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HCA 13/70 f.394r Annotate
First transcribed 23 November 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 394  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 23/11/2014  +
Transcription To the 28th Interrogatory he answeareth thTo the 28th Interrogatory he answeareth that he this Rendent<br /> was made Vice Consull at the Morea about two yeares<br /> since by Mr Richard Middleton his brother since deceased being then<br /> Consull, and that the same is registered in the [?Cadiz=Office]<br /> at Petras and Gastoone and alsoe attested by wittnesses, and<br /> by authentick copyes delivered out according to the Turkish law,<br /> and approved of by all the Inhabitants of the Country, And<br /> that the said Mr Richard Middleton the Consull lying very<br /> sicke, did before gus death desire two witnesses to attest that<br /> he made this Rendent his Assigne and Consull after his<br /> death, And further he cannot answeare. To the nine and twentith Interrogatory he answereth that (according<br /> to the custome at the Morea) he did take a Teskary or receipt<br /> for the two halfe peeces of fine scarlett cloth, but not for<br /> the moneys because it was upon Accompt of the bargaine<br /> this Rendent had soe made, And he answererg by vertue of<br /> his oath that the sayd two halfe peeces of fine scarlett<br /> and other charges broght upon the whole was in part of<br /> payment of the currants he was forced to leave behind him<br /> because of the foule practizes of the said William ffowke and<br /> the disturbance therupon, which are the vey Currance<br /> as he beleiveth are now arrested by the sayd John<br /> Taylor and Company And further he cannot answeare./ To the thirtith Interrogatory he answereth by vertue of his oath<br /> that what he did at the Morea concerning making the<br /> bargaine for the Currance predeposed of and all did in<br /> relation unto the said bargaine he did as a servant<br /> unto his brother the then Consull since deceased, and that<br /> he hath noe share, part or interest in the Currance<br /> brought home in the said shipp the<br /> ''Morea Merchant'' And further he cannot answeare/ Repeated before Collonel Cock. Roger Middleton [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] *********************************** On the fifth of July 1655. [CENTRE HEADING] John Tayler and Company for a parcell}<br /> of about 15 Tonns of Currance against}<br /> Wall, ffowke and others} '''2)''' '''John kennett''' of Saint Buttolph<br /> without Aldergate London Merchant<br /> aged about 35 yeares, a wittnes produced<br /> and sworne and being examined he deposeth<br /> and saith as followeth. To the first article of the allegation given in and admitted<br /> on the behalfe of the sayd John Tayler and Company he<br /> deposeth and saith That he this deponent hath been<br /> about three yeares last past (off and on) at the Morea in<br /> Turkey, and that he never heard to the contrary but it was a<br /> generall Custome there that, every English Merchants factor<br /> did first apply himselfe to the English Consull there<br /> before they contracted for any goods or merchandizes with the<br /> [?officers] of Turkey, And further to the sayd article he cannot<br /> swpoaw. To article he cannot<br /> swpoaw. To  +
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