MRP: 20th March 1662/63, Letter from John Mascall to Sir GO, London

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20th March 1662/63, Letter from John Mascall to Sir GO, London

BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 31-32

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Abstract & context

John Mascall wrote to Sir George Oxenden in a letter dated March 20th, 1662/63. The letter was sent from London-

In this letter, Mascall XXX

John Mascall corresponded three times with Sir George Oxenden in the 1660s. His identity has not been established.

It is most probable that he was a merchant, though he might also have been a mariner. One candidate is a John Mascall, who was resident in the fifth precinct of Coleman Street ward in 1662, with a substantial house of fifteen hearths.[1] However, there was also a John Mascall, who described himself in his will, proven in 1687, as a mariner of Saint Botolph without Aldgate.[2]

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BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 31-32]


Hon:d S:r

By this bearer Cap:t Millett[3] y:e Loy:ll Merch:t I could not doo less than heartily to Salute you Congratulating yo:r Safe Arrivall in India Off yo:r good Freinds in Kent I saw some of them in London lately where wee were mindfull of yo:r health, amongst y:e Rest of yo:r Relations M:r Rich. D Masters[4] from Antwerp desires his remembrance


& Service Tendred you w:th my owne, especiall Service, & hearty Commendations presented you, & Supplications to y:e Almighty for yo:r health & happiness doo take leave & Rest

[RH side] Yo:r most Affectionate Freind
& Serv:t Jn:e Mascall

P:S: Having not long since
seene S:r W:m & my Lady
Meridith[5] they related S:r Hen:y
Oxinden yo: Bro: had been very sick
but is Againe recovered


See Letter from Tobell Aylmer to Sir George Oxenden, 20th March 1662/63, which in which Tobell Aylmer mentions that he intends to drink the health of Sir George Oxenden with Richard Masters and Richard Oxinden at the Ship. This tavern was most probably the Ship tavern on the west side of Old Bailey, just to the north of Ludgate Hill. Aylmer at that time was living on Ludgate Hill either at or near the "Old Corner."

Possible primary sources

  1. This is the footnote text
  2. PROB 11/387 Foot 45-89 Will of John Masscall or Mascall, Mariner of Saint Botolph without Aldgate, Middlesex 20 June 1687
  3. Captain Nicholas Millett, commander of the Loyal Merchant
  4. Richard Masters was XXXX
  5. Sir Henry Oxenden's second wife, XXXX, was the daughter of XXXX Meredith