MRP: 1st April 1663, Letter from Elizabeth Dalyson to Sir GO

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1st April 1663, Letter from Elizabeth Dalyson to Sir GO

BL, Add. MS. XX,XXXX ff. 74-82

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Elizabeth Dallison wrote to Sir George Oxenden in a letter dated April 1st, 1663.

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[BL, Add. MS. XX,XXXX ff. 74-82]


Most Deare Brother

I hope in y:e Lord this will finde you in good health at Surratt, w:ch hath bine earnestly begged at y:e throane of Mercy and not only by mee, but by many of yo:e Deare & neare Relations & ffreinds w:ch make up noo small number, I hope all relations & freinds are well, Blessed bee god wee heare in Grall [?] are all in health & in pticular, Our Deare Mother[1] hath reasonable good health, but beginn to Droope of late, she would bee better but y:t shee getts Could, ?arround to her Ould Custome, being in y:e Garden at unseasonable


tymes & weather, soo Could a winter was scarce ever knowne in Eng:d as this hath bine, I have had my share of Coulds & Coffs I may thanke M:r Love[2] & Bretton[3] But however I made a shift to follow them & I am not out of hope may in tyme over take y:m I shall not burden you w:th long storyes w:t I have done, But I cann truly say, I left nothing undone y:t might advance yo:e Busyness, & weaken theirs: I must in y:e first place tell you w:th humble & hearty thanks to God y:t gave a Blessing to my Endeavours, y:t I have hither to Bind happy in y:t none of their Durty foule unlawfull pretences have ever prevailed against you; w:ch are very many & will bee more Dayly, I have desired M:r Papillon[4] to give you an acco:t of y:e King ffardinande’s business w:ch hath taken up much tyme & paines: M:r Papillon manadges y:e Business & hath done it w:th great prudence & Dilligence; I gott togeather severall witnesses, as yoou will finde named in my Nephew James Masters paper to you but I must tell you y:t M:r ?Pusey[5] ???Copper[could be “cooper”] to y:e roy:ll Merch:t [This is probably Loyal Merchant] hath stood mee ingreat stead, & hee was y:e person who brought mee in all y:e seamen, & dud watch & did watch M:r Cooze[6] his Comeing home; y:t I might not bee prevented in w:t you advised mee in yo:e remembrance, Pray take notice of M:r Pusey, now y:t I have given you an acco:t of his kindenesse to you, & paines w:ch was great M:r Cooze proved honest & stout in vindicating you, & Deare Brother Christopher[7]; Lovs often would say to y:e Comitte when they would urge w:t y:e wittnesses swor, his answer was a wittness a Comp:a of pittifull saylors: soo I desired y:e Comissioners y:t these witnesses might come before them, & they gave order they should, & when they saw them & had talked w:th them they weare very well satisfyed & said they weare sober understanding men; Pusey was out of Towne soo hee appeared nott at y:e mermayd Tavern:e in Cornwall but I desired the Commissioners, y:t in regard I must attend them, that they would meete at y:e East India house whear S:r Tho:s Chamberlan was willing wee should have all fitting accomodations, w:ch wee had & y:e Commissioners satt there severall tymes but Love prevailes soo w:th M:r Buckworth[8], who gott them to remove to Garawayes Coffe:e house purposely to beate mee off from being present as M:r Papillon tould mee, but it would not doo for wheare my Business was I resolved to bee at these three places wee have mett near 30: tymes 3 of y:e tymes since M:r Papillon writt his l:re but to noo great purpose, yett I hope all ?will conduce to an end; either to bee finally concluded by the Commissioners or to gett a report w:ch I hope will bee done before y:e ?terme w:ch will bee of good advantage to us: Willmott[9] is a [XXXX] [small space with a long dash in middle] But I have kept him in some as of latt for wheare as hee swore y:e Damaskes hee sould at 9:8 y:d yard hee confessed to mee it was but a few yards to some


Gentellwoman in y:e Country & they are Angry w:th him & sent him word hee had cheated him abominably; I gott y:e Comitioners to send for him & examine him & for them & hee confeessed it was true, y:e Commissioners sayed, even M:r Loves great Cronie:s, [not sure it is plural] & all y:t Willmott was a buffleheaded foole & swore hee know not what, I have taken all your advices & fallen in w:th Papillon & kept good Correspondence w:th M:rs Nokes & soo I did with Willmott; I have done as you advised lett [?[ my tongue loose at Love & Bretton but ever hope my selfe w:thin y:e Compass of good manners, I have given them little rest nor will not till I am quitt of them; O how they have bespattered you & o:e Deare Broth:r Chr:s But I ever had something to answer them w:ch made them snutty; As Cheatting mee of Christophers Contract, Loves ?pressinge Taverner to say things hee could not doo; Loves offering Thurston to make his oath for him Brettons Continowing y:e 5000:l Baile Demanding 15000:ll Bale more after yo:w weare gon & attacking yo:e goods after protestation to you; y:t all Bayle should bee taken off but y:e 1:st 5000:ll his exceptingagainst our Bayle below & putting mee to finde new Baile & severall other things to longe to relate, and how all á long they have putt mee to expence & vexations beyond reason; & now I am speaking of y:t Bellweather Bretton, I will make an end of y:e Busyness Concerning him w:th much adoo according to yo:r order hee hath given meee copies of y:e acco:ts betweene you & hee w:ch I doubt not to gett over looked by M:r Papillon in due tyme; But first lett y:e ffardinandoes busyness bee over; then for y:e 500:ll in y:e East India Stocke hee said it was in M:r Edward Peirces name & soo it was, & w:th much á doo I have ???removed to M:r Daniell Penington in whoos name it now is, y:e reason I did not follow yo:r order, wat [OR “was”] y:e Cause if I had putt it in my Cozin To:b Aylmers name,[10]it would have cost me 5:ll to make him free of y:e East India Comp:a & M:r Penington[11] had lately had his freedome & is one of y:e Comp:a I [XXXXX] one hundred pounds of that dividend now for y:e Callicoes in M:r Brettons Custody I followed him close & w:th much á doo gott them sould y:e acco:t you will see heere inclosed [CHECK THERE IS NO ACCOUNT SOMEWHERE IN OTHER PAPERS] But for y:e Taffities you left in his hands I cannot gett them, for many months togeather hee putt mee off saying tell y:e owners of y:e Blessing & hee was ?cleared one of another soo I spoke to my Cozon Boone[12] who was pson concerned when y:e Busyness was done I might know accordingly hee did acquaint mee, soo I went to thy [OR this?] Bull of Bason who tould mee now I might have them payeing him 1000:- peeces of [Xts] [looks like a “9” over a “9”, like a numerator and denominator?] for soo hee had allowed for them, but I refused soo to doo till such tyme as I have Informed my selfe w:t I was to pay, soo to my Cozon Boone I went who sayed hee payed noo more for your goods & his owne too; then to him I went againe & tould him w:t I was informed hee sayed it was true hee had some few goods in a small Chest not Considerable, soo I offered to referr my selfe to my Coz:n Boone & w:t hee ordered I would agre too; in y:e meane tyme I sould the


Taffityes to M:r Penington & tooke ?earnest for them his house being soo neare & would have lodged them theare, by reason I feared hee might putt some trick upon mee & bid M:r Penington demand the Taffityes of Bretton w:ch hee did, & sayed hee should hand them, but in a few dayes y:e [roane????] was Changed; for meeteing Bretton & demanding y:e Taffities at y:e Coffee house when y:e Commissioners weare [x] [x]ison [???] I had this answer, gett your taffetyes as well as you can for you shall have none of mee, yo:e Brother oweth mee more moneys than they came too & had I what you have had out of my hands you should never have á pennyworth, at this I was amazed and tould him hee dealt unhandsomely [CHECK] w:th mee; Nay said hee your Brother George now S:r George forsooth has dealt unworthhily w:th mee I prest to know in w:t his answer was in makeing use of my Moneys in India, w:th y:t I tould him his Owne & sett before him his owne Baseness in Disappointing you of y:e 20000 pounds which was y:e grounds of all o:e troubles, which hee impudently denyed & sayed hee would come to mee & convince mee y:t hee was noo way as [excressary?] to y:t I Charged him w:th & fell á Cryeing & Bellowdd like a Bull y:t I did plott his [swine?], soo wee parted noo body was by but M:r Papillon; soo w:th in á few dayes hee came to mee to tell mee hee was not y:e man y:t hindered y:e 20000:ll gooing to you but would not say who, but said y:t I had unlawfully & falsely gotten my Bald discharges Concerneing y:e Bills of exch:a & unless I would either give up y:e Bayle or pay the money, or referr y:e busyness I should have no taffityes, I tould him I would have y:e taffetyes & yett would doo none of all hee demanded; at last hee grew calmer & said hee had soo many busynesses y:t hee was weary, & y:t hee & the other Concerned had desired him y:t all sutes might cease & that all might bee referred I tould him & desyred y:e same & in a few dayes hee should have my answerl ffirst I would referr y:e ffardinando Conditionally the referrl made an end before y:e 31:th of last March otherwise to give in a report before y:e 20:th of this month April next wee would referr all [xx] [“as” OR “of”?] y:e Smirna Merch:ts busyness y:e Burnt Shipp & y:e 20000:ll busyness & y:e Joined Stocke & Bills of Exchange, all w:ch hee seemed to agree to but I never heared more of y:e busyness since; This was about a month since; now I am apt to thinke his Ayme was to putt mee by getting a Comission ready to send; w:ch this day is perfected;


Deare Brother study y:e point & bee very surcumspect in y:e execution of y:e Comission for it stands you much upony:e due executeinge of it I have taken all y:e Care I can to gett ample & plaine instructions y:t you may understand how things are to bee acted; Just now S:r Geo: Smith came to tell mee y:t Bretton hath sould him selfe quite out of y:e East India Stocke to his Brother Peirce which makes all y:t know him wonder ; & some to feare; I have sent you a pipe of y:e best Sacke procurable, y:t & good Spanish Tobaccoo w:th exelent good Virgina & some bookes you will receave by M:r Pusey this in Closed note will give you an acco:t w:t is in his Charge; Heere hath beene lately my Brother Oxinden[13] who came up á bout his wifes affaires hee hath had y:e Goute but was pretty well y:t little tyme hee stayed hee & I remembered you often, hee according to yo:r desire gave security for one Thousand pounds soo y:t Busyness was settled long since; His son James is in ffrance[14] & y:e Rest of y:e Children are well in health & truely I hope my Brother & all his are very happy in Our Sister; My Mother was not well & would not bee satisfyed till I came downe y:t shee might talke to mee her busyness was to Consult w:th mee á bout her will shee said soo soone as I was gon shee would make it; & said shee would make my sister Masters, & I executrixe w:t shee hath done since I know not, I stayed but 10: Dayes & in y:t tyme our adversaryes had made an atempt to foist in 3: declarations but I returned in y:e nick of tyme to prevent theire Rogery; In y:e tyme I was at Deane I did observe my sisters wayes w:th all my power & might & my Observations of her weare, she acted y:e part of á good woman to all intents & purposes , as a good wife, a good Daughter in Law to my Mother, á good mother in Law, & á good Sister in Law, shee spake much & often of you, & often you weare remembered w:th more y:e ordonary expression of Lov:e; The letter parlor is pulled quite downe & shee will have it soo & I beleeve is willing to helpe sett it up againe My Deare [I think there is a tiny heart to top right of the “e”] Mother Continuwes prayseing her soo dooth my Brother to y:e skies; in deed apon y:e whole matter I hope thee will proud á Blessing to o:r Brother & all his; But I must speake a word of o:r Nephew James Oxinden: hee Carryed himselfe soo suddenly & soo reservedly as I was sory to see him but her Wisdome & temper past it by, Neece [I think there is a tiny heart to top right of the “e”] Susan is my sisters great ffavorett & I doo not doubt but she will bee soo discreett as to keepe soo; I hope all o:r Nephewes are in health, Hen: Oxinden will I hope bee obedient to you in all things, I have recvd severall papers from my Nephew Streynsham Master god bless him certanely hee is an excellent young merch:t I hope our nephew Hen: Bromfield is well; I know I need not sturr you upp to have


á care of him, yo:e love to our sister will sufficiently sturr you up to looke on him, I gave his ffather notice of y:e shipps gooing out & advised him to write & send him out some Considerable Token but I heard nothing of him, for y:e moneyes oweing, from my Brother Master I have recvd one hundred pounds, y:e rest I hope to receave in Easter Tearme, for soo hee faithfully promises mee, my Nephew Ja:s master hath beene of great advantage to mee in y:e severall law Busyness indeed his paines & care hath beene extraordinary; I thank God I have had nothing to doo w:th M:r Haughton: I have one Stanton á Clarke who is after my owne hearts desire w:ch w:th M:r Gibbon, hath putt our advantages to theire Trumps, I must not pass my telling you y:t S:r Geo: Smith is w:t hee professed your very hearty serv:t & true ffreind, hee now & then dooth mee y:e favour to give mee visett & comes & bringes S:r Will:m Rider[15] w:th him, & Penington[16] & Porter,[17] & eate w:th mee but is soo Rightious as to send word over Night, I have bine many tymes invited to eate w:th him, but have beene theare but seldome; I dined at S:r Will:m Riders a fortnight since wheare you weare often remembered by S:r W:m & my Lady shee sayeth shee Honors you very much; I heard M:r [BLANK, NOT FILLED BY SCRIBE] I doo not well remember his name preach at Stepny Church,[18] I hope hee will bee very useful to you hee is much Comend:d for his abilityes & good Life S:r Geo: Smith & S:r W:m Rider have a great good opinion of him, heare Came to mee from S:r Geo: Smith y:e Deane of Gloster, D:r Brough[19] a reverent Grand Devine who desired mee to write á lre by his sonn to you to take him into yo:e Care w:ch I did but this day S:r Geo: tells mee y:t hee fears y:e young Gentell man is more than ordinary wild & therefore sayes hee will not in gadge you to any thing beyound w:t yo:e owne reason dictates to you, y:d like say I for hee is a meere stranger to mee onely came from S:r George:s I have had something to doo to gett young Soly[20] to bee Carryed out, his ffather played y:e ffoole & hoped to have gott his wadges; wee say heere M:r Gerald Aungier[21] is Lord Aungier, his Brother my Lord being Slaine in a Duell[22] in w:t Capassity hee is in pray present my servis to him, & all other ffreinds w:ch you who know mee, I have begunn writt to M:r s Goodyear[23] she is y:e same woman shee was full of Discontent & unsatisfyed, & I must tell you but keepe your peace shee hath made great Complaints of my beeing interested in her Husbands affaires in soo much y:t Cap:t Rob:t Browne[24] begane to bee too free in his speeches to my face till I tooke him off, & then hee Cryed mee merry, & said hee know mee to bee worthy to doo any ill [affires [betweene mee & theire wifes hee is over since very ]xxxx] to mee poorman is still a sufferer in y:e Tower I have not gotten any


setelment from my Lord[25] but now am in great hopes; hear was the rumor my Lord Chancellor Requires Hary Smith[26] to Joyne w:th his Wife to loane [could be “leane” á fine, hee refused to doo soo, unlese my Lord would serve his and give him maintenance in case his Wife dyed afore him and settle some estate on his posterity, these weare such demands as I durst not make, I used all my power & Interest w:th him by severall ffreinds, but hee was Ould Hary Smith, but when I saw nothing would move him I was focrced to gett ffreinds to putt my Lord from requiring his Joineing w:th her in á fine soo now my Lord hath promised my Lord Chamberlaine who is my most ready faithfull freind hee will doo what hee ever promised for her & now I hope it will have an end; y:e phanaticks are very high & undoubtedly looke for á turne, & soo my Lord sayes ?shure Smith did elce [?] hee would not have scrupelled this, I must not omitt to tell you y:t Sargent Hoskins[27] is Knighted, & now S:r Edmond Hoskins, hee hath all á long gon w:th us in our busyeness & is very Cordiall & zealous for you, I could never gett him to take a penny I have every tyme offered him his fees, but hee as often refused them, pray will you take notice of his Civility, to his sonn & y:t is a full satisfaction to mee, hee hath sent his sonn[28] 20: Spancees [?] & á peece of [blank left by original copyist] hee longes to receave som returne from M:r Hoskins & then hee sayes hee will doo for him w:t hee desires, they have both beene very earnest w:th mee to spend á month w:th them in y:e Countrey but our occasions will not give soane [????]; y:e ?Beare:e ffees w:ch I gave others, w:ch hee should have had is á boud 15:ll I have bine forced to have great Councell, as y:e Attorney Generall, y:e Sollicitor Generall, S:r Edw:d Turner, y:e speaker, & sergant Glin, now S:r Jn:o Glin [IS THIS WILLIAM GLYNN OF SUSSEX? AS IN GLYNDEBOURNE?]; M:r Raworth, M:r Vincent, & M:r Circhhill; S:r Edw: Turner is taken off by his Attendance in y:e parlement & in his Roome I had y:e Aturney gnrll; my Nephew Masters takes all y:e paines, hee drawes yo:r Bills & answers M:r Raworth[29], & M:r Churchhill[30] & M:r Vincent[31] now forme them then the great Councell pleads; som w:th in y:e Barr, & som w:th out, & all little in usse [?] to keepe o:r selfes upright, I shall write á lre not Methodycally but as things come into my head; Dick: Hard’s[32] will goo out in this shipp hee hath beene a great sufferer by his being left behind his ??pardnre have beene very cruell to him, I could not but assist him hee was soo earnest w:th mee I pittyed him w:th all my heart I know you will doo him all y:e good you Cane; wee keepe y:e Ould way of Drawing Valentines, M:rs Kath:e Smith[33] had you & Cap:t Millett, is to improve her good ffortune by yo:r returne of a present; you will finde inclosed a paper w:ch will signifye w:t I have receaved since you


went, but not w:t I have spent you; sutes at Law are estreame Chargeable y:e very Clarkes Bills w:th M:r Haughtons[34] Bill Cometh to á boud a hundred pounds but you will say you are to pay but halfe it is true but hether too I have paid y:e whole & boren all y:e Charges of ffees which come to á great deale except some few when M:rs Nokes[35] hath some whimsey in her head y:t she can make her case better than yours; by reason her husband dyed and you acted after his death, then shee gooth her selfe & ssees [could be “ffees”] S:r Henige:d [r?] ffinch & S:r Edward Turner; they are her Two Confidents, shee hath hers & I have mine & Deare Brother lett mee tell you although it bee very true M:r Papillon is exstreame stoutt & knowing & Able in y:e King ffardinando busyeness yett I finde him very parshall when any opportunity offers it selfe to bee ab advantage to M:rs Nokes & this I beleeve you had experence of & shall have againe when occasion shall offer it selfe, yett pray beleeve & bee Confident I hould faire & very ffaire Correspondency w:th him for I finde hee will bee of great use to you, in many things, in yo:r Acco:t of Brettons in pticuler prethy [prithy?] Brother w:t you send him as a present lett it goo through my hands; I shallnot grudge him for hee deferrs well from you you will finde hee hath sent out some Comodityes w:ch I hope will come safe w:th y:e Rest, truely you will doo well to make some present to his wife & forgett prety Betty; When I enterdd first on y:e ffardinand:s Busyeness M:r Papillion came to mee to know whome I had provided to act for you; I tould him I had obtained y:e favour of M:r Mascall[36] on your parte hee saydd hee know him to bee an Honest &, an able man: But if pleased hee would serve you in y:e Busyness, for hee did beleeve nooman did understand y:e busyeness soo well as himselfe, & y:t hee would bee true & faithfull to all your concernes, I was well pleased hee desired it, soo presently I clos w:th him yett I say hee is parshall when ever he came to M:rs Nokes I doo not much Blame him shee is his intimate ffreind; ffor M:rs Noke wee visite one a nother kindlly, & M:rs Papillion & I are great Cronys I dine theare tomorrow, for shee will not bee denyed; I did not thinke my lre would have swelled soo bigg, I have desired to bee more Contracted byt you know wheare I love, I like well to Converse; & now Deare George give me leave to prattell á lettle w:th you my thinkes I see you in great State w:th all your serv:ts about you, & in great tradeings y:t one may say w:th Ould Tobell thear, thear is our Indian prince; God bless you w:th health y:t you may goo on w;th yo:r great worke you have in hand really heere is great expectations of yo:r manadging y:e Comp:as great affaires for all Crye you up to bee able (& Mangure [???] [OR, Vangure, or Vangurd] yo:r enemys Clamour ) account you honest but I tell yo:r freinds they must not expect you can doo meracles & they Confess you have a hard game to play & will finde things extraordinary out of order even to Confusion, but have a good hart & you will ever Come all in y:e end; thorough gods mercy to whose protection I committ you in spirituall & temporall mercyes beseeching him to bee yo:r guide & support y:t have bine to mee both a ffather á brother & a ffreind w:th my Naturall affection & inclination bids mee subscribe my selfe, Deare Brother.

Thy most oblidged true Loveing sister
Whill breath dooth last,
Eliza: Dalyson
Vertes:es {?]

Aprill y:e 1:st 1663:

[NOTE: p. 82 is 1/34 of a page listing expenditure by ED on GO’s behalf]


These severall soms I rcvd scince my Brother S:r Geo:
Oxinden went for India Aprill 1662 & Y:s is Aprill 1663:

£ s d
Of M:r Kannon, on y:e Loy:ll Merch:tt Acco:tt 113:17:11
More of y:e said M:r Kannon 6:-:-
More of him y:e said M:r kannon 250:-:-
Of Alderman ffoott as appeares by y:e Acco:t for y:e Legorne ffrig:t 192:02:01
Of M:r Daniell Pennington for y:e Stocks divident 100:00:00
Of my Brother Master last Tearme 100:00:00
Ffor the 15: Dyamonds sent home by Cap:t Browne 29:00:00
C G £ s d
10: 2-1/2 at 2:-14:-00:- More of M:r Kinnon on acco:t of y:e Loy:ll Merch:t 1:05:00
[TOTAL] Sum: 701:05:00


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