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HCA 13/71 f.163v Annotate
First transcribed 14 September 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 163  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 14/09/2012  +
Transcription To the first Interrogatorie hee answereth To the first Interrogatorie hee answereth and saith, That hee this examinate<br /> well knew and was passenger and was entertained upon certaine conditions<br /> as Carpenter in and aboard the shipp the ''Morning Starr'' interrate<br /> whereof the interrate Thomas Bennet was Master in her late voyage<br /> from the Barbadoes, which was in or about the monethes of September<br /> or October last past as this deponent now remembreth, And saith that on the<br /> said shipps homewards voyage, (shee being then bound from the Barbadoes<br /> to London) shee received much water into her hould, being in this deponents judgement<br /> about sixe foot water, the wynd then being between south and west, shee<br /> then being, as this deponent conceiveth in the Latitude of about 49. or 50. degrees<br /> And further cannot depose:- To the second Interrogatorie hee saith, That the water aforesaid did not<br /> come into the said shipp by reason of any violent storme, but that it then<br /> blew a hard steadie gale of wynd, which in this deponents judegement, and as hee<br /> beleeveth occasioned the entrance of the said water, saveing that at the time<br /> of the said casualty, the said shipp appeared to be defective by giveing way<br /> the hoodings end from her stemm whereby the water for the most part<br /> entred, this deponent not seeing nor observing any manner of Negligence in the<br /> said Master and Companie, but that they used there uttmost endeavours by<br /> pumpeing and all other possible Diligence for the said shipps preservation<br /> at and upon the accident aforesaid, sayeing they pumped at the chaine pumpe<br /> sometimes twice a glasse, and for the most part, kept it constantly goeing, and that<br /> shee was freed from the said six foot water in about 6. howers pumpeing or<br /> with fower pumpes, and that, as this deponent remembreth, shee had manie<br /> sayle and foresayle, abroad at the time of the casualty aforesaid, And<br /> saith, the reasons, as this deponent conceiveth that the water came not to the<br /> said chayne pumpe were because the said shipp was then stoaked, and for<br /> that the hole above the timbers of the said shipp was stopped by the meanes<br /> of the water and dirt comeing in over the said shipps ballast and that<br /> the boards being close, one upon another to the well, the water could not come<br /> in conveniently. The premisses hee knoweth for and upon the reasons<br /> predeposed. And further cannot depose:-/ To the third Interrogatorie hee answereth and sayth, That hee this deponent<br /> did not see nor observe any insufficiency in the said shipp at the time of<br /> her setting from the Barbadoes upon the Voyage interrate, but that the<br /> goods aboard her were much damnified by the entrance of the said water<br /> occasioned by the casualty aforesaid, and not otherwise as hee beleeveth<br /> And saith the said shipp was forced to putt into Ireland to preserve herselfe her<br /> ladeing and men aboard her and to stopp her leakes, and that [?some] of<br /> said shipps ladeing w{a}s there unladen into a Lighter during the time of<br /> her reparation, and then reladen aboard the said shipp, but knoweth not<br /> nor heard of any of the said shipps ladeing there imbeazeled; And<br /> further cannot Depose:- Repeated with his precontest before doctor Godolphin:-/ Richard [?Lucos] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ********************************** The 18th day of Aprill .1656:-CENTRE HEADING John haselgrave and Companie Owners of the)}<br /> ''Levant friggatt'' against Henry Chowne Bray Chowne)}<br /> and francis fooke. Suckley. Budd} Examined upon an Allegation given on<br /> the behalfe of the said hasilgrave and Company '''j:us''' '''H.F. XXXX''' '''Rp.''' '''Edmund Bushnell''' of Deptford in the County of<br /> kent shipwright aged 26. yeares or thereabouts a<br /> Wittnes sworne and examined saith as followeth videlicet and examined saith as followeth videlicet  +
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