United Provinces

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This page summarises data in the MarineLives wiki regarding the country of the United Provinces.

This country was also known in the C17th in English by the name of the United Netherlands

The country of United Provinces is located in Europe.

This table aggregates data from all semantic biographies in the MarineLives wiki relating to the country of United Provinces
Full nameFirstnameLastnameBirth yearRes parishRes townRes countyOccupationMariner occupationHas literacyAssociated with ship(s)First deposition age
Henderijck BackerHenderijckBacker1591EnkhuizenMarinerMasterSignatureSaint Peter (Master: Henderÿch Backer)63
Gerrett JohnsonGerrettJohnson1631DelfshavenMarinerMasterMarkeSharke of Delfshaven (Master: Gerrett Johnson)22
Baldwin MathewsBaldwinMathews1620MiddleburgMerchantSignature37
Melle MellysMelleMellys1622AmsterdamMarinerMasterMarkePosthorse (Master: Melle Mellys)32
Jan PoloJanPolo1605FlushingMarinerPassengerSignatureHope51
Pedro VandewÿerPedroVandewÿer1627DunkirkMerchantSignature26
Jan le GalJanle Gal1617FlushingMarinerMasterSignatureHope (Master: Jan le Gal)39