have each been allocated to one of two teams. See team allocations

Preparatory activities for team members

Participants are encouraged to begin to:

(1) Familiarise themselves with the MarineLives wiki

(2) Read Introduction to the High Court of Admiralty

(2) Look at three different types of Admiralty Court document


SUGGESTION: Try browsing HCA 13/71

SUGGESTION: Try using the alphabetical and geographical lists of deponents in HCA 13/71

Personal Answers

SUGGESTION: Try browsing HCA 13/124

How do personal answers differ from depositions?

Act Books

SUGGESTION: Try browsing HCA 3/46

What type of information does this volume contain?

Can you match any cases you find in HCA 3/46 to depositions in any of the deposition books we have transcribed?