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Elizabeth Dalyson will

PROB 11/319 Mico 1-46 Will of Elizabeth Dalyson, Wife 28 March 1666

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IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN: I Elizabeth Dalyson late wife of William Dalyson esquire deceased being sick and weake of body but of good sound and perfect mynd and memory and understanding praised be god knoweing the certainty of death and incertainty of the tyme thereof doe this thirteenth day of March in the Eighteenth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord King Charles the second Annoxxx Domini 1665 make and declare this my last will and testament in writeing in manner and forme following

FIRST and principally I recommend my immortall soule into the hands of Almighty god my creator assuredly trusting by and through the meritorious death & passion of Jesus Christ my Blessed Saviour and redeemer that I shall receave a glorious resurrection among the Just my body I leave to the Earth from whence it came to be privately buried in the pish Church of Saint James Clerkenwell in the Countie of Middx near my said late deceased husband And for my temporall estate which is not much considering the many great xxxx and troubles which I have had in keeping the estate of my only sonne Maximilian Dalyson (sic) Esquire


Dallison Esquire which has otherwise beene invested from him in his xxxxx and the porcons which I have given my daughters and the charges of the educations of my children, I give and dispose thereof in manner following

FIRST I give and devise to my deare mother Dame Margarett Oxinden (sic) and to my deare and loveing brothers Sir Henry Oxenden and Sir George Oxenden knights to my sister the Lady Oxinden and to my sonne Maximilian Dallison and his wife and my said sonnes Children my daughter Smith and her child my cousin Richard Oxinden and to my servants and to every of them mourning

ITEM I give my wearing apparell and lynnen not fitt for the wearing apparell of my daughter Smyth to my ancient servant Sarah Wainman and the ?residue to the said Sara And for as much as my said deare brother Sir George Oxinden hath always expressed deare & tender affection to mee and myne which as my last request I make unto him I desire him to continue to mynne and that hee forgett not the respecte he had to my said antient Servant Sarah Waynman That he will continue the same to her I give and devise for the said Sir George Oxinden if he shall live to come into England (he being now in India) All my plate Jewells and rings of what nature or kind soever upon the condiccon trust and confidence that he will pay all my debts Legacies and funerall expences But in case my said brother shall not live to returne into England Then I will and devise That my said Plate Jewells & Rings together with my other goods Chattells and householdstuffe not hereby particularly bequeathed shall by my executors or executor hereafter named sold and the moneyes ariseing by sale thereof bee imployed for payment of my debts Legacies and funerall expences And for renewing the Lease of lands in Halling and elsewhere in Kent holden of the Bishop of Rochester and taken in the name of Robert Raworth Esquire in trust for me for three lives because by my death there wil be but one liveing And because my said brother Sir George Oxinden will not returne within the space of one yeare next comeing if God please he soe long live And that my desire is that my said Legacies and funeralls should be sooner paid and the said Lease renewed I doe desire and will and appoint that the said Sir Henry Oxinden my brother will procure soe much money to be borrowed on the said Plate Jewells and rings as will pay my said debts Legacies and funeralls and pay the ??fyne and charges for renewing the said Lease or otherwise if the same together with my householdstuffe and other goods not particularly disposed of shall fall short That yet he will renew the siad Lease in his owne name for three lives and out of the first moneys ariseing by the rents and proffitts of the said Lease reimburse himselfe such moneys with interest as hee shall soe lay out for the same And I declare my will and meaning to bee And I hereby decise direct and appoint that out of the rents and proffitts of the said Lease now in being and of all other new Lease and Leases of the premisses there shall be yearely paid to such person as my said daughter Smyth shall appoint fiftie pounds p Annum for her life halfe yearely for & towards her maintenance And to my servant Sarah Waynman Thirtie pounds for her life halfe yearely And I hereby give devise and appoint that the present Lease in being and the new Lease to be taken as aforesd shalbee and remane in trust, wholly to and for my said brother Sir George Oxinden if hee shall live to returne into England his heires and assignes with & upon the condicon and trust notwith=standing That xxxx the said Maximilian Dalyson my sonne or his heirs shal at any tyme pay to the said Sir George Oxinden his executors administrators or assignes the somme


Of one Thousand fower hundred Pounds of lawfull money of England Then the said Sir George Oxinden and those who shalbee seized in trust for him and their heires shall convey and ?assure the said Lease and premisses Leases and to be Leased, To the said Maximilian Dalyson and his heirs and assignees charged and chargeable with the said yearely payments of fiftie pounds and Thirty pounds for the respective ?Living of my said daughter Smith and the said Sarah Waynman But in case the said Sir George Oxinden shall not live to returne into England That then the said Sir Henry Oxinden and his heires after the said debts Legacies and funerall expences and the Fyne and Charges of renewing the said Lease paid and satisfied shall convey and assure the said Lease and premisses to the said Maximilian Dalyson and his heires chargeable with the said yearely summe of fiftie pounds and Thirty pounds but not with any money to the executors or administrators of the sd: S:r George Oxinden And I give to my servant William Johnson Tenne pounds And I make and ordayne the said Sir Henry Oxinden and the said Sir George Oxinden sole Executors of this my last will and Testament Revokeing all former wills by me made In witness whereof I the said Elizabeth Dalyson have to every sheet of this my last will and Testament conteyning fower sheets of paper set my hand and to the last of them my seale the day and yeare first above written


Signed Sealed published and declared by the above named Elizabeth Dalyson as her last will & Testament the day and yeare first above written in the presence of Robert Raworth William Johnson[1] Richard Spoxxxx



Possible primary sources

  1. It is possible, though speculative, that the witness William Johnson was Sir George Oxenden's man servant. Sir Henry Oxenden refers to sending "Johnson" from London to find an East India ship to carry his letter bearing news of Elizabeth Dallison's death to Sir George Oxenden in Surat. See 18th March 1665/66, Letter from Sir Henry Oxinden to Sir GO, Corner (London). In a further letter dated January 9th 1666/67 Sir Henry concludes with a postscriptum: "I have taken yo:e old sarvant Johnson till yo:w come home, hee Presents his humble duty to yo:w". See 9th January 1666/67, Letter from Henry Oxinden to Sir GO, Deane