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This page is a test page for practise with semantic properties

A number of pages have been created without using form-based pages, which contain the transcribed text from their equivalent in the HCA 13/71 volume

Only pages with the start of a deposition have been selected. HCA 13/71 f.1r; f.3v and f.4v all contain the start of just one deposition, whereas HCA 13/71 f.10r contains the start of two depositions

The page names are the same as those in their form-based equivalent, but are prefixed with the word Semantic

e.g. Semantic HCA 13/71 f.1r Annotate

List of test pages

Semantic HCA 13/71 f.1r Annotate

Semantic HCA 13/71 f.3v Annotate

Semantic HCA 13/71 f.4v Annotate

Semantic HCA 13/71 f.10r Annotate

Semantic HCA 13/72 f.2v Annotate

Semantic HCA 13/72 f.258r Annotate

Semantic HCA 13/73 f.772v Annotate




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