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HCA 13/71 f.39v Annotate
First transcribed 10 April 2013  +
First transcriber Karen Gunnell  +
Folio 39  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Primary sources '''TNA''' <u>Chancery</u> C '''TNA''' <u>Chancery</u> C 5/175/31 Short title: Mortimer v Mortimer. Plaintiffs: John Mortimer.Defendants: Margaret Mortimer widow and John Mortimer. Subject: personal estate of the deceased Mark Mortimer, London. Document type: bill, two answers. 1691 C 6/298/80 Short title: Mortimer v Benning. Plaintiffs: John Mortimer and Joseph Jory. Defendants: Mary Benning widow and Philip Benning. Subject: lands and personal estates of the deceased John Benning, and Mark Mortimer, in Tottenham, and Hampstead, Middlesex, and Barrington, Cambridgeshire. Document type: two answers, schedule. 1688 <u>Exchequer</u> E 214/1115 Parties: John Bensing of Tottenham co. Middx., yeoman, nephew and heir of Thomas Benning late of Willesden co. Middx., deceased and his wife, Mary. Joseph Jory of Nevis in the West Indies, merchant, and Mark Mortimer of London, merchant. AND Robert Rogers and Charles Minors of London, gentlemen. Place or Subject: Mortgage to Mortimer at Jory's nomination, of a messuage with lands and appurtenances in West Green in Tottenham, co. Middx., redeemable on the payment of 472 l. 10 s. Middx. 10 Mar 1685 <u>PROB</u> PROB 11/383/35 Will of Mark Mortimer, Grocer of London 16 April 1686k Mortimer, Grocer of London 16 April 1686  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 10/04/2013  +
Transcription To the 17th hee saith that he alwaies plieTo the 17th hee saith that he alwaies plied his voyage himself<br /> and never staid for company or Convoy, nor doe went with Convoy<br /> and that the Imployers orders herein are to be observed. And otherwise<br /> hee cannot answer saving as aforesaid. To the 18th hee saith that the prizes of the goods interrogated, at the places<br /> Interrogated are sometimes more and sometimes lesse, and this deponent<br /> know not of any brought there in the yeere 1652, and otherwise hee cannot<br /> answer. To the 19th hee saith hee knoweth the interrate hughes, and knoweth<br /> not but that hee is an honest man and will doe his best for his<br /> freighters., and otherwise hee cannot answer. To the 20th hee said hee never commanded any Convoy<br /> in the streights or elsewhere, and otherwise hee cannot answer. To the 21st hee said hee would follow his Imployers orders.<br /> and otherwise cannot answer. Brian harrison [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] Repeated in court before two judges *************************************** The 13th of March 1655 [CENTRE HEADING] On the behalfe of the foresaid}<br /> Mr Batson, touching ffrancis ffords}<br /> Estate} '''Mark Mortimer''' of the parish of Saint<br /> Dunstans in the East London, Grocer, aged<br /> 34 years or thereabouts, maketh answer and<br /> deposeth to the Interrogatories ministed on the behalf<br /> of Richard Batson Adminstator of ffrancis fford as<br /> followeth, videlicet To the first 2.3 and 4th Interrogatorries he saith and deposeth that about<br /> nine yeers since he once in London accidentally sawe the Interrate<br /> ffrancis fford and not at any other time, and therefore<br /> hee cannot say hee knew him at the time of his death which (as this<br /> deponent hath bin informed) happened in or about June 1654<br /> and as this deponent hath heard that hee was Mr Batsons servant<br /> factor or agent at the Barbade’s, and saith that within the space<br /> of six or seven years before his death this deponent living in<br /> London received severall goods from the said fford living at the Barbada’s<br /> such as Indico's sugars coffies gingers tobacoes and elephants teeth, and<br /> the same came consigned from the said fford unto this deponent<br /> who from time to time made him returnes thereof<br /> according to his the said ffords orders, and this deponent hath<br /> alsoe received severall bills of exchange from him for receipt of<br /> money to his the said ffords use, which this deponent hath received<br /> accordingly, namely on or about the 18th of November 1649 hee received 180 ''li'' of<br /> Mr Batson and 14 ''li'' of Mr John wood and on or about the 24th<br /> of ffebruary 1652 106 ''li'' of Mr Michall Davison, which severall moneys this deponent<br /> hath returned the said fford in goods according to his order saving such<br /> moneys out of the said foresaid bills and goods as (according to his<br /> the foresaid ffords order) this deponent hath desired<br /> andthis deponent hath desired<br /> and  +
Transcription image [[File:_1160837.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/_1160837.JPG|[[:HCA 13/71|HCA 13/71]] f.39v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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