MRP: 5th January 1666/67, Letter from Richard Oxinden to Sir GO, Lambeth

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5th January 1666/67, Letter from Richard Oxinden to Sir GO, Lambeth

BL, Add. MS. XX, XXXX, ff. 68-71

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Abstract & context

In this letter Richard Oxinden refers to the attempts of Sir Henry Oxenden, Sir George Oxenden's eldest brother, to reach a settlement with Maximillian Dallison over the disputed lease of Halling. Sir Henry and Sir George had been named executors to Elizabeth Dallison's will

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[BL, Add. MS. XX, XXXX, ff. 68-71]

[f. 68, half way down page]
Lambeth[1] thus 5:th of January 1666 [Modern 1667]

Deare S:r George

I wish w:th my heart y:e fate of affaires had better aspect w:th yo:w in India y:n it hath at present w:th us in England for we heare of nothing but of plage & warr & fire & burning & distrction, God in mercy looke upon this poore hard harted sinfull nation y:t we become not a pray too ennemies at y:e last, S:r ??ago:w have cum thurrow many troubles daingers since yo:w left us, I wish if this wre a place of safety y:t yo:w were once againe amongst us, for

[f. 69]

heare is great want of yo:w, fo yo:e deare sister Dallyson being dead there is noe boddy y:t ?wrilly understands y:e mannagm:t of yo:e affaires it is a great truth y:t yo:e Brother S:r Henry as much care & paines as a man can does, yett y:e managem:t of sutes of law are not things y:t he hath been acquainted w:th; & can doe noe more y:n he cann doe, w:ch in aprehention Cannot be y:t w:ch I should thinke y:t S:r George might doe himselfe in his owne bisones & hath neglected nothing thought [OR though] thing have not suckseeded well, w:ch was noe falt of his, S:r Henry hath mett w:th troublesum busines of his owne of late; he & y:e Rest of your Family finde too soone y:e erepairable losse of y:t deare good sister of yo:s y:t was a good director, & in her life time had as many seemeing friends as any boddy, but now she is gon & able to doe noe more kindness & service to this world, there doth apeare but few, but her reall worth & vallue is never y:e less to be esteemed for y:e worlds base ingratitude, I make noe doubt but y:t yo:w have a pticular acco:tt; how thing have bin Carried by her Children[2] since her death w:ch I am asham’d to thinke of, & shall say no more y:n this to it & y:t is a reall truth y:t to y:e best of my understanding she was y:e best Mother to y:e utmost of her power & laide her selfe out in her paines puxxxx friends & unwearyed indeavours for y:e good of Children of any y:t ever I was acquainted w:th; but they

[f. 70]

pswaided y:e world wuite Contrary w:ch is a great trouble to all these y:t Continue their love to her memory, of w:ch nomber I profess my selfe to be owne ….

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[f. 71]

S:r Henry hath offrd ?Mack[3] all faire things but he is soe high y:t he will not yeeld, he will have y:e lease of Halling[4] & pay nothing, & sayes y:t his Mother had not power to despoes of it, but I am shure y:t she lived & died w:th abeleefe y:t she had as reall a power to dispose of y:t lease as yo:w have to dispose of any penney y:t yo:w have soe y:t y:e law must deside it, a sadd remady, I wish w:th all my hear y:t yo:w were here to XXX

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yo:e obliged kindsman
Richard: Oxinden


  1. Richard Oxinden moved to Lambeth following the London fire of 1666. See House in Lambeth
  2. Maximilian Dallison, and Mary Smith, his sister, were opposing their mother's will. They were allegedly spreading false allegations about their mother's mismanagement of Maximilian's estates
  3. Maximilian Dallison, Elizabeth Dallison's eldest child and only son
  4. Halling Hall, alias the Bishop's place or palace