Spanish Netherlands

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This page summarises data in the MarineLives wiki regarding the territory of the Spanish Netherlands.

The Territory of the Spanish Netherlands is located in Europe.

This table aggregates data from all semantic biographies in the MarineLives wiki relating to the territory of the Spanish Netherlands
Full nameFirstnameLastnameBirth yearRes streetRes parishRes townRes countyOccupationHas literacyFirst deposition ageDep start
Christian AelstChristianAelstKiddorp StreetAntwerpMerchantSignature
John AugustineJohnAugustine1631DunkirkMerchantSignature23HCA 13/70 f.3v Annotate
Francisco BoesdonckFranciscoBoesdonck1633AntwerpCashierSignature19HCA 13/69 Silver 6 f.7r Annotate
HCA 13/69 Silver 6 f.13v Annotate
HCA 13/69 Silver 1 f.31v Annotate
HCA 13/68 f.703v Annotate
Jan BollartJanBollartFfayle streetAntwerpMerchantSignature
George BoschaertGeorgeBoschaertNear the ExchangeAntwerpMerchantSignature
William CornelisonWilliamCornelison1611DunkirkMarinerMarke43HCA 13/68 f.493v Annotate
Joos de WaedeJoosDe Waede1626DunkirkMarinerMarke28HCA 13/68 f.513r Annotate
Adriaen GoltsmitAdriaenGoltsmitAntwerpMerchantSignature
Henrique Jorge MendezHenriqueMendez1605AntwerpMerchantSignature48HCA 13/68 f.22r Annotate
HCA 13/68 f.435r Annotate
Jan PopeliersJanPopeliers1628AntwerpBookkeeperSignature25HCA 13/69 Silver 14 f.3r Annotate
HCA 13/69 Silver 13 f.9r Annotate
Adrian RevelleAdrianRevelle1630DunkirkMarinerMarke23HCA 13/68 f.183r Annotate
Anthony SolaAnthonySola1631DunkirkMarinerMarke23HCA 13/68 f.514v Annotate
Adrian Valzolio de JongeAdrianValzolio1630AntwerpMerchantSignature24HCA 13/69 Silver 6 f.10v Annotate
HCA 13/69 Silver 6 f.15r Annotate
Pedro VandewÿerPedroVandewÿer1627DunkirkMerchantSignature26HCA 13/68 f.178r Annotate
HCA 13/69 Silver 13 f.13r Annotate
HCA 13/69 Silver 14 f.1r Annotate
John ffookaJohnffooka1610DunkirkMarinerMarke44HCA 13/68 f.512r Annotate