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This page is part of index of people in horse lists. See that page for general information about this index and links to the volumes indexed. Use the letter links above for other parts of this index.

Name Folios
Babb, William (feltmaker) 4 f.46v
Babb, William (feltmaker) 4 f.40r
Babb, William (Wapping) 3 f.1r
Baber, William (haberdasher, St Martin Ludgate, London) 5 f.2v
Babham, Henry (Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Babington, Abraham (draper, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.6v, 3 f.27v
Babington, John (gent, Romford, Essex) 3 f.107r
Bach, John 3 f.7v
Bacheler, Henry (yeoman) 4 f.17v
Backhouse, Robert (gent, Gloucester) 3 f.99r
Backler, Anne (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Backler, Nathaniell (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 4 f.10r
Backler, Nathaniell (Stratford, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Backon, Nathaniell (gent) 4 f.18r
Bacon, John (Great Horkesley, Essex) 4 f.24r
Bacon, Lawrence (Burstall, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Badfoy, Samuell (Uxbridge, Middlesex) 3 f.36v
Baglye, Thomas (Yelling, Huntingdon) 3 f.87v
Bagnall, Richard (gent, Tring, Hertfordshire) 3 f.29v
Bagshaw, John (girdler, Fish Street, London) 5 f.7v
Bagshaw, John (haberdasher, Fish Street, London) 4 f.42v
Baiford, Thomas (Gilston, Hertfordshire) 3 f.92r
Baily, Henry (Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) 4 f.33r
Baily, John 3 f.20r
Baily, John (baker, Blackfriars, London) 3 f.104v
Baily, John (barber surgeon) 3 f.111r
Baily, Josephe (St Albans, Hertfordshire) 3 f.32v
Baily, Richard 3 f.28v
Baily, Thomas 3 f.24v
Baily, Thomas (merchant tailor, Watling Street, London) 3 f.52v
Baily, Thomas (yeoman, St Albans, Hertfordshire) 3 f.32v
Baily, William (Bildeston, Suffolk) 4 f.36r
Baily, William (gent) 4 f.17r
Baines, Jeremy (esquire, Southwark) 4 f.41r
Baines, Robert (clothier, Suffolk) 4 f.30r
Baise, Henry (chandler, Custom House, London) 3 f.6r
Baisley, Samuell (clothworker, Bow Lane, London) 3 f.124v
Baislye, Thomas 3 f.74r
Bakeman, Thomas (gent) 3 f.44v
Baker, Catherin (widow, Hillingdon, Middlesex) 3 f.36v
Baker, Catherin (widow, Uxbridge, Middlesex) 4 f.40v
Baker, George (yeoman, Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire) 3 f.119v
Baker, Grigory (Tillingham, Essex) 3 f.58r
Baker, John 3 f.7r
Baker, John (merchant, Billiter Lane, London) 5 f.5r
Baker, John (Sutterton, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r
Baker, John (weaver) 3 f.118r
Baker, John (weaver, London) 3 f.96r
Baker, John (weaver, Temple Mills, Essex) 3 f.6r
Baker, John junior 3 f.71v
Baker, John senior 3 f.71r
Baker, Samuell (gent, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.29r
Baker, Thomas (gent, Little Oakley, Essex) 3 f.112r
Baker, Thomas (yeoman, Cranfield, Bedfordshire) 3 f.103v
Baker, Walter (mercer, Streatham, Surrey) 3 f.116v
Balden, Henry (gent, Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.9r
Balden, John (Flaunden, Hertfordshire) 3 f.34r
Baldocke, Daniell (yeoman, Arlesey, Bedfordshire) 3 f.114v
Baldocke, Richard (yeoman, Arlesey, Bedfordshire) 3 f.114v
Baldwyn, Henry (Watford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44r
Baldwyn, John (Flaunden, Hertfordshire) 4 f.43r
Baldwyn, John (Watford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44r
Baldwynn, George (Wendover, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Bale, William (gent, Lincolns Inn, London) 5 f.11r
Balfore, William Sir 3 f.80v
Ball, Edmond 3 f.46r
Ball, Roger 3 f.7v
Ball, William (clothworker, St Mary le Bow, London) 3 f.94r
Ball, William (Great Horkesley, Essex) 4 f.24r
Ballard, Rose (widow) 3 f.40v
Ballard, William (Romford, Essex) 3 f.106v
Balle, Thomas (yeoman) 4 f.13r
Ballett, Margery (widow) 4 f.19r
Banckes, Mr 4 f.46r
Bancraft, Joseph (beaver maker, Southwark) 4 f.50r
Banks, Daniel (Fleet Street, London) 3 f.93v
Banks, Henry (yeoman, Roding, Essex) 3 f.41r
Banks, James 3 f.77r
Banks, Richard (Fleet Street, London) 3 f.93v
Banks, William (yeoman, Little Laver, Essex) 3 f.56r
Bantoft, Samuell (Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Baraby, Thomas 3 f.46r
Barbar, John 3 f.61v
Barber, Richard (yeoman, Bennington, Hertfordshire) 3 f.106r
Barber, Thomas (gent, Southill, Bedfordshire) 3 f.94v
Barber, William (Ardleigh, Essex) 4 f.13v
Barber, William (gent, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire) 3 f.119v
Barber, William (yeoman) 3 f.104r
Bard, Maximilian (girdler) 5 f.7r
Bard, Maximilian (girdler, Cheapside, London) 3 f.16v
Barefoote, Henry 3 f.51v
Barker, Barnaby (Mendlesham, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Barker, Christaby (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48v
Barker, George (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.9r
Barker, John (Leake, Lincolnshire) 4 f.20v
Barker, John (linen draper) 4 f.28r
Barker, John (yeoman, Boxted, Essex) 4 f.40r
Barker, Mrs (widow) 3 f.130v
Barker, Nathan (Essex) 4 f.20r
Barker, Nehemiah 4 f.9r
Barker, Nehemiah (brewer, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.86r
Barker, Thomas (Witham, Essex) 4 f.10v
Barker, William (mercer) 5 f.14v
Barker, William (mercer) 5 f.16r
Barker, William (mercer, St Helen Bishopsgate, London) 5 f.14r, 5 f.14v, 5 f.15v
Barley, Haynes (gent, Clavering, Essex) 3 f.62r
Barly, John 3 f.10v
Barnand, James (haberdasher, Watling Street, London) 3 f.69v
Barnard, Danyell (gent, Barnston, Essex) 3 f.49v
Barnard, Henry (merchant, Mincing Lane, London) 4 f.40v
Barnard, Mathew 4 f.9v
Barnard, Thomas (yeoman, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.43r
Barnardeston, Arthur (esquire, Castle Hedingham, Essex) 3 f.63v
Barnardiston, Nathaniell Sir (MP) 3 f.15v
Barnes, Abiger (spinster, Barking?, Essex) 3 f.122r
Barnes, George (goldsmith) 5 f.6r
Barnes, James (Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48v
Barnes, John (yeoman, Horsey Island, Essex) 3 f.96r
Barnes, Thomas (haberdasher, Paternoster Row, London) 3 f.86r
Barnes, Thomas (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48v
Barnes, William (Barkby, Leicestershire) 3 f.71r
Barnes, William (tanner, Romford, Essex) 3 f.38r
Barnett, John 3 f.5r
Barnett, John (Maldon, Essex) 4 f.10v
Barnett, Thomas (yeoman) 4 f.17r
Barnish, John (esquire, Finchingfield, Essex) 4 f.38v
Barow, Thomas (Paternoster Row, London) 3 f.11r
Barrawe, Giles (draper, Watling Street, London) 3 f.26r
Barrett, Mathew (butcher) 4 f.6v
Barrett, Robert (Stratford St Mary or Andrew?, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Barrett, Thomas (chandler) 4 f.6r
Barrett, Thomas (chandler) 4 f.7v
Barrett, William (merchant tailor, Bread Street, London) 4 f.48r
Barricke, Eusebius (gent, Huntingdon) 3 f.86v
Barrington, Dorothy (widow, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) 3 f.40r
Barrington, Henry (gent, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.92v
Barrington, Humfrey (merchant) 4 f.18v
Barrington, John Sir 3 f.63v
Barrington, Robert (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.27r
Barrington, Thomas Sir (MP) 3 f.13r, 3 f.115v
Barron, Katherin (widow, Trumpington, Cambridgeshire) 3 f.77v, 3 f.117r
Barron, Thomas (draper) 3 f.105r
Barrow, John 3 f.73v
Barrow, Norton 4 f.12r
Barrowforth, Mathew (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Bart, Robert 4 f.18r
Bart, William (carpenter) 4 f.25r
Bartholomew, William (gent, Burford, Oxfordshire) 3 f.65r
Bartlett, James (mariner, Wapping, London) 3 f.84v
Bartlett, Robert (gent) 4 f.48v
Bartlett, William 3 f.1r
Bartlett, William (feltmonger, Watlington, Oxfordshire) 3 f.68v
Barton, Francis (girdler) 4 f.3v
Barton, Henry (merchant tailor) 5 f.8v
Barton, Henry (merchant tailor, Old Exchange, London) 3 f.25r
Barton, William (draper, Distaff Lane, London) 3 f.16r, 3 f.22v
Barton, William (merchant tailor, Distaff Lane, London) 3 f.63v, 3 f.112v
Base, Jonathan (Suffolk) 4 f.19r
Baseley, John 3 f.7v
Basely, Edward 3 f.16v
Baskervill, Katherin Lady (widow, Hayes?, Middlesex) 3 f.125r
Bate, Dr (physician) 3 f.114r
Bateman, Abraham 3 f.1v
Bateman, Anthony (skinner, Mincing Lane, London) 5 f.6v
Bateman, John (Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Bateman, Richard (skinner, Threadneedle Street, London) 5 f.1v
Bateman, William (skinner, Rood Lane, London) 5 f.6v
Bates, John (merchant tailor, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.5r, 3 f.12r
Bates, Josephe (Halton, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Bates, William (corporal) 3 f.122r
Bates, William (Enfield, Middlesex) 5 f.16r
Bateson, Mathew (skinner, St Swithin, London) 3 f.59v
Battelie, Thomas (Wickham Market, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Battill, John (Suffolk) 4 f.18v
Batty, Edward (haberdasher, Aldermanbury, London) 3 f.35r
Battye, George 3 f.38r
Bawtree, Leonard (Leake, Lincolnshire) 4 f.20v
Baxter, Edward 4 f.32v
Baxter, Edward (gent) 3 f.6v
Bayes, Henry (chandler, Custom House, London) 3 f.85r
Baynard, Robert (gent, Southwark) 3 f.79r
Baynard, Robert (tanner) 3 f.119r
Baynard, Robert (tanner, Bermondsey Street, Southwark) 3 f.24v
Beachin, William 3 f.38r
Beacon, Mr (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.8v
Beadle, John (gent, Barnston, Essex) 3 f.49v
Beadle, Thomas 4 f.31r
Beadle, Thomas (chandler, London Bridge, London) 3 f.19v
Beake, Henry (Haddenham, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Beake, William (Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.20v
Beake, William (merchant tailor, Gracechurch Street, London) 5 f.5r
Beale, John (salter) 4 f.7v
Beale, Richard (esquire, Loose, Kent) 3 f.6v, 3 f.122v
Beale, Richard (esquire, Trinity Lane, London) 5 f.13r
Beale, Richard (merchant, Loose, Kent) 3 f.64r
Beale, Stephen (leather seller, London Bridge, London) 5 f.3v
Beale, Thomas (Hook Norton, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121v
Beamont, William (gent, Chiswell Street, London) 3 f.22r
Beamont, William (gent, Redbourn, Hertfordshire) 3 f.115v
Beaning, Thomas (yeoman, Tottenham, Middlesex) 3 f.104v
Beareblack, Henry (merchant tailor, Pudding Lane, London) 4 f.3r
Beates, Peter de 3 f.27v
Beauchampe, John (merchant, Bush Lane, London) 5 f.11v
Beauchampe, John (salter) 5 f.9r
Beauchampe, John (salter, London Stone, London) 3 f.13r
Beavor, Nicholas (Baston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.37r
Becke, John (yeoman, Boxworth, Cambridgeshire) 3 f.76r
Beckett, John (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.9v
Beckford, Thomas (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.21r
Beckweth, John (yeoman) 4 f.46r
Beckwith, Robert 5 f.14v
Bedcott, John (yeoman, Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire) 3 f.103v
Bedcott, Richard (Lidlington, Bedfordshire) 3 f.126v
Bedcott, William (Lidlington, Bedfordshire) 3 f.126v
Bedford, Isaack 3 f.97r
Bedford, Isaack junior 3 f.97r
Bedford, Mr (Swarby, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32v
Bedson, Richard (merchant) 4 f.41v
Bedwall, Edward (draper, Ipswich, Suffolk) 3 f.113r
Bedwell, John (carrier, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.45r
Bee, Robert (Sleaford, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32v
Beech, John (Flamstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.33v
Beeke, William (merchant tailor) 5 f.11r
Beeke, William (merchant tailor, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.11v, 3 f.64r, 5 f.14r
Beetson, Christopher (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Belch, George (Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire) 4 f.13v
Belch, George (Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44v
Belch, Henry (Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire) 4 f.45r
Beldin, John (yeoman) 3 f.114r
Belfield, John (Studham, Bedfordshire) 3 f.92r
Bell, Edward (tailor) 4 f.28r
Bell, Samuell (Steeple, Essex) 4 f.26v
Bell, Zachary (yeoman, High Ongar, Essex) 3 f.42r
Bellamie, John (stationer, Cornhill, London) 4 f.11v
Bellamie, William (vintner, Fleet Bridge, London) 3 f.101r
Bellarmie, Edward (captain, Thames Street, London) 4 f.50r
Bellowes, Richard (Adderbury, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121r
Bells, George 3 f.15r
Belson, Richard (yeoman, Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire) 3 f.84v
Belton, Josephe (yeoman, Harpenden, Hertfordshire) 3 f.59v
Belton, Timothy (yeoman, St Albans, Hertfordshire) 3 f.32v
Bence, Squire (Ratcliffe, London) 3 f.14v
Bendall, Helbright 3 f.34v
Bendall, John 3 f.1v, 3 f.14r
Benham, John (merchant tailor, Cheapside, London) 4 f.33v, 4 f.46v
Benham, William (gent, Earls Colne, Essex) 4 f.40r
Benington, James (grocer, College Hill, London) 3 f.93v
Beninton, John (Spalding, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32r
Benne, James (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.8v
Bennett, Abell (gent, Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.9v
Bennett, George (yeoman, Bloxham, Oxfordshire) 3 f.65v
Bennett, John (yeoman, Mucking, Essex) 3 f.44r
Bennett, Moses 3 f.1v
Bennett, Moyses 3 f.12r
Bennett, Mr (searcher) 5 f.15r
Bennett, Ratcliffe 5 f.2r
Bennett, Richard (yeoman, St Andrew Holborn, London) 4 f.17r, 4 f.52v
Bennett, Thomas (gent, North Weald, Essex) 3 f.39r
Bennett, William (baker, Queen Street, London) 4 f.46r
Bennett, William (merchant tailor, Threadneedle Street, London) 5 f.4v
Bennett, William (yeoman, North Weald, Essex) 3 f.117v
Bentall, Anthony (brewer, Halstead, Essex) 3 f.78v
Bentall, Thomas (yeoman, Essex) 3 f.96v
Bentley, George (yeoman, Prittlewell, Essex) 3 f.58r
Bentley, Mary 4 f.18r
Beny, Jacob 3 f.70v
Benyon, John (brewer) 3 f.100v
Benyon, John (yeoman, Hayes, Middlesex) 3 f.125r
Benyon, Thomas 4 f.5v
Benyon, Thomas (ironmonger, London) 3 f.131r
Berisford, Thomas (goldsmith, Lombard Street, London) 5 f.11v
Berridge, Robert (yeoman, Elton, Huntingdon) 3 f.82v
Berry, Cane (goldsmith) 4 f.5r
Berry, Cane (goldsmith, Lombard Street, London) 3 f.120v, 3 f.125v
Berry, Edward (Algarkirk, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r
Berry, Richard (Husborne Crawley, Bedfordshire) 3 f.127r
Berry, William (grocer, St Mary at Hill, London) 3 f.49v, 3 f.50v
Berryman, Henry (mercer, Rochford, Essex) 4 f.29v
Best, John (stabler) 4 f.3v
Beston, Edward (yeoman, Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire) 3 f.68r
Besworth, William 3 f.20v
Betterson, Richard Sir 3 f.127r
Betts, Ann (widow, Aldersgate Street, London) 3 f.102v
Betts, Edward (Steeple, Essex) 4 f.26v
Betts, Roger 3 f.102v
Betts, Stephen (yeoman, Ashdon, Essex) 4 f.40r
Bevis, Isaack 4 f.18r
Bewley, Thomas (draper) 3 f.23v
Bewley, Thomas (merchant, Fenchurch Street, London) 5 f.13v
Bewley, William (draper) 4 f.3r
Bicker, Lewes (grocer, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.75v
Bickers, William 3 f.63r
Bickerstaffe, Anthony (skinner, Newgate Market, London) 3 f.26r
Bickesley, William (chapman, Braintree, Essex) 5 f.10r
Bickley, Humfrey 3 f.29v
Biddle, Richard (gent) 3 f.71r
Biddle, Richard (gent, Rolleston, Leicestershire) 4 f.48v
Bifield, Jonathan 3 f.5v
Big, Edward (gent, Essex,) 4 f.27r
Big, Edward (haberdasher, Lombard Street, London) 5 f.4r
Big, Edward (yeoman, Bramfield, Hertfordshire) 3 f.106r
Big, Jaringam (gent) 4 f.28v
Big, John (East Hanningfield, Essex) 3 f.36r
Big, John (yeoman, Panfield, Essex) 4 f.13r
Big, Mathew (gent, Grays Inn, London) 4 f.46v
Big, Mrs (widow) 3 f.69r
Big, Richard (brewer, St Giles in the Fields, London) 3 f.73r, 3 f.89r
Big, Thomas 3 f.60v
Big, Thomas 3 f.61r
Big, Walter (brewer, St Giles in the Fields, London) 3 f.118v
Big, Walter (merchant tailor, St Giles in the Fields, London) 3 f.13r
Bigill, Henry (Hampton Gay or Poyle?, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121v
Birch, James 3 f.54r
Birch, Thomas 3 f.54r
Birchmore, Henry (yeoman) 3 f.112v
Birchmore, William 3 f.112r
Bird, Arthur (Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) 4 f.33r
Bird, Edward 3 f.60v
Bird, John (draper) 4 f.4v
Bird, John (gent, Wethersfield, Essex) 3 f.30v
Bird, Joseph (Stuston, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Bird, Mr (Needingworth, Cambridgeshire) 3 f.76v
Bird, Ralph (Stebbing, Essex) 4 f.29r
Bird, Roger (gent, Stanford le Hope, Essex) 3 f.49r
Bird, Simon (leather seller) 4 f.17v
Bird, Thomas (Somersham, Huntingdon) 3 f.87v
Bird, William 3 f.15v
Birkett, Thomas (carpenter, St Botolph Aldgate, London) 5 f.2v
Biscoe, ? 3 f.46v
Biscoe, Thomas 3 f.46r
Biscow, John (clerk, Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire) 3 f.69r
Bishop, Richard 3 f.6v
Bishopp, John (yeoman, Elton, Huntingdon) 3 f.82v
Bishopp, William (clothworker) 4 f.6r
Bivon, John (pin maker, Southwark) 4 f.33v
Biworth, Edward (yeoman, Tower Hill, London) 3 f.98v
Blackall, Thomas (haberdasher, St Paul's, London) 3 f.79r, 4 f.29v
Blackborne, William (Walton, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Blacke, John (Leadenhall Street, London) 3 f.30r
Blacke, William (barber surgeon, Old Jewry, London) 4 f.10r
Blacker, Michael 4 f.32r
Blackhead, John (husbandman) 4 f.48r
Blackley, James (gent, Cambridge) 3 f.74r
Blackley, James 3 f.74v
Blackley, James 3 f.77v
Blacksall, Robert 4 f.25v
Blackwall, Gervase (skinner) 5 f.3r
Blackwall, Gervase (skinner, Newgate Market, London) 3 f.38r
Blackwall, Joseph (barber surgeon, Cornhill, London) 5 f.11v
Blackwell, Edmond 3 f.7v
Blackwell, Elidad (clerk) 4 f.7v
Blackwell, Richard (esquire, Grays Inn, London) 3 f.95v
Bladdicke, William (Huntingdon) 3 f.87r
Blades, Ralph 3 f.7v
Blake, Alexander 3 f.4v
Blakesone, John (MP) 3 f.126v
Bland, Andrew (Tollesbury, Essex) 4 f.16r
Blatch, John (Great Dunmow, Essex) 4 f.28r
Blatt, Edmond (tanner) 3 f.44v
Blatt, James (draper, Leadenhall Street, London) 3 f.14v
Blatt, James (yeoman, Hendon, Middlesex) 3 f.37v
Blaxton, Christopher (merchant, St Thomas the Apostle, London) 5 f.9v
Blayde, John (yeoman, Stebbing, Essex) 3 f.56r
Blincon, Foulke 3 f.7v
Blinkorne, Thomas (gent, Crutched Friars, London) 5 f.7r
Blisbury, John (Swineshead, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r
Blissett, Robert (Spalding, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32r
Bloch, Thomas (Great Canfield, Essex) 3 f.67r
Bloomefeild, John (Bentley, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Bloomefeild, John (Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Blount, Maurice (clothworker, Mincing Lane, London) 5 f.4v
Blower, Peter (yeoman, West Ham, Essex) 3 f.44r
Blowers, Phillipp (yeoman, Great Clacton, Essex) 4 f.40v
Bloyse, Thomas 4 f.26r
Bloyse, William (esquire, Grundisburgh, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Blunden, Overington (gent) 4 f.12r
Blunt, George (commissary) 3 f.121v
Bockett, Thomas 3 f.37v
Bodell, Mr (Lincolnshire) 4 f.31r
Boes, Samuell (yeoman, Barley, Hertfordshire) 3 f.90v
Boes, Thomas (yeoman, Great Hormead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.90v
Boggas, William (Flowton, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Boldero, George (merchant, Ipswich, Suffolk) 5 f.17r
Bolls, Thomas 3 f.25r
Bolton, Edward (barber surgeon, Tower Street, London) 3 f.28v
Bolton, John 3 f.12r
Bolton, John (gent) 4 f.18v
Bolton, Thomas (Foster Lane, London) 3 f.13v
Bolton, Thomas (grocer) 4 f.5v
Boman, William 3 f.59v
Bond, John (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15v
Bond, Stephen (yeoman) 4 f.27r
Bond, Thomas 3 f.52v
Bone, William (merchant, Mincing Lane, London) 3 f.78r
Bonell, Jeremiah (merchant, Old Jewry, London) 3 f.74v
Bonest, Thomas (gent, Hertfordshire) 3 f.73r
Bonnell, David (merchant, Fenchurch Street, London) 3 f.19v
Bonner, Henry (haberdasher, Fish Street, London) 3 f.7v, 4 f.29v
Bonner, William (Cambridge) 3 f.76r
Bonning, Richard (mercer, Lombard Street, London) 5 f.4r
Bonnion, Barnard (yeoman, Royston, Hertfordshire) 3 f.115v
Boone, John (yeoman, Bovingdon, Hertfordshire) 3 f.64v
Boosey, Samuell (yeoman) 4 f.16v
Boosey, Thomas 4 f.14v
Booth, George (merchant) 5 f.15r
Booth, Katherine (spinster) 4 f.7r
Boothby, Henry (merchant) 3 f.127r
Boothby, Richard (esquire) 3 f.128r
Boothby, Richard (esquire, Wanstead, Essex) 3 f.76r
Boothby, Richard (gent) 4 f.4v
Boothby, Walter (gent) 3 f.51r
Boothby, Walter (merchant) 4 f.7r
Boothby, Walter (merchant) 4 f.29v
Boothby, Walter (merchant, Aldermanbury, London) 3 f.3r, 3 f.6v
Boothby, William (gent, Westerham, Kent) 3 f.119v
Boram, William (yeoman, Essex) 4 f.27r
Borne, John 4 f.5r
Borome, Stephen (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Borowes, Edward (blacksmith, East Smithfield, London) 3 f.8v
Borowes, Francis (grocer, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.78v
Borrowdon, John (clerk) 3 f.37r
Boseley, Samuell (clothworker, Bow Lane, London) 3 f.2v
Boseley, Samuell (yeoman, Finchingfield, Essex) 3 f.62r
Boston, John (Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) 4 f.33r
Boswell, Edmond (Lavendon, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48r
Boswell, William 3 f.3v
Botsford, Edward (mealman) 4 f.47v
Botsford, Edward (mealman) 3 f.115v
Bott, Gabriell 3 f.70r
Bottley, Robert 4 f.5v
Boucer, Mathew 3 f.22r
Boucher, John (yeoman) 3 f.42v
Bough, William 3 f.3r
Boughton, John 3 f.73v
Bourne, Robert 3 f.59v
Bourne, Robert (esquire) 3 f.50r
Bourne, Robert (Sutton, Suffolk) 4 f.40v
Bovington, Josephe 3 f.46r
Bowcher, Richard (gent, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire) 4 f.46v
Bowden, Robert (Granborough, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.46v
Bowen, Richard 3 f.7v
Bower, Hugh (brewer, Thames Street, London) 5 f.11v
Bowle, Richard (Mr, Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Bowler, William 3 f.30v
Bowles, Philip (yeoman, Prittlewell, Essex) 3 f.57v
Bowre, Widow (widow, Great Leighs, Essex) 4 f.27v
Bowstrid, William (yeoman, Caddington, Bedfordshire) 3 f.80r
Bowted, John (yeoman) 3 f.56r
Bowtell, Danyell (draper, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.109r
Bowtell, Francis (yeoman, Little Easton, Essex) 3 f.55v
Bowtell, James 4 f.17r
Bowtell, James (yeoman) 3 f.39r
Bowtell, William (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.24r
Bowton, Barnaby (draper, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.69r
Box, John (salter) 4 f.20r
Box, John (salter, Bread Street, London) 3 f.74r
Boyce, Mr (Chingford, Essex) 4 f.51v
Boyden, Thomas (baker) 4 f.6r
Boyer, Hugh (brewer) 3 f.123r
Boyer, William 3 f.10v
Boyes, George (Butterwick, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Boyes, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Boyfeild, Erasmus (Ardleigh, Essex) 4 f.13v
Boys, Henry (chandler) 4 f.29v
Boyse, Edward Sir (MP) 3 f.10v
Boyse, James du (merchant) 4 f.50v
Boyse, James du (merchant) 4 f.11v
Boyse, James du (merchant, Royal Exchange, London) 3 f.12v
Boyse, Richard 4 f.8r
Brace, Edward (Cople, Bedfordshire) 3 f.97r
Brace, William (Cople, Bedfordshire) 3 f.97r
Bracey, Randall (haberdasher, Coleman Street, London) 4 f.6r
Brackly, Thomas (clerk, Colne Engaine, Essex) 4 f.29r
Brackshaw, John 3 f.26r
Brad, Nathan (seaman) 4 f.27v
Braddin, Thomas (Flamstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.33v
Braddod, Thomas 3 f.22v
Bradley, Luke (stabler) 4 f.3r
Bradley, Marke (scrivener, Ludgate Hill, London) 4 f.46v
Bradley, Prudence 4 f.40v
Bradly, William (Boxted, Essex) 4 f.14r
Bradshaw, Clement 3 f.7v
Bradshaw, John (esquire) 4 f.7r
Bradshaw, John (esquire) 3 f.114r
Bradshaw, Nathanyell (Cambridge) 3 f.77v
Bradshaw, Thomas 3 f.63v
Bradstreete, John (Capel, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Brag, John (grocer, Cheapside, London) 3 f.98v
Brage, Christopher (yeoman) 4 f.11v
Brage, Phillipp (dyer, Thames Street, London) 5 f.14v
Bragg, Robert (Copdock, Suffolk) 4 f.36r
Bragg, Robert (gent, Hatfield Peverel, Essex) 4 f.38r
Bragg, William (gent, Bulmer, Essex) 4 f.38r
Braitewaite, Myles 3 f.15v
Brake, William (yeoman, Danbury, Essex) 3 f.55v
Bramford, John (Benenden, Kent) 4 f.17v
Bran, William (gent, Cambridge) 3 f.77r
Brand, Benjamin (draper) 3 f.131r
Brand, Benjamin (draper, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.123r
Brand, Erdras (glover, Prittlewell, Essex) 3 f.57r
Brandestowe, Thomas 4 f.18r
Brandon, Nicholas (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Brandwood, Thomas (merchant tailor) 3 f.123r
Branston, John (East Bergholt, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Braughton, Edward (esquire, Hereford) 3 f.102v
Bray, William (cooper) 4 f.6r
Brea, John (yeoman) 3 f.131r
Brea, John (yeoman, Wilstead, Bedfordshire) 3 f.103v
Bredds, Richard (yeoman, Essex) 3 f.86v
Brendeth, Henry (clothworker, Bush Lane, London) 3 f.24v
Brent, Edward 3 f.11v
Brent, Thomas (yeoman, Boxted, Essex) 4 f.40r
Bressy, William (merchant tailor) 4 f.50v
Bressye, Randall (haberdasher, Coleman Street, London) 3 f.19v
Bretnocke, Symon (yeoman, Writtle, Essex) 3 f.36r
Brett, Francis (gent, Barking, Essex) 3 f.43v
Brett, John 3 f.107r
Brett, John (merchant tailor) 5 f.8v
Brett, John (merchant tailor, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.11v, 3 f.84r
Brett, John (yeoman) 3 f.51r
Brett, Richard 5 f.8r
Brett, Richard (haberdasher, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.12v
Brett, Thomas (gent, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.25r
Bretter, Jonathan 3 f.4v
Brewce, John Sir (Great Wenham, Suffolk) 4 f.19r
Brewer, Edmond 4 f.12v
Brewer, Edmond (clerk, Castle Hedingham, Essex) 3 f.63v
Brewer, John (gent) 3 f.43r
Brewer, William 4 f.11v
Brewer, William (yeoman) 4 f.11r
Brice, Shadracke Captain (yeoman) 3 f.39v
Brickall, John (yeoman, Stisted, Essex) 3 f.69v
Bricker, John (saddler, Charing Cross, London) 4 f.47v
Bridge, Mark (Layham, Suffolk) 4 f.36r
Bridge, Roger (yeoman) 4 f.13r
Bridge, Samuell (merchant tailor) 4 f.41r
Bridge, Thomas (Maldon, Essex) 4 f.16r
Bridge, Thomas (yeoman, Maldon, Essex) 3 f.56v
Bridges, Ciprien 4 f.25v
Bridges, Mathew (gent) 4 f.10r
Bridges, Roger 3 f.3v
Bridges, Sara (widow, Clapham, Surrey) 5 f.13v
Bridges, Stephen (Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21v
Bridges, Tobye (gent, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) 3 f.40v
Bridges, William (esquire, Ruislip, Middlesex) 3 f.83r
Bridges, William (skinner, Long Lane, London) 4 f.50v
Bridgs, Ann (spinster) 5 f.15v
Bridgwood, Edward (Kelvedon or Kelvedon Hatch?, Essex) 4 f.20v
Bridkeage, Thomas (seaman, Great Leighs, Essex) 4 f.27v
Brige, Jonas (Luton, Bedfordshire) 3 f.98r
Brigg, Jeremy (salter) 4 f.27r
Brigginshaw, Richard (cutler, Popes Head Alley, London) 3 f.3r, 4 f.49r
Bright, Edward (yeoman) 3 f.62v
Bright, John 3 f.108v
Bright, John 3 f.109r
Bright, John 3 f.109v
Brightcake, Widow (Great Leighs, Essex) 4 f.27v
Brightly, Edward 3 f.4r
Brightman, Edward (Lincolnshire) 4 f.30r
Brightwell, Thomas (grocer, Bread Street, London) 3 f.22v, 3 f.50v
Brimsley, Constance (spinster) 5 f.12r
Brinley, William (merchant, Ironmonger Lane, London) 5 f.15v
Brint, Nathaniell Sir 3 f.118r, 4 f.42r
Bristoe, Thomas (gent, Shenley, Hertfordshire) 3 f.31v
Brittaine, Richard (feltmaker) 4 f.3r
Britteridge, John (yeoman) 5 f.10r
Britton, John 3 f.7v
Brockbanck, William (merchant tailor) 4 f.51r
Brockelsbey, Peter (pewterer, St Andrew Holborn, London) 3 f.129v
Brockett, Charles (dyer, Paternoster Row, London) 3 f.12v
Brockett, Edward 3 f.60v
Brodley, John (Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.30r
Bromhale, George (fishmonger) 4 f.6r
Brooke, Bartholomew (Whitechapel, London) 4 f.29v
Brooke, John (baker, Distaff Lane, London) 5 f.9v
Brooke, John (esquire) 3 f.117r
Brooke, John (yeoman, Standon, Hertfordshire) 3 f.27v
Brooke, Mathew (Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21v
Brooke, Robert (clerk, Woodham Walter, Essex) 3 f.55v, 4 f.16r
Brooke, Robert (yeoman, Boxted, Essex) 3 f.89v, 4 f.40r
Brookebancke, Gilbert 3 f.6r
Brothers, Nicholas (barber surgeon) 4 f.24v
Brotherton, John (Benington, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Brotherton, William (Benington, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Brown, Bartholomew (High Ongar, Essex) 3 f.49r
Brownbrickes, Robert (Foxearth, Essex) 4 f.38v
Browne, Andrew (Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) 4 f.33r
Browne, Ann (widow, Bulmer, Essex) 4 f.38r
Browne, Bernard 3 f.8r
Browne, Captain 5 f.1r, 5 f.2v, 5 f.4v, 5 f.5r, 5 f.6r, 5 f.8r, 5 f.8v, 5 f.9r, 5 f.9v, 5 f.10r, 5 f.10v, 5 f.11r, 5 f.11v, 5 f.12r, 5 f.12v, 5 f.13r, 5 f.14r
Browne, Christopher (mercer, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire) 3 f.50r
Browne, Danyell (yeoman, Romford, Essex) 3 f.38r
Browne, Edmond (Belchamp St Paul, Essex) 4 f.28r
Browne, Edward (yeoman, Hadleigh, Suffolk) 3 f.118r
Browne, George (clothworker, Bush Lane, London) 4 f.38v
Browne, George (cook, St Dunstan in the East, London) 4 f.28r
Browne, George (cook, St Mary at Hill, London) 3 f.5r, 3 f.94r
Browne, George (Romford, Essex) 3 f.106v
Browne, Isaacke (clothier, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.89v
Browne, John 3 f.27v
Browne, John (gent, Lincolnshire) 4 f.30r
Browne, John (grocer) 4 f.39r
Browne, John (Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.28v
Browne, John (linen draper, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.89v
Browne, John (merchant tailor, Old Exchange, London) 3 f.2v
Browne, John (Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) 4 f.33v
Browne, John (saymaker) 4 f.9r
Browne, John (smith, Bildeston, Suffolk) 4 f.36r
Browne, John (Walton On The Naze, Essex) 3 f.88v
Browne, John (Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Browne, John (yeoman, Essex) 4 f.4v
Browne, John (yeoman, Wethersfield, Essex) 3 f.53r
Browne, Lawrence (clothier, Wickham, Essex) 4 f.38v
Browne, Mary (widow, Aldersgate Street, London) 3 f.119v
Browne, Mathew (yeoman, White Notley, Essex) 3 f.42r
Browne, Richard (captain) 4 f.4v
Browne, Richard (captain) 3 f.1r
Browne, Richard (colonel) 3 f.118v
Browne, Robert 3 f.71r
Browne, Robert (Belchamp St Paul, Essex) 4 f.28r
Browne, Samuell 5 f.9r
Browne, Samuell (London Bridge, London) 4 f.3v
Browne, Susan (Maldon, Essex) 4 f.16r
Browne, Thomas (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.89r
Browne, Thomas (Maldon, Essex) 4 f.16r
Browne, Thomas junior (grocer) 3 f.130r
Browne, Thomas junior (grocer, Thames Street, London) 3 f.54r, 3 f.104r, 5 f.4v, 5 f.5v
Browne, Thomas senior (grocer, Cheapside, London) 3 f.24r, 3 f.52r, 5 f.1r
Browne, William 3 f.35v
Browne, William (gent, Chigwell, Essex) 3 f.54r
Browne, William (yeoman, Essex) 4 f.39r
Brownerigg, Mathew (minister, Clopton, Suffolk) 4 f.19r
Browning, Richard (Holton, Suffolk) 4 f.36r
Browninge, Thomas (carrier, Coggeshall, Essex) 3 f.102v, 3 f.109v, 4 f.28v
Brownynge, Mr (clerk, Suffolk) 4 f.36r
Brownynge, Widow (Holton, Suffolk) 4 f.36r
Bruce, William (gent, Bloxham, Oxfordshire) 3 f.65v
Brunckar, William 3 f.67v
Brunton, John (yeoman, Norfolk) 4 f.29v
Brutnell, Mr (Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Brutwall, Richard 5 f.5r
Brux, William (gent, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.29v
Bryan, William (Cambridge) 3 f.76r
Bryant, Richard 4 f.25v
Buckberry, John (yeoman, Lincolnshire) 4 f.30r
Bucke, George (yeoman, Littlebury, Essex) 3 f.101r
Bucke, John (Ugley, Essex) 3 f.35r
Bucke, John (yeoman, Littlebury Green, Essex) 3 f.101v
Buckhouse, Rowland Mr 3 f.127r
Buckingham, John 3 f.31r
Bucklye, George 3 f.17v
Bucklye, Thomas (Cambridge) 3 f.94r
Buckmaster, John (Watford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.43r
Buckminster, Thomas (Wigtoft, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r
Bucknall, John (innholder) 4 f.25v
Bucknall, William (skinner, London) 3 f.120v
Bucknall, William (skinner, Newgate Market, London) 4 f.47r
Bucknam, William (draper, Ipswich, Suffolk) 3 f.111r
Buckson, Henry 3 f.7v
Bugbey, William (clerk, Clifton, Bedfordshire) 3 f.97r
Bugg, William 4 f.40v
Bulfinch, Thomas 3 f.27r
Bull, Henry (Kimbolton, Huntingdon) 3 f.82r
Bull, John senior (glover, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.41r
Bull, Mathew (yeoman, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) 3 f.40v
Bull, Ralph (Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.41v
Bull, Thomas (Flowton, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Bull, William (gent, Lincolns Inn, London) 3 f.27v
Bullard, John (skinner, Newgate Market, London) 3 f.28r
Buller, Anthony (captain) 5 f.2r
Buller, Captain 5 f.2v, 5 f.3r, 5 f.5r, 5 f.11v, 5 f.13r, 5 f.13v
Bullocke, Fleete (gent, Woodford, Essex) 3 f.94v
Bulstrode, Henry (esquire) 3 f.46v
Bultell, Peter (merchant) 4 f.47r
Bultell, Peter (merchant, Austin Friars, London) 3 f.118v
Bunce, James (alderman) 5 f.14r
Bunce, James (captain, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.28r
Bundocke, John (mariner, Great Leighs, Essex) 4 f.28v
Buning, Richard (gent, Harleston, Norfolk) 3 f.114v
Bunion, Richard (husbandman, Hayes, Middlesex) 3 f.127v
Bunston, William (gent, Clavering, Essex) 3 f.75r
Bunting, William (webster) 4 f.12r
Burchard, Robert (yeoman) 4 f.12r
Burchenhead, Henry (vintner) 3 f.113r
Burckett, John (yeoman, Lincolnshire) 4 f.30r
Burdis, Peter (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Burdis, Samuell (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Burges, Dr (Watford, Hertfordshire) 5 f.6v
Burges, Henry (haberdasher, Bread Street, London) 3 f.101v
Burgesse, Benjamin 3 f.28r
Burgesse, Henry 3 f.8r
Burgh, Thomas (gent, Little Britain, London) 3 f.102v
Burgin, William (innholder, Lombard Street, London) 4 f.49r
Burgyom, Roger Sir (MP) 3 f.108r
Burles, John (Freston or Friston?, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Burley, George (draper) 4 f.4v
Burlingham, Phineas (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.8v
Burnby, John (Spalding, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32r
Burnell, Thomas (clothworker, Seething Lane, London) 5 f.1v
Burnitt, Thomas (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Burr, William 3 f.60v
Burrey, Vincent (esquire, Thame, Oxfordshire) 3 f.68r
Burroughes, John (stationer) 4 f.5v
Burrowe, Robert (stationer, London Bridge, London) 5 f.11v
Burrowes, William (yeoman, Wimbish, Essex) 3 f.95r
Burt, Martin (Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21v
Burton, Abraham (yeoman, Chingford, Essex) 3 f.52r
Burton, Andrew (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Burton, Jeremiah (Kimbolton, Huntingdon) 3 f.82r
Burton, John (yeoman, Chingford, Essex) 3 f.52r
Burton, Thomas 3 f.77r
Burton, William (Cambridge) 3 f.94r
Burward, Anthony (yeoman, Suffolk) 4 f.18v
Bury, John (girdler, Fish Street, London) 3 f.1r, 3 f.10v
Bush, Richard (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.8v
Bushe, Abraham (clerk, West Ham, Essex) 3 f.45r
Bushell, Benjamin (merchant tailor, London) 5 f.12v
Bushell, John 5 f.16r
Butcher, Francis (gent, Adisham, Kent) 3 f.82r
Butcher, Joseph (Great Yeldham, Essex) 4 f.42v
Butcher, Mathew (yeoman) 4 f.52r
Butcher, Philip (stiller) 4 f.3v
Butcher, Philip (stiller, Southwark) 4 f.50r
Butcher, Thomas 4 f.12r
Butcher, William (yeoman, Essex) 4 f.27r
Butcher, William (yeoman, Sible Hedingham, Essex) 3 f.43v
Butler, Danyell (haberdasher, London Stone, London) 3 f.95v
Butler, Edward 3 f.24r, 3 f.63r
Butler, George (cooper) 4 f.47r
Butler, Goodman (Lidlington, Bedfordshire) 3 f.126r
Butler, James (esquire, Doddinghurst, Essex) 3 f.49v
Butler, John (carpenter, Southwark) 5 f.12v
Butler, Richard (Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Butler, Thomas (merchant tailor, St Nicolas Lane, London) 5 f.4v
Butler, William (chandler) 4 f.7v
Butt, John (yeoman, Norton, Gloucestershire) 3 f.99r
Butterfield, Robert 3 f.45v
Butterfield, Thomas 3 f.45v
Butterfield, Thomas 3 f.46r
Butts, John (grocer, Budge Row, London) 3 f.101r
Byatt, William (gent) 3 f.39r
Byatt, William (rector, Thundersley, Essex) 3 f.30v
Byatt, William (yeoman, Felstead, Essex) 4 f.29r
Bydall, Daniell (Wigtoft, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r