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for this Port of London, where shee safely arrived, with the
said goods in her well Conditioned, and here delivered to the [XXXX]
said Groome and Company, or their order, to their use, and
behoofe, The Premisses hee deposeth for the reasons aforesaid
and for that hee helped to unlade and lade all the foresaid goods

To the 21th. hee saith, that all the foresaid Voyage both at
Canaryes Maderas, and on the Coast of Barbara and all
other places the said Ship the Lisbone ffrigot was at the Voyage
in question. the said Bartholomew Ketcher, did doe and
use his best, and Utmost endeavour in the management of the
said Voyage, both in endeavouring to get Prattick
at the Canaryes, and alsoe in the selling and disposing of the
Cargoe of goods to the best benefitt and advantage of the
said ffreighters, And [?els]: likewise in all other things during
the said Voyage, Yeilding reasons of his knowledge as above
and further cannot depose :/.

To the Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING[

To the first hee saith hee being Boatswaine of the said Ship
all the said Voyage, was there by acquainted with the said
Ketchers transactions aforesaid, and saith hee cometh required
by Mr Ketcher to be produced and Examined in this busines, and saith hee hath
not received his wages as yet, but hath bin proferred the same
by the said Ketcher. but this deponent having noe occasion
for any moneyes at present, desired the said Ketcher to keepe
the same in his Custody. untill this deponent gooes in the
Country which will be about the begining of the next weeke
(God permitting): and otherwise negatively:

To the 2d hee saith hee cannot depose thereof; having never seene
the Interrate Charterparty:

To the 3d hee saith the said ship the Lixon ffrigot was Laden
at Ligorne with Oyle Rice Silke Stockings, and Rope, and some
other Comodityes, (but the vallue thereof, or for whose account hee knoweth not, and
were to be delivered at Oratava to the ffactors or ffactor of the
said ffreighters if they could get Prattick for the same, and further
cannot answer./:

To the 4th hee saith the said ship having receaved the foresaid goods
on board her, Set saile with the same for Oratava Road, where
shee safely arrived and saith the said ffactors of the said
ffreitors did not as hee beleeveth procure prattick, for the said
ship there, and otherwise cannot answer saving negatively for
his part, and saving as aforesaid./

To the 5th hee saith the said Ketcher did not ever refuse to
let the Interrate Tye goe on shore but did allwaies
perswade him soe to doe, and otherwise negatively for his part
saving as aforesaid:/:

To the 6th hee saith hee answereth negatively saving his foregoeing
deposition to which hee Referreth himselfe:/:




[[People::Barthomomew Ketcher

Born: ?; married: ?; died: ?

Captain Bartholomew Ketcher (alt. Kitcher) was active in trade between London, Leghorne (Livorno), and the Canary Islands in the late 1650s according to English Admiralty Court depositions dated January 1658 (1659).[1]

Ketcher was captaine of the Lisbone ffrigot (?1656 – 1658+?; crew: 11 men and a boy, including the Master.[2]]

In July 1658, the Lisbone ffrigot arrived in Oratava Road on Tenerife from Leghorne (Livorno), with a cargo of "Oyle, Rice, Silke Stockings, and Rope, and some other Comodityes"[3], but failed to get a licence or "prattick" from the Spanish authorities, due to Spanish anger at alleged English massacres of Spaniards in Dunkirk.

The ship was forced to sail on to Madeira to sell some of its goods, and then, at the recommendation of Richard Pickford, a leading Madeira merchant, to go on to the Barbary coast.[4]

The same Bartholomew Ketcher probably fought at the battle of Scheveningen in the Half Moon (30 guns), which he commanded from 1653 to 1654.[5] The same source reports that Ketcher commanded the Great Charity in 1659. Both were Dutch prizes.]]


Primary sources

National Maritime Museum

NMM Object ID: AML/N/8, Description: BARTHOLOMEW KITCHER, Bill of lading, 13 Oct 1661 (Formerly FD/7). Date made: 1661

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R. C. Anderson, 'English Fleet-Lists in the First Dutch War', The Mariner’s Mirror, Vol.XXIV No.4, October 1938

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