MRP: 4th April 1663, Letter from Margaret Oxinden to Sir GO, Addendum, Deane, Kent

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4th April 1663, Letter from Margaret Oxinden to Sir GO, Addendum, Deane, Kent

BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 92-93

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05/06/09, CSG; Completed transcription
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(1) Check transcription against physical manuscript at BL


This transcription has been completed, but needs to be checked

[BL, Add. MS. XX,XXX, ff. 92-93]


[as an afternote apparently appended to the above letter from Margrett Oxinden, with no separate form of address to her son]

Pray when you write to my Daughter heere take notice of her kinde respects to me which in deed are very deserveing,

I should bee glad to heare of y:e well dooing of those of my fathers house y:e Two nevinsons a peece of yo:r Charity.

Wee have some tymes a great dispute a bout Carpetts for y:e Little parlor my sonn would have sent something now as a venture but his great ocasions will not pmitt. I desire not to bee a troublesome Begger to you nether am I upon my word desired.

But if w:thout any great prejudice to you you (sic – “you” repeated 2x) Could Contribute á sett of carpetts to adorne it; it would appeare theare to your honor, & a most acceptable thing to all; y:e Roome is 20:ffeett square & a handsome oueld table bespoke for it; therefore y:e Carpett for y:t must bee noless than 3: yds Broad & a bout 4: yards Long; y:e sude Board Carpett of the ordinary life of these things At bengall Kit sayed they are Cheapest & they would make them there of w:t size you would bespeake them.

I must trouble you againe about sollis [OR “sollie”, or “follis”, or “follie” ] boy; truely hee Came home ragged & poore, & runna bout heere all y:e summer keepeing of hoggs & Cowes, while Solly Boye now y:e Cap:t hath taken him againe y:e Boy is a good industrious boy, & being y:e Onely Boy you have taken of this kinde in thisparts pray Looke into him & favour him w:t you cann I hope y:e Boy will deseerve it, & you will oblidge y:e great kindred of his.

Deare:e [Is this an abbreviation for “Dearest?] Sonn

Our lres weare newly gon when S:r Basell Dixwll sent this lre to pass in mind I must Comend it to you & y:e owner whome wee are & you very much behoulding to for many Civilitiyes, & your Brother in pticuler for his forwardness to advance anything that hee desires I hope wee have added a family that


Hath a kindenesse for us. Heere is alsoe a lre that hary fforgott to send I am not willing to trouble you further, onely againe my Love & Blessing to you from.

Yo:r most affectionate
Margrett Oxinden

Deane y:e 4:th of Aprill 1663