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The Property:Firstname is for use in pages in the Semantic biography category in the MarineLives wiki

This property has type Text.

Pages using the property "Firstname"

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Anthony Sola +Anthony  +
Arthur Ingram +Arthur  +


Baldwin Mathews +Baldwin  +
Benedict Turrettin +Benedict  +
Beniamin Westcombe +Beniamin  +
Benjamin Lee +Benjamin  +


Captaine Abraham Mootham +Abraham  +
Captaine Isaac Woodgreene +Isaac  +
Captaine James Cade +James  +
Captaine James Lutton +James  +
Captaine John Cramp +John  +
Captaine John Greene +John  +
Captaine Richard Ell +Richard  +
Captaine Thomas Breedon +Thomas  +
Captaine Thomas Chinn +Thomas  +
Captaine Thomas Ewens +Thomas  +
Captaine William Ryder +William  +
Captaine Willoughby Hannam +Willoughby  +
Charles Gander +Charles  +
Charles Marescoe +Charles  +
Christian Aelst +Christian  +
Christopher Downs +Christopher  +
Christopher Hamlin +Christopher  +
Christopher Malim +Christopher  +
Clemens Simpson +Clemens  +
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