MRP: 29th January 1665/66, Letter from Randall Taylor to Sir GO

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29th January 1665/66, Letter from Randall Taylor to Sir GO

BL, Add. MS. 40, 710, ff. 19-21: 'Coppie booke of letters from August 1665 to June 1666 from friends in India'

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[BL, Add. MS. 40, 710, ff. 19-21]


“…not withstanding there will not be soo much comeing to you as you desire to be concerned in the voyage to Mosambique, yet hee willingly consenting you should be intressed 1500 rup:s therein [the hee is either Tulcios or Tulcios’ sonn, from preceeding paragraph] , I will pay him one way or other what shall be wanting to Complear said Summ The Vessell was departed the day efore the boat arrived soo could not carry these sirections for Ebbony Wood you sent me however I hope shee will make a good Voyage in Confidence whereof am concern’d 500 rup:s as your Worp: is the foresaid Summ) in the Generall adventure the freight of the Vessaile (sic) is I have hinted in the Generall, wil be but little, and the Lascars wages is very small onely the Customes here at returne are high, but we have the Governer, on our Side I have told him of y:e reasons of your not Sending the Almonds and Marmalot (sic), and hee is well Satisfyed therew:th In a few lines I wrote your Worp: by a patamar (sic) from home to Surat I advised that the Governo:r had promised to furnish to the amo:ts of 2000 rup:s at Mossambique for yo:r Acco:tt and at the Ships departure hee gave order for its pformance (sic), and I have given M:r Cooke directions to invest the same in Amber grese (sic) as you formerly desired, it to be procured at reasonable rates Coppie of which directions at my arrivall there there [there is repeated twice in the original manuscript] shall shew you

The Gold I have not disposed of, soo it will accomp:a me and now intend to buy that small pcell of Amber Grese formerly advised of Although they will not abate a pice of what they then demanded

I render your Worp: many thanks for the xxuit of liquor you were pleased to send me, espetially for the Sack, w:ch hath & will doo me great Service, for of Necessity I must Invite the Governor & some others of the Grandees to a treatment in returne of kindnesse of like Nature we have recvd from many of them for I have Observed your Worp:s directions to be blith & bonny and noo good Meeting baulk [?] espetiall Synce we heard this last good Newse for which God be praised The Sute of Clothes that were M:r Swifts[1] I have likewise recd, and will be responsible to your Worp for them as you shall direct

S:r the cittrons you desired I could not get done in all Dio soo well as them I formerly had of the Governner Soo was forst at last to desire his people might preserve [??] me a few w:ch hee very willingly consented to, but I sending him green cittrons and fine Suger to effect the Same they would not be recd by any means, hee declaring theire was all things ready in the house & I should have them Speedily; w:ch accordingly came few dayes Synce, and now I have sent them by this boat put up in a Small Box covered over w:th Dutty and Marked as p: Marg:t w:ch please to accept of, as if the others prove Good that an Ouodoris [?] wife [OR wise] hath under taken to make, your Worp: shall be better supplied here after in the meane time I wish these safe to you w:ch with hearty prayers for your good health & all happiness is all at present from

[LH SIDE IN LH MARGIN OPP “SMALL BOX”] Star of David with a small circle right at centre and words "directed to yo:r Worp in Bannian writing"

Yo:e Worp:s most faithfull and obliged Servant
Rand: Taylor

Dio (sic) y:e 29 Janua 1665/6

[after the date]
The Governo:e xxxxx yo:r Worp:s excuse for not writing, his service being lot [or let?] blood [sic?]

I rem R T


  1. John Swift, merchant, deceased. The brother of Lady Martha Smith and brother-in-law of Sir George Smith