Allhallows Barking

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This page summarises data in the MarineLives wiki regarding the parish of Allhallows Barking.

The parish of Allhallows Barking is located in London.

This table aggregates data from all semantic biographies in the MarineLives wiki relating to the parish of Allhallows Barking
Full nameFirstnameLastnameBirth yearBirth placeRes streetRes parishRes townRes countyOccupationMariner occupationHas literacyDep start
John BellamyJohnBellamy1621Allhallows BarkingLondonWinecooperSignatureHCA 13/63 f.65v Annotate
HCA 13/71 f.278r Annotate
HCA 13/71 f.552v Annotate
HCA 13/72 f.390v Annotate
William BulkleyWilliamBulkley1614Allhallows BarkingLondonMerchantSignatureHCA 13/63 f.49r Annotate
John ClarkeJohnClarke1618Allhallows BarkingLondonMerchant taylorSignatureHCA 13/70 f.447r Annotate
Edward DangerfeildEdwardDangerfeild1598Allhallows BarkingLondonWatermanMarkeHCA 13/70 f.226v Annotate
Robert GarratRobertGarrat1600Allhallows BarkingLondonWatermanMarkeHCA 13/71 f.418r Annotate
Francis GythensFrancisGythens1635Allhallows BarkingLondonCooperSignatureHCA 13/70 f.402r Annotate
Robert KilnerRobertKilner1630Allhallows BarkingLondonMerchant taylorSignatureHCA 13/72 f.121v Annotate
Robeart LuingtonRobeartLuington1627Allhallows BarkingLondonWatermanSignatureHCA 13/70 f.34r Annotate
Richard NashRichardNash1632Allhallows BarkingLondonMarinerSignatureHCA 13/70 f.663r Annotate
Nicholas OliverNicholasOliver1634Allhallows BarkingLondonServantSignatureHCA 13/71 f.412r Annotate
Robert TindallRobertTindall1608Allhallows BarkingLondonMarinerSignatureHCA 13/71 f.242r Annotate
John WhitteyJohnWhittey1621Allhallows BarkingLondonMarinerMasterSignatureHCA 13/71 f.560v Annotate