Semantic HCA 13/73 f.772v Annotate

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Sutherne, and seeing him not up, hee the said Stocke
went under the said Suthernes hammock and lifted
him up against the Deck, whereupon the said
Sutherne said O[?!] Lord what doe you, this deponent seeing
and hearing the same, hee lying in a Cabbin neere
unto the said Sutherne, and once or twice after, hee
this deponent alsoe sawe the said Stocke upon slight occasion
lift the said Sutherne up against the Deck as hee lay
in his said hammock, and the said Sutherne would
cry out to the Effect aforesaid, And saith that
a short time after the said Sutherne took his
bedd, and did much Complaine of his back
and not long after dyed, but what was the
cheife cause of his death hee saith is not abe
to set downe, And further saith hee cannot depose./

Thoma [MARKE] Astin [MARKE, RH SIDE]

The same day [CENTRE HEADING]


Richard Plat of Blackwall Waterman
aged 20 yeeres or thereabouts sworne as
aforesaid saith as followeth./

That hee this deponent being one of the Company of the
ship the Mary Robert Clarke Comander with
John Sutherne for severall months before his
death thereby well knoweth that Thomas Stock
the Boatswaines Mate of the said ship did on board the said shipp severall
times strike, and abuse the said Sutherne within
three monthes before his death, and this deponent within that time
hath severall times seene the said Stock come to the
said Sutherne as hee hath laine in his hammock
and (without any occasion given by the said Sutherne that
this deponent knoweth of) strike him with a Ratan, and
thrust him to and fro against the said ships Deck, And
did thereby hurt him, but whether that was the
occasion of his death hee saith hee knoweth not, And
further hee saith hee saith hee cannot depose./

Richard Platt [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]

The same day. [CENTRE HEADING]


Gabriel davies of Poplar in the parish of Stepney in the County
of Middlesex
Shipwright, aged 50 yeares and upwards sworne as
aforesaid saith and deposeth as followeth