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Jan Bollart
Person Jan Bollart
First name Jan
Middle name(s)
Last name Bollart
Spouse of
Widow of
Occupation Merchant
Secondary shorebased occupation
Mariner occupation
Associated with ship(s)
Training Not apprentice
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Citizen Unknown
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Language skills Dutch language, Spanish language
Has interpreter
Birth street
Birth parish
Birth town
Birth county
Birth province
Birth country
Res street ffayle street
Res parish
Res town Antwerp
Res county
Res province Brabant
Res country Spanish Netherlands
Birth year
Marriage year 1637
Death year
Probate date
First deposition age
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Ship classification
Type of ship
Silver Ship litigation in 1650s
Role in Silver Ship litigation None

Biographical synthesis

Jan Bollart (alt. John Bollart; John Bolart; Jean Bolarts; John Bollard; Jan Bollaert; Jan Bolaert; sieur Jan Bolaert; Joan Bollaert; Joannis Bollaert; Bolarte) (b. ?; m. Aug. 1637, Susanne, daughter of Don Gabriel de San Estevan; d. ?). Merchant.

Resident in early 1650s in ffaylestreet in Antwerp.

"John Bollart is an Antwerper borne and hath lived in the ffaylestreet in that City with his family for all the time of this deponents knowledge of him” [8 years][1]; Jan Popeliers was book keeper and accountant to John Bollart and had known him personally for ten years; Francis Rubbens of Antwerp, servant to John Bollart, stated that "John Bollart for ten yeares last or there abouts hath lived with his family in the ffuyle street in Antwerp"[2]

Bollart's four factors in Spain who laded silver for his account were "Gerrard Riper Lopez de Molina, John Baptista and Peter de Zoletta"[3]; Peter vander Wyer, a Dunquirke merchant, was a former servant in John Bollart's Antwerp counting house and deposed that Bollart had "lived formerly longe in this deponents fathers house in Spaine"[4]; Vander Wyer also stated that John Bollart had been a big exporter of silver to Dover and London in the late 1630s and early 1640s[5]. See Baetens (1976) who states "Ferdinande is bedrijvig te Cadiz, Igantius, Manuel en Jan Baptist te Sevilla, waar de lastste in 1932 inwoont bij Peter van de Wayer en Jan Bollaert"[6]

John or Jan Bollart appears to have married Susanne, daughter of Don Gabriel de San Estevan, in August 1637. It is unclear whether the marriage took place in Spain or in Antwerp. A web based genealogical source states that "Susanne est la fille de don Gabriel Pagador General des Finances des Pays-Bas"[7]. The chapel of Saints Pierre et Paul in the church of Saint Jacques in Antwerp contains the coaat of arms of Jan Bollart, together with a monument to him and his wife: "Cette chapelle fut fondée par Jean Bollaert, seigneur d'Hembeeck, ancien marguillier de cette église. Un acte authentique de 1655 la mentionne comme entièrement achevée. A l'entrée de la chapelle : XVII.e siècle. â Inconnu. â Pierre sépulcrale ornée des armoiries de Jean Bollaert et de Susanne De San Estevan, sa femme. Même époque. â Inconnu.â Balustrade de marbre. â Don de Jean Bollaert."[8] Bollart's wife's name is rendered in Spanish, French and Dutch forms in archival sources, e.g. "Suzanna van St-Istevan", "Suzanna Catharina van Sante Steven", "van St-Estevan", "Susanne de Saint-Steven", "Suzanne Sanstevan".

Genealogical sources state that "Jean Bollarte" purchased the estate of "Deux Heembeeck" ("les seigneuries d'Over-Heembeck et Neder-Heembeck, avec la justice haute, moyenne et basse, etc." on January 22nd 1649, and that he was ennobled on October 1st 1659.[9] The same source states that he had three children by his wife Susanne, daughter of Don Gabriel de Estevan. They were Susanne Catherine Bollarte (b.1639, m.1658, d.?), who married Gérard van Uffels; Marie Marthe Bollaert (d.1724), who married Jacques Gansacker; and Anne Marie Bollarte, who married Pierre de Brecht.[10] A separate genealogical source identifies five children - in addition to the above named three the source lists "Jan Jacomo Bollaert" and "Maria Theresia Bollaert", who married "Frans Gonsales de Soldaigne"[11]

A Jacques (or Jacobi) Bollaert (alt. Bollarte), who was married to Cornelia Alardi, predeceased Jan Bollaert ca.1666, and is likely to have been related to Jan Bollaert.[12] An ornate memorial to "Jacobi Bollaert et Corneliae Alardi" is in the Church of Saint Jacques (Kerk Sint-Jacob) in Antwerp.[13]; A "Jacobus Bollaert Junio" appears in the accounts of the Antwerp firm of Forchoudt: "fo.169. 1654, 12 Dec.-Jacobus Bollaert Jen Pedro Van de Weyer debit"[14]

Baetens (1976) lists a "Jean Jacques Bollart en Cie."[15] and a "Gillis Bollart"[16] and a "Gio Bollart"[17]. Baetens also lists a "Jacob Bollaert te Lissabon" in connection with "zijn vader Jacques Bollaert"[18], and a "Jan Bollaert"[19] and a "F.Bollaert"[20]

The Antwerpsch archievenblad (1930) makes apparent reference to Jan Bollart stating "Met het huis Jan Bollaert, uit de Vuylestraat (Otto Veniusstraat nu), bestond er lange jaren een soort vennootschap voor den uitvoer naar Spanje. Er kwam echter oneenigheid en een proces ontstond tusschen Andries van Cantelbeeck en Bollaert, dat echter door Jan van Cantelbeeck weer bijgelegd werd."[21]

Evidence from High Court of Admiralty

Comment on sources

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