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Thomas White junior will

PROB 11/342 Pye 53-118 Will of Thomas Whyte, Merchant of Porto 03 June 1673

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Abstract & context

Thomas Whyte, merchant of Oporto, was the brother of John White and of Stephen White (alias Whyte) [junior], and a self-declared kinsman of Sir Stephen White. All four were merchants, with Thomas and John both living in Oporto, Portugal.

Thomas Whyte describes himself in his will as Sir Stephen White's servant, and may well have been his Oporto factor.

Thomas and John White, his principal heir, were most probably living in the same house in Oporto, since in their wills they both mention their servants Isabell Ferreira and Grigorio da Costa, and their English servant Thomas Rowe. They may well have been commercial partners together in Oporto. Stephen White [junior] was also involved commercially with Sir Stephen White.

John White was married to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Maynard, brother of the English consul of Oporto, Walter Maynard.[1]

Thomas White made his will on April 15th, 1673, and acknowleged in his will that he was dying. John White's will was made in May 1672, but opened by the Rnglish consul in Oporto on May 14th 1673, showing that the two brothers died within weeks of each other. Both wills were proved in London that summer within days of each other.

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To do

(1) Check the transcription

(2) Research English merchants (and other nationalities) in Oporto trade in the mid-seventeenth century.
- Look for more information on Thomas and John White in Oporto, and any data on their trading relations with English and other ports

(3) Was there an epidemic in Oporto in the summer of 1673, which might account for the death of the two brothers Thomas and John White within days or weeks of each other?


THOMAS WHYTE [Written in LH margin]

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I Thomas Whyte of O Portto English Merchant being sicke on Bed But (by Gods grace enjoying my Perfitt sense) doe make this my Last Will and Testament Wherein I bequeath my soule to God my Creator Jesus Christ my Redeemer and to the Holy Ghost my sanctifier begging


Pardon forall my most haynous sinnes and offences And doe Committ my body up to the yearth in hope of a Joyfull and glorious Resurrection Amen

IMPRIMIS To the most necessitated and vertuous people the poore of this Citty who shalbe well knowne to be of honest Reputacon) the somme of Twenty ?milreis The distribution whereof I leave unto the discretion of my Executo:rs

ITEM I give unto my Servant Isabell fferara the summe of Tenn ?Milreis

ITEM to my servant Grigorio Da Costa Tenn Milreis

ITEM to my English Servant Thomas Row The summe of Twenty Milreis

ITEM I give (as a Remembrance) unto my hon:ed and deare mother Twenty pounds Starlinge per Anno To be paid her in Colchester per my Executo:r during her life

ITEM I give unto my honoured Kinsman S:r Stephen Whyte Knight the summe of Tenn pounds Sterling desireing his worshippe to be pleased to weare a Blacke Cloake in Remembrance of his poor servant

ITEM I give to my Loveing Brother Stephen Whyte and my sister heaster his wife the summe of Tenn pounds Sterling each of them desireing them to ware mourning in Remembrance of their dyeing Brother

ITEM I give to my cousin Sarah Colburne daughter to my late sister Sarah Colburne deceased the summe of one hundred pounds Sterling To be paid att her day of marriage or at her age of Twenty one yeares which of them shall ffirst come And in case it should soe happen to dye before she should come to the tyme aforemenconned Then the said hundred pounds Starling to remayne unto my deare brother John Whyte English Merchant now Resident in this Citty O Portto Who I doe hereby Constitute and ordaine my true Lawfull and onely Executo:r and Administrato:r giveing and bequeathing unto him (as my sole heir) All goods Chattles shipps money wares householdstuffe debts That is and shall be found belonging unto mee giveing full power and authority to Recover all debts belonging to my selfe or Correspondents And haveing recovered Then to pay all debts lawfully demanded And that with the greatest speed That possible can bee

ALSOE I request my brother John White to give me an honourable Interment according to the Custome of this place And I desire my honoured ffreinds (Requesting them) Walter Morgan and Thomas Gill to assist my deare brother the abovesaid Executo:r in all that concenes this my Last Will and Testament And doe hereby give and bequeath to each of them Twenty Milreis in my Remembrance to weare mourning

AND I desire my aforesaid heire and Executo:r my Brother to accomplish this my will And doe for me as I deserne And in this manner I hold said will for ended

Dated in O Portto this ffifteenth day of Aprill In the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand Six hunded and Seaventy One And att the same tyme Signed by my hand and seale.

Signed and sealed in the presence of us Walter Morgan Edward ??Marcott Samuell Palmer Thomas Gill

PROBATUM APUD London fuit hummoi Testum Tertio die mensis Junii Anno Dom Millimo Sixcenttesimo Septuagesimo Tertio Coram ven:ble viro Duo Rob:t Wiseman Milite Legum docre surr:te ven:blis viri doct Leolini Jenkins Militis etiam et Legum dcoris Curia Prerogativa Cantamagre Custod sine Com:e letime Constitute Jur:to Johis White fratris die defuncto et Ex:toris in hummoi Testo noiate Cui Commissa fuit Ad:to omnium et singularum bene et Jurid et Cresitora dict defuncto de bene et fideliter Administrand ead XX Ad Sancta Dei Evangelia Jurato



"[1673] June 10. Whitehall. The King to Consul Maynard and to Francis Parry, Resident in Portugal, respectively. Recommending to them Stephen White, brother and adminstrator of John White of Oporto, merchant, deceased, that they may assist him in getting in and settling the estate of his said deceased brother, the treaty with Portugal leaving the administration of the estates of English subjects dying there to be according to the laws and customs of England. [S. P. Dom., Entry Book 31, ff. 111, 112.]"[2]

Possible primary sources


Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch: Family Collections: WHITE FAMILY OF TATTINGSTONE AND LONDON HB 77/C [n.d.: Release of actions from Peter Durance of London, esq., Peter Durrance jun, Christopher Letheuillier, Samuel Letheuillier, William Letheuillier and Abraham Letheuillier, all of London, merchants, to executors of wills of Thomas White and John White of Oporto, Portugal, merchants HB 77/C/2 23 Mar. 1677]
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