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This page summarises data in the MarineLives wiki regarding the town of Ipswich.

Ipswich is located in Suffolk.

This table aggregates data from all semantic biographies in the MarineLives wiki relating to the town of Ipswich.
Full nameFirstnameLastnameBirth yearRes streetRes parishRes townRes countyOccupationMariner occupationHas literacyAssociated with ship(s)Type of shipDep startFirst deposition age
William BaddisonWilliamBaddison1625IpswichSuffolkMarinerGunnerSignatureSaint John of London (Master: Mathew Merrill)Merchant shipHCA 13/68 f.556r Annotate29
Gillbert LilleeGillbertLillee1615IpswichSuffolkShipwrightCarpenter
One of the Company
SignatureEagle (Master: George Rymond)Merchant shipHCA 13/63 f.169v Annotate35
Robert MarriottRobertMarriott1613IpswichSuffolkMarinerMaster's mateSignatureSaint John of London (Master: Mathew Merrill)Merchant shipHCA 13/68 f.555v Annotate41
John MoorJohnMoor1626IpswichSuffolkMarinerMaster's mateSignatureImployment (Master: John Bayly)Coal shipHCA 13/70 f.679r Annotate29
Henry ShippmanHenryShippman1626IpswichSuffolkMarinerGunnerMarkeComfort of IpswichCoal shipHCA 13/76 f.33r Annotate50
John TurnerJohnTurner1618IpswichSuffolkShipwrightCarpenterMarkeMary Rose (Master: John Cole)Coal shipHCA 13/73 f.418v Annotate41
Gilbert WatersGilbertWaters1615IpswichSuffolkMarinerOne of the Company
Presumably common man
MarkePrimrose (Master: N/A)HoyHCA 13/71 f.223v Annotate42
Randall WilkinsonRandallWilkinson1634IpswichSuffolkMarinerForemastmanSignatureKing David of London (Master: John Abbot)Merchant shipHCA 13/72 f.171v Annotate23
George WilkinsonGeorgeWilkinson1639IpswichSuffolkMarinerForemastmanSignatureKing David of London (Master: John Abbot)Merchant shipHCA 13/72 f.172r Annotate18