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EL 7002 f.11r Annotate +Triumph  +


HCA 13/124 f.86v Annotate +The "Leopard"  +
HCA 13/124 f.87v Annotate +Jonathan and Abigaill  +
HCA 13/124 f.88r Annotate +Jonathan and Abigaill  +
HCA 13/63 f.260v Annotate +The New Lighter<br /> Renamed the Ball Lighter  +
HCA 13/67 f.20r Special Annotate +'''Bold text'''  +
HCA 13/68 f.14v Annotate +Morning Star or Golden Star  +
HCA 13/68 f.16v Annotate +Golden Starr or Morning Starr<br /> Waterhound<br /> Advantage  +
HCA 13/68 f.17r Annotate +''Golden Starr'' or ''Morning Starr''<br /> ''Hope''<br /> ''Waterhound''<br /> ''Advantage''  +
HCA 13/68 f.17v Annotate +''Golden Starr'' or ''Morning Starr''<br /> ''Advantage''<br /> ''Waterhound''  +
HCA 13/68 f.19r Annotate +''Advantage''<br /> ''Golden Star''  +
HCA 13/68 f.1r Annotate +Golden Starr  +
HCA 13/68 f.223v Annotate +'''Wheel of ffortune''' "Dec. 12 [1653]. Senato, Secreta. Dispacci, Francia. Venetian Archives. 190. Lorenzo Paulucci, Venetian Secretary in England, to Giovanni Sagredo, the Ambassador in France. ...The time of year does not admit of much happening at sea. There seems to be a lull, and although the parliament squadron is out, nothing important has happened, beyond the capture of a few ships on either side. Among the English prizes is a Hamburg ship the Wheel of Fortune which was for a long while chartered by Venice. So the captain, on reaching London, came to me for help. He expressed his satisfaction with his treatment and said he would like to enter the service again with other of his nation, if possible, for which he says he bound himself at Venice, leaving his children there as guarantee. I promised to do what I could for him, and if encouraged by your Excellency will act more strenuously. Meanwhile the Hamburg Agent is pressing for its release and may succeed, possibly in time to take out troops to Candia if any contract can be arranged. But there will be no lack of ships anxious for the task, especially if payable by the Signory and if passes are obtained for a free passage, although some persons who have returned to London from the Levantine service complain of not having received their pay. I contradict these reports, vaunting the punctuality of the state and vowing that any blame must rest with the ship agents. I have thus succeeded in convincing many of the injustice of such charges.... ...London, the 12th December, 1653.<br /> [Italian.]"UNIQ81526b1ad97ebdf0-ref-00001EC0-QINU  +
HCA 13/68 f.24v Annotate +Elizabeth frigate  +
HCA 13/68 f.25r Annotate +Elizabeth frigate<br /> Hope  +
HCA 13/68 f.27v Annotate +''Elizabeth''<br /> ''Fflora''<br /> ''Hope''<br /> ''Gildeon''<br /> ''Mercury''<br /> ''Brewer''<br /> ''Fortune''<br /> ''King David''<br /> ''Salvator''<br /> ''Saint Anthony''<br /> ''Matthew''<br /> ''Golden Butt''<br /> ''Carfanger''<br /> ''Golden Starr''<br /> ''Prophet''  +
HCA 13/68 f.28r Annotate +''Elizabeth''<br /> ''Hope''  +
HCA 13/68 f.29v Annotate +'''Young Boer'''  +
HCA 13/68 f.418r Annotate +''Sampson''  +
HCA 13/68 f.418v Annotate +''Sampson''  +
HCA 13/68 f.419r Annotate +''Sampson''  +
HCA 13/68 f.419v Annotate +''Hope''<br /> ''Sampson''  +
HCA 13/68 f.420r Annotate +''Sampson''  +
HCA 13/68 f.420v Annotate +''Sampson''<br /> ''Hope''  +
HCA 13/68 f.42r Annotate +Lewis<br /> Essex frigate<br /> Kentish frigate  +
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