Charles Marescoe

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Charles Marescoe
Person Charles Marescoe
First name Charles
Middle name(s)
Last name Marescoe
Spouse of
Widow of
Occupation Merchant
Secondary shorebased occupation
Mariner occupation
Associated with ship(s)
Training Not apprentice
Is apprentice of
Was apprentice of
Had apprentice(s)
Citizen Unknown
Literacy Signature
Has opening text Charles Marescoe
Has signoff text Charles Marescoe
Signoff image (Invalid transcription image)
Language skills English language, Dutch language
Has interpreter
Birth street
Birth parish
Birth town
Birth county
Birth province
Birth country
Res street
Res parish Saint Botolph Billingsgate
Res town London
Res county
Res province
Res country England
Birth year 1631
Marriage year
Death year
Probate date 1670
First deposition age 21
Primary sources
Act book start page(s)
Personal answer start page(s)
Allegation start page(s)
Interrogatories page(s)
Deposition start page(s) HCA 13/68 f.502v Annotate, HCA 13/70 f.613r Annotate, HCA 13/71 f.535r Annotate
Chancery start page(s)
Letter start page(s)
Miscellaneous start page(s)
Act book date(s)
Personal answer date(s)
Allegation date(s)
Interrogatories date(s)
Deposition date(s) Mar 22 1654, Sep 27 1655, Feb 4 1656
How complete is this biography?
Has infobox completed Yes
Has synthesis completed No
Has HCA evidence completed No
Has source comment completed No
Ship classification
Type of ship N/A
Silver Ship litigation in 1650s
Role in Silver Ship litigation None

Biographical synthesis

Charles Marescoe (; d.1670). Merchant.

Resident in 1654 in Saint Nicholas Lane, London and in 1656 in the parish of Saint Botolph Billingsgate. Marescoe stated in 1656 that he had lived in London "theise fifteene or sixteene yeares last", so since ca. 1640 or 1641.[1] He added that before coming to England he had "both in Holland and in fflanders only as a schoole boy for some short tyme as at Amsterdam in Holland and Lisle in fflanders."[2]

Evidence from High Court of Admiralty

Charles Marescoe deposed a number of times in the High Court of Admiralty as a young merchant in the 1650s.

Marescoe first appears on March 22nd 1654. He gives his age as twenty-one years and his residence as Saint Nicholas Lane, London. He was examined on interrogatories on the behalf of Peter Julius Coiet and Company, the case being described as "On the behalfe of Peter Julius Coiet and others subiects of the Queene of Sweden touching certaine shipp called the Ongermerland of Stockhollme (whereof John Cornelison is Master)."[3]

In September 1655 he was examined on an allegation given in by the claimers in the case of "The claime of Jeroimo Nunez da Costa Diego fferdinando Lemos Diego Baraza, Andrew and Christofer Nunez, Diego Perez Caminho Duarte Dias de Paz, Simon and Lewis Rodrigues de Souza and Manoel Martines Medina for their goods laden aboard the shipp the Thirstie Hart (whereof Hessell Jacobs is Master) taken by some of the shipps in the imediate service of the Commonwealth of England". He described himself as a twenty-five year old merchant of London.[4]

Five months later, on February 4th 1656, Charles Marescoe was examined on an allegation in the case of "Goodwin and Company: against the Saint John".[5] He still described himself as aged twenty-five, but specified that he was resident in the parish of Saint Botolph Billingsgate. He stated that he came as a witness at the request of Mr Joas Everson, a London merchant, who was acting on behalf of the Amsterdam merchants Lewes and Symon Rodrugues da Souza. Though Marescoe had never met them, he reported that he had once before sollicited on their behalf in the High Court of Admiralty, clearly referring to his deposition from September 1655.[6]

Comment on sources

PROB 11/333 Penn 67-128 Will of Charles Marescoe, Merchant of London 12 September 1670[7]

Henry Roseveare, Markets and merchants of the late seventeenth century: the Marescoe-David letters, 1668-1680 (Oxford, 1987)
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