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Week Seven goals

(1) Continue to look at different handwriting styles and different subject matter

(2) Try a page of medium difficulty and a page of high difficulty from HCA 13/72

Sunday Group Skype call

The week seven group Skype call will be held at 15.30 UK time/10.30 Eastern Standard time on Sunday November 22nd

Colin will co-facilitate the call, which Colin will initiate

Agenda for Skype call

(1) Feedback from each participant

- what is going well for you?
- What are you finding difficult?
- what tips can you give other participants?

(2) Different writing styles

We will work on a range of pages graded moderate and hard

The pages will be drawn from:

Moderate difficulty

Extract from Thomas Whiting of Allhallowes Barking London Yeoman aged 56 yeeres [HCA 13/72 f.622r]
- Drowning of a woman in the River Thames through carelessness
Continuation of Thomas Whiting deposition [HCA 13/72 f.622v]

Peter Butt of Middleborough in Zeeland Mariner master of the said shipp aged 55 yeares [HCA 13/72 f.1r]
- Claim for puncheons of wine, potts of nutts, reames of paper and 3000 small fruit trees

Jacob Derrickson Wilrey Mariner living at present in Wapping but having his wife and familie at Amsterdam aged 24 yeares - thin script, but readable [HCA 13/72 f.615r]

High difficulty

Edward Tarleton of Liverpool Mariner aged 30 yeares [HCA 13/72 f.624r]
- concerning a ship named the Manchester and discussion of debts

Derrick Everson of Schagen in Holland Mariner aged 28 yeares [HCA 13/72 f.606r]

John Chandler of Poplar in the County of Middlesex Mariner aged 47 yeares [HCA 13/72 f.608r]