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This page is part of index of people in horse lists. See that page for general information about this index and links to the volumes indexed. Use the letter links above for other parts of this index.

Name Folios
Saby, Edward (yeoman, Thorley, Hertfordshire) 4 f.42r
Sach, Edward (Cressing, Essex) 4 f.20v
Sach, William (Tollesbury, Essex) 4 f.16r
Sacheverill, Ann (widow, Aldersgate Street, London) 4 f.30v, 5 f.3v, 5 f.6r, 5 f.6v, 5 f.8v, 5 f.10v
Sackett, John (clerk, Great Munden, Hertfordshire) 3 f.91r
Sadler, Blount (clothworker, Lombard Street, London) 3 f.23v
Sadler, Joyce (widow, St Albans, Hertfordshire) 3 f.106r
Sadler, Peter (West Bergholt, Essex) 4 f.9r
Sadler, Robert (Little Yeldham, Essex) 4 f.42v
Sadler, Thomas (esquire, Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire) 3 f.76r
Sadler, Thomas (haberdasher) 4 f.4r
Sadler, Thomas (haberdasher, Bread Street, London) 3 f.4v
Sadler, Thomas 4 f.25v
Sadler, Thomas 4 f.26r
Sage, Thomas (Bramford, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Sagrave, Thomas (Lincolnshire) 4 f.30r
Salenvye, Thomas 3 f.24v
Salkin, William (High Ongar, Essex) 3 f.49r
Sally, William (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Salmon, Christopher (Adderbury, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121r
Salmon, Henry (Peldon, Essex) 4 f.17v
Salmon, John (Lindsell, Essex) 3 f.36r
Salmon, Robert (yeoman, Farnham, Essex) 3 f.41r
Salter, John 3 f.30v
Salter, Richard 3 f.7r
Salter, Richard (gent, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.29v
Salter, Thomas 4 f.19r
Salter, Thomas (clerk, Great Bromley, Essex) 4 f.17r
Salway, Humfry (MP, Stanford on Teme, Worcestershire) 3 f.103r
Saman, William 4 f.27v
Sambrook, Jeremy (merchant) 5 f.9r
Sambrooke, Samuell (vintner) 4 f.47r
Sames, Anthony (clerk, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex) 3 f.57v
Samford, John (gent, Spital Yard, London) 3 f.103v
Samford, John (yeoman, Evesham, Worcestershire) 3 f.42v
Sampson, Clement (carpenter, Coleman Street, London) 5 f.2v
Sanckey, Walter (gent, Aldersgate Street, London) 4 f.47r
Sand, John 3 f.105v
Sand, John (East Hanningfield, Essex) 4 f.7v
Sanders, Thomas (commissary) 3 f.46v, 3 f.47v, 3 f.48v
Sanderson, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Sandford, George (clothworker) 3 f.112r
Sandford, George (gent, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.113v
Sandford, Henry (Mr, Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Sandford, John (gent) 3 f.84v
Sandford, Thomas (gent, Brightlingsea, Essex) 3 f.113v
Saphold, Edward 4 f.14v
Saplford, Thomas (yeoman, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) 3 f.40r
Sarley, John 3 f.34r
Saunders 4 f.25v
Saunders, Francis (Haddenham, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47v
Saunders, Giles (clothworker) 4 f.7r
Saunders, John (grocer) 4 f.5v
Saunders, John (grocer, Lombard Street, London) 5 f.4r
Saunders, John (yeoman, Wickham, Essex) 4 f.38v
Saunders, Laurence (Watling Street, London) 3 f.11r
Saunders, Laurence (Watling Street, London) 3 f.11v
Saunders, Richard 3 f.15r
Saunders, Richard (merchant tailor, Fleet Street, London) 3 f.15r
Saunders, Silvester (Wendover, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Saunderson, Mr (Little Addington, Northamptonshire) 3 f.125v
Savage, Henry 3 f.2v
Savill, Elias (gent) 3 f.73v
Savill, George (yeoman, Stansted Mountfichet, Essex) 3 f.53v
Savill, John (yeoman, Colne Engaine, Essex) 4 f.29r
Savill, John (yeoman, Harlow, Essex) 3 f.53v
Savill, Thomas (yeoman, Shelley, Essex) 3 f.57v
Savill, William (yeoman) 4 f.4v
Savin, Robert (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Savye, Edmond 3 f.18v
Sawell, Christopher (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 4 f.14v
Sawell, William (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.21r
Sawyer, John 3 f.107r
Saye and Seale, Viscount 3 f.121r
Sayer, Robert (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Sayer, Roger (pewterer, Bread Street, London) 3 f.42v
Sayers, Francis (yeoman, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire) 3 f.66v
Sayers, William (draper, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire) 3 f.66v
Saykild, Leonard 3 f.2v
Sconiocke, Samuell 3 f.52r
Scotes, Richard 3 f.4v
Scott, Benedict 4 f.49v
Scott, Francis (haberdasher) 5 f.15v
Scott, Francis (minister, Bowers Gifford, Essex) 4 f.53r
Scott, George (grocer) 4 f.25r
Scott, John (Walton le Soken?, Essex) 4 f.14r
Scott, John (yeoman, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) 3 f.41r
Scott, Robert (haberdasher) 3 f.112r
Scott, Samuell (yeoman, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) 3 f.41r
Scott, Thomas (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Scott, Thomas (gent, Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.9r
Scott, Thomas (yeoman, Bushey, Hertfordshire) 4 f.17r
Scott, William 3 f.4r, 3 f.70r
Scott, William (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15v
Scott, William (haberdasher, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.88v
Scotton, Edmond 3 f.16r
Scotton, Edmond (gent, Ely, Cambridgeshire) 3 f.17v
Scotton, John 3 f.17v
Scrivener, Gregory (Belstead, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Scrogge, John (esquire, Albury, Hertfordshire) 3 f.84v
Scroope, Adrian (captain) 3 f.68r
Seale, Edward 3 f.9v
Seaman, William (Mendlesham, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Seamer, Robert (draper) 4 f.6v
Seamer, Robert (draper, Fleet Street, London) 3 f.120r
Search als Michell, John junior (Watford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44v
Seares, Thomas 3 f.43v
Searle, Christopher (dyer) 4 f.49r
Searle, Edward (maltster, Ware, Hertfordshire) 3 f.70r
Searle, John 4 f.27v
Searle, Mr (gent) 3 f.40r
Searle, Robert (dyer) 4 f.12v
Searles, John 3 f.107v
Seborne, Thomas (Bluntisham, Huntingdon) 3 f.87r
Sedberry, John (gent, Bury St Edmunds?, Suffolk) 3 f.85v
Sedgwick, Jobe (brewer) 4 f.4r
Sedgwick, John (brewer, Fleet Bridge, London) 3 f.10v
Sedgwick, Joshua 3 f.74r
Sedgwick, Mr (Barking, Essex) 4 f.38r
Sedgwick, Stephen (gent, Woburn, Bedfordshire) 3 f.66r
Seeles, Thomas (gent, Rettendon, Essex) 3 f.35v
Seelinge, Robert (Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48r
Seimor, John 3 f.111r
Selby, Anthony 4 f.28r
Selby, Anthony (draper, Fish Street, London) 5 f.7v
Semer, Richard (yeoman, Barking, Essex) 3 f.62r
Semer, Robert (draper, Birchin Lane, London) 3 f.51v
Sengeam, Beachampe Sir 3 f.104r
Seres, Francis (Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire) 3 f.61v
Serle, John 3 f.74v
Sewell, George (yeoman, Halstead, Essex) 4 f.38v
Sewell, John (gent, Great Henny, Essex) 3 f.58r
Sewell, Thomas (yeoman, Great Henny, Essex) 3 f.108r
Seyward, Thomas (gent, London) 4 f.25v
Shackloffe, Thomas 3 f.13v
Shafto, Thomas (mariner) 3 f.53r
Shalcrosse, Humfry (scrivener) 3 f.113r
Shanestead, Thomas 3 f.51r
Sharpe, George (merchant, London) 3 f.128v
Sharpe, John (gent, Prittlewell, Essex) 3 f.69r
Sharpe, John (leather seller) 4 f.5r
Sharpe, John (yeoman) 4 f.17v
Sharpe, Nicholas 3 f.104r
Sharpe, Phebe (widow, Lee) 3 f.57v
Sharpe, Robert (yeoman) 3 f.35v
Sharpe, Thomas (Lincolnshire) 4 f.31v
Shaw, Christopher 3 f.2r
Shaw, John (gent, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.98v
Shaw, William (Wyberton, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r
Shedwicke, William (clerk, Takeley, Essex) 3 f.41r
Sheene, Nicholas (Framlingham, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Sheldricke, Francis (gent, Cambridge) 3 f.76v
Shelly, Richard (yeoman, Harlow, Essex) 3 f.53v
Shelman, Henry (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Shepard, Bryan (badger) 3 f.114r
Shepard, Edward 3 f.7v
Shepard, Hugh (Lincolnshire) 4 f.31v
Shepard, John (Donington, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r
Shepard, Mathew (grocer, St Thomas the Apostle, London) 3 f.19r
Shepard, Mildred (Leverton, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Shepard, Mr (Staffordshire) 4 f.49v
Shepard, Richard (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Shepard, Richard (gent, Harpenden, Hertfordshire) 3 f.59v
Shepard, Richard (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.21v
Shepard, Thomas (leather seller, Southwark) 4 f.50r
Shepard, William (grocer, Southwark) 4 f.50r
Sherley, Thomas 3 f.26v
Sherlock, Mr (Lilley, Hertfordshire) 3 f.92v
Sherlock, William (gent) 4 f.12r
Sherlock, William senior (Southwark) 4 f.47r
Sherman, (Lincolnshire) 4 f.31r
Sherman, Daniell (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 4 f.10r
Sherman, Edmond (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.88v, 4 f.10r
Sherman, Edward (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.91r
Sherman, John (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Sherman, John (silkman, Aldersgate Street, London) 3 f.72v
Sherman, John (silkman, London) 4 f.3r
Sherman, Richard (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 4 f.10r
Sherman, Samuell (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.67v
Sherman, Samuell (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Sherman, William 3 f.21r
Sherman, Zekell (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Shernill, Nehemiah (St Mildred Bread Street, London) 3 f.68v
Sherwood, Edward 3 f.46r
Sherwood, Francis (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.10r, 4 f.44v
Sherwood, John (mayor, Cambridge) 3 f.93v
Sherwood, Joseph (Watford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44r
Sheterdine, Daniell (gent, Eltham, Kent) 5 f.13r
Shillitay, Robert 3 f.1v
Shiply, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Shippey, William (silk weaver, Covent Garden, London) 3 f.129v
Shipsile, John (silkman, Watling Street, London) 5 f.3r
Shoesmith, John (Stratton Audley, Oxon/Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47v
Short, Gregory 3 f.13v, 3 f.26r
Shorter, John 3 f.46r
Shrawley, William 3 f.26r
Shrimpton, Hugh 3 f.46r
Shurley, Oliver (Southill, Bedfordshire) 3 f.94v
Sibbitts, Robert 3 f.12v
Sibley, John 3 f.60r
Sibley, John (gent, Studham, Bedfordshire) 3 f.66v
Sibsey, Anthony (Freiston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Sibsey, William (Freiston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Siddall, William 3 f.72v
Siggins, John (gent, Dagenham, Essex) 3 f.44r
Sikes, Robert (butcher, Great Dunmow, Essex) 4 f.28r
Silke, Thomas (yeoman, Godmanchester, Huntingdon) 3 f.81r
Silverlacke, James (gent, Stifford, Essex) 3 f.54r
Silverside, Roger (feltmaker) 4 f.6v
Silverwood, John (clothworker) 3 f.127v
Silvester, Richard 3 f.7v
Silvester, Thomas (clothier, Burford, Oxfordshire) 3 f.65r
Simonds, Thomas 3 f.5v
Simpkin, James (pewterer, Tower Street, London) 3 f.127r
Simpson, Arthur (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Simpson, Francis (leather seller, Southwark) 4 f.25v
Simpson, Josuah (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Simpson, Josuah (Sutterton, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r
Simpson, Richard (Lincolnshire) 4 f.31r
Simpson, William (Essex) 4 f.27r
Singleton, William (deputy lieutenant, Gloucester) 3 f.99r
Skallit, Thomas 3 f.18r
Skeale, Timothy (Watford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.43v
Skelton, Samuell (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Skidmore, George (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.10r
Skingsley, Jeremiah 4 f.20v
Skinner, Augustine (MP) 3 f.34v
Skinner, Henry (Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34v
Skinner, Joseph (clothier) 4 f.11v
Skinner, Joseph (clothier, Bocking, Essex) 3 f.105v
Skinner, Michell 3 f.78v
Skinner, Richard 3 f.28r
Skinner, William (Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.41v
Skinner, William (Bocking, Essex) 4 f.14v
Skinner, William (Bocking, Essex) 3 f.69r
Skippon, General 3 f.117r
Skippon, Philip (Major) 5 f.1r, 5 f.1v, 5 f.2r, 5 f.2v, 5 f.3r, 5 f.3v, 5 f.4r, 5 f.4v, 5 f.5r, 5 f.5v, 5 f.6r, 5 f.6v, 5 f.7r, 5 f.7v, 5 f.9r, 5 f.9v, 5 f.10v, 5 f.11r, 5 f.11v, 5 f.13r, 5 f.13v
Skitte, Roger (baker, Southwark) 4 f.50v
Slanye, Stephen (merchant, St Helen Bishopsgate, London) 3 f.103r
Slater, William (Mr, Spalding, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32r
Slaughter, Josias (clerk, Broughton, Oxfordshire) 3 f.65r
Sleade, William (ironmonger) 3 f.131v
Sleade, William (ironmonger, Southwark) 3 f.71v
Sled, Robert (ironmonger, Southwark) 4 f.46r
Sleepe, Francis (St Albans, Hertfordshire) 3 f.32v
Sleeple, Thomas (yeoman, St Albans, Hertfordshire) 3 f.32r
Sleigh, Edmond (mercer) 4 f.4v
Sleigh, Edmond (mercer, Cheapside, London) 3 f.14v, 3 f.50v, 5 f.9v
Sleigh, Stephen 3 f.26r
Slow, John (chandler) 3 f.101r
Slowman, Anthony 3 f.84v
Slye, Samuell Sir (Cheapside, London) 5 f.7r
Smalewood, William 5 f.9r
Smalley, John (feltmonger) 4 f.6r
Smalley, John (gent, London) 3 f.127v
Smart, John 3 f.70v
Smith, Abraham (Stanway, Essex) 4 f.26r
Smith, Allen (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.8r
Smith, Arthur (gent, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.29r
Smith, Christopher (Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.41v
Smith, Clement (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Smith, Clement (yeoman, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.88v
Smith, Edward (Crofton, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32v
Smith, Edward (gent, Fish Street, London) 5 f.8v
Smith, Edward (haberdasher, Southwark) 4 f.47v
Smith, Edward (saddler) 4 f.7r
Smith, Erasmus (grocer, Paternoster Row, London) 3 f.66r
Smith, Henry (horner) 4 f.6r
Smith, James (Kelvedon, Essex) 4 f.20r
Smith, James (salter, Friday Street, London) 3 f.4r
Smith, James (yeoman, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.65v
Smith, John (brewer, St Giles in the Fields, London) 5 f.12r
Smith, John (clothier) 4 f.11v
Smith, John (commissary) 3 f.132r, 4 f.53r, 5 f.18r
Smith, John (dyer) 4 f.25r
Smith, John (farmer, Bocking, Essex) 4 f.39r
Smith, John (Framlingham, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Smith, John (gent, Harleston, Norfolk) 3 f.114v
Smith, John (merchant tailor) 4 f.3v
Smith, John (Wickham Market, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Smith, John (woodmonger, St Giles in the Fields, London) 5 f.14r
Smith, John (yeoman) 4 f.17v
Smith, John (yeoman) 3 f.112v
Smith, John (yeoman) 4 f.3v
Smith, Joseph 4 f.27v
Smith, Josuah (leather dresser, Southwark) 4 f.48r
Smith, Mathew (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.24r
Smith, Miles 3 f.71r
Smith, Miles 3 f.71r
Smith, Mr (clerk, Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15v
Smith, Nicholas (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.24r
Smith, Nicholas (haberdasher) 5 f.7r
Smith, Peter 4 f.25v
Smith, Peter (Dr, Barkway, Hertfordshire) 5 f.15r
Smith, Richard (dyer, Thames Street, London) 5 f.6v
Smith, Richard (grocer, Friday Street, London) 3 f.19r
Smith, Richard (Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) 4 f.33v
Smith, Robert (brewer) 4 f.3r
Smith, Robert (brewer, Wapping, London) 3 f.12r
Smith, Robert (Cratfield, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Smith, Robert (grocer, Friday Street, London) 3 f.19r, 3 f.20v
Smith, Robert (merchant tailor) 5 f.10v
Smith, Robert (woodmonger) 5 f.9r
Smith, Robert (woodmonger) 4 f.26v
Smith, Robert (woodmonger) 4 f.51r
Smith, Robert (yeoman, Little Clacton, Essex) 4 f.27r
Smith, Robert (yeoman, West Tilbury, Essex) 3 f.44r
Smith, Samuell 3 f.35
Smith, Sidrach (grocer, Sible Hedingham, Essex) 4 f.28v
Smith, Soloman 3 f.15v
Smith, Stephen (esquire, Blackmore, Essex) 3 f.96v
Smith, Thomas 4 f.5r
Smith, Thomas (apothecary, Old Bailey, London) 3 f.102v, 3 f.129r
Smith, Thomas (cutler, Billingsgate, London) 3 f.108r
Smith, Thomas (esquire, Edmonton, Middlesex) 3 f.129r
Smith, Thomas (gent) 4 f.25r
Smith, Thomas (gent, Great Yeldham?, Essex) 3 f.43v
Smith, Thomas (gunsmith, Aldgate, London) 5 f.10v
Smith, Thomas (Harleton, Cambridgeshire) 3 f.77r
Smith, Thomas (Spalding, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32r
Smith, Thomas (yeoman, Hillingdon, Middlesex) 3 f.37r
Smith, Thomas (yeoman, St Albans, Hertfordshire) 3 f.32r
Smith, Thomas (yeoman, Sturmer, Essex) 4 f.30r
Smith, William 4 f.28r
Smith, William (gent, Wetherden, Suffolk) 5 f.14r
Smith, William (Maldon, Essex) 4 f.16r
Smith, William (Sandridge, Hertfordshire) 3 f.33r
Smith, William (Steeple, Essex) 4 f.26v
Smith, William (Stickney, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21v
Smith, William (Tollesbury, Essex) 4 f.16r
Smith, Zachery (clerk, Great Saling?, Essex) 3 f.58r
Smithamon, John (clothier) 4 f.11v
Smithson, Hugh (haberdasher, Cateaton Street, London) 3 f.14v, 3 f.16r
Smithson, Philip 3 f.18v
Snape, Francis 3 f.100v
Snape, Richard (gent, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex) 3 f.36v
Snell, George (gent, Lombard Street, London) 3 f.91v
Snell, George (goldsmith, Lombard Street, London) 3 f.115v
Snell, Thomas 3 f.45v
Snelling, George (captain, Southwark) 4 f.50r
Snelling, George (merchant, Southwark) 3 f.20r
Snelling, George (Southwark) 4 f.50r
Snellinge, Alexander 3 f.67r
Sneth, Thomas 5 f.9v
Sneth, Thomas (clothworker) 4 f.6v
Sneth, Thomas (clothworker, St Helen Bishopsgate, London) 3 f.123r
Sneth, William (Mr, Spalding, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32r
Snoden, Scroope (gent) 4 f.11r
Snowe, Allen (haberdasher, Cannon Street, London) 5 f.3v
Snowe, Thomas (Gracechurch Street, London) 5 f.3r
Soame, Zachary 3 f.10v
Soames, Elizabeth Lady (widow) 5 f.9v
Soames, John (Romford, Essex) 3 f.107v
Soames, Thomas Sir (Soper Lane, London) 3 f.75r
Solley, Stephen (gent, Ash, Kent) 3 f.82r
Sorell, Ann (widow, Chelmsford, Essex) 3 f.73r
Sorell, John (gent) 3 f.35
Sorell, John (gent, Stebbing, Essex) 3 f.36r, 3 f.56r, 4 f.27r
Sorell, Manuell (Mr, Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Sorell, Thomas (Maldon, Essex) 4 f.10v
Sotherton, John (gent) 5 f.9v
Sotherton, Mr (esquire) 4 f.53
Southby, James (girdler) 3 f.18r
Southen, John (gent, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.30r
Southen, Samuell (gent, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.28v
Sowell, John (gent, Great Henny, Essex) 4 f.28v
Sowell, Robert (yeoman, Pebmarsh, Essex) 3 f.94v
Sowell, Thomas (gent, Great Henny, Essex) 4 f.29r
Sowthwood, John (merchant, Ironmonger Lane, London) 3 f.65r, 3 f.71v
Sowthwood, John (skinner) 5 f.14r
Sowthwood, John (skinner) 4 f.3r
Sowthwood, John (skinner) 4 f.3v
Sowthwood, John (skinner) 4 f.4r
Sowthwood, John (skinner) 4 f.5r
Sowton, Daniell (Southwark) 3 f.19r
Sowton, William (dyer) 4 f.49r
Spalding, Thomas (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Sparke, Lawrence 3 f.12r
Sparkes, Edward 3 f.45v
Sparkes, Robert (yeoman) 4 f.27v
Sparrow, Anthony (yeoman, Bulmer, Essex) 4 f.38r
Sparrow, John (Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire) 3 f.92r
Sparrow, Martin 3 f.62v
Sparrow, Robert (grocer, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.86v
Sparrow, William (gent) 4 f.5r
Sparrow, William (gent, Ipswich, Suffolk) 3 f.112v
Sparrow, William (yeoman) 4 f.28v
Sparstow, William (gent) 4 f.6v
Spellard, John (yeoman) 3 f.53r
Spencer, Daniell (grocer) 4 f.4r
Spencer, Daniell (grocer) 3 f.15r
Spencer, Daniell (grocer, Friday Street, London) 3 f.68r
Spencer, Edward (gent, St Neots, Huntingdon) 3 f.96v
Spencer, John 3 f.35r
Spencer, Robert (Watling Street, London) 3 f.22v
Spencer, William (Enfield, Middlesex) 5 f.16r
Spicer alias Helder, Ann (widow) 3 f.97v
Spicer, Richard 3 f.17v
Spicer, William 3 f.75v
Spilman, Thomas (yeoman) 4 f.16v
Spire, John (Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Spitser, Peter (cutler) 4 f.25r
Spitser, Peter (cutler, Saffron Hill, London) 3 f.5r
Spooner, George (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Spratley, Deborah (widow) 4 f.24v
Springe, William Sir 3 f.49r
Springham, Francis (Romford, Essex) 3 f.107v
Springham, John (yeoman, Stapleford, Essex) 3 f.51r
Springham, Nathanyell (Romford, Essex) 3 f.107r
Spufford, Thomas (Husborne Crawley, Bedfordshire) 3 f.127r
Spuner, Edward 4 f.12v
Spurgin, John (yeoman, Fingrignhoe, Essex) 4 f.39r
Spurlinge, George (Needham Market, Suffolk) 4 f.37r
Sputtell, Edmond (Prittlewell, Essex) 3 f.57r
Squier, John (merchant, Garlick Hill, London) 3 f.63r
Squire, James 3 f.97v
Squire, Michaell (yeoman, Arlesey, Bedfordshire) 3 f.114v
Stacy, John (feltmaker) 4 f.18v
Stacy, John (feltmaker, Southwark) 3 f.64r
Stacy, John (Wendover, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Stacy, Thomas 3 f.18v
Stacy, William (yeoman) 4 f.10r
Stacy, William (yeoman, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex) 3 f.57r
Stadhar, Henry (Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Stafford, Benedick (mariner, Ratcliffe, London) 4 f.29v
Stalker, Joseph (Quarrington, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32v
Stalliam, William (Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Stamer, Danyell 3 f.66r
Stammadge, William senior (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.8v
Stanborow, Robert (yeoman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex) 3 f.22r
Standon, Richard (feltmaker, Southwark) 3 f.109v
Stanford, Henry (Great Maplestead, Essex) 3 f.23r
Stanlack, Anthony (dyer) 4 f.18r
Stanly, George (goldsmith) 3 f.124v
Stanly, George (vintner, Fleet Street, London) 3 f.100r
Stanly, William (alderman) 3 f.118v
Stanton, Robert (esquire) 3 f.66v
Stanton, Robert (esquire) 3 f.126v
Staple, John (gent, Sutton, Essex) 3 f.69r
Stapler, John 3 f.51r
Stapp, John 3 f.14r
Stappe, John (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48v
Starkey, Philip (cook, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.103r
Starkey, Thomas (saddler, Royal Exchange, London) 5 f.2r
Starkey, Thomas (saddler, St Lawrence Pountney, London) 3 f.95v
Starkey, William (Suffolk) 4 f.19r
Starkye, Edward 3 f.10v
Starlinge, James 4 f.14v
Starlinge, James (shipwright, Maldon, Essex) 3 f.39v
Starlinge, Jeffery (Nacton, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Starlinge, John (gent, Godmanchester, Huntingdon) 3 f.81r
Stayne, Edward (yeoman, Southminster, Essex) 3 f.57r
Stayne, Thomas (chandler, Bread Street, London) 3 f.79r
Staynes, John (yeoman, Takeley, Essex) 3 f.41r
Staynes, Robert (carrier, Chipping Ongar, Essex) 3 f.54v
Staynes, William (Enfield, Middlesex) 5 f.16r
Stearne, Edward (gent, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire) 3 f.85v
Stebbing, Henry (gent, Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Stebbing, Robert (Kettleburgh, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Stebbins, Solomon (yeoman, Marks Tay, Essex) 3 f.91r
Stebin, William (yeoman, Marks Tay or Matching Tye?, Essex) 3 f.91r
Steed, John (gent, Lambeth, London) 5 f.13v
Steed, Robert (clerk, Lamberhurst, Kent) 3 f.68v
Steele, John (yeoman) 4 f.52r
Steele, William (esquire) 4 f.12v
Steffe, Robert (Mr, Tuddenham, Suffolk) 4 f.36r
Stennett, Robert (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Stent, Arthur 5 f.14r
Stephens, Francis 3 f.108v
Stephens, Thomas 3 f.8v
Stephenson, John 3 f.8v
Sterne, Edward (gent, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire) 4 f.41r
Stery, Peter (clerk) 3 f.24v
Stevens, Anthony (grocer) 4 f.18v
Stevens, John 3 f.36v
Stevens, John (Maldon, Essex) 4 f.16r
Stevens, John (Stratford, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Stevens, John (yeoman, Maldon, Essex) 3 f.55v
Stevens, Mathew 4 f.5r
Stevens, Richard 4 f.19r
Stevens, Robert (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15v
Stevens, Thomas (mercer, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.40v
Stevenson, Henry (gent, Godmanchester, Huntingdon) 3 f.81r
Stevenson, John (merchant tailor) 4 f.12r
Stewkey, Andrew (merchant tailor, Temple Bar, London) 3 f.78r, 3 f.89r
Stiffe, John (clerk, Suffolk) 4 f.19r
Stileman, George (yeoman, Horsell, Surrey) 4 f.12v
Stileman, Westeren (yeoman, Good Easter, Essex) 3 f.56v
Stiles, James (yeoman, Godalming, Surrey) 4 f.38r
Stiles, John (gent, Hempstead, Essex) 3 f.111v
Stiles, Michaell (draper, Cannon Street, London) 3 f.30r, 5 f.11r
Stiles, Thomas (merchant) 3 f.122v
Stiles, Thomas junior (captain) 3 f.130r
Still, Edward 3 f.4v
Stims, William (gent, Stapleford Abbots or Tawney?, Essex) 3 f.51v
Stint, John (merchant tailor) 4 f.6v
Stocke, Edward (bricklayer, St Nicolas Lane, London) 3 f.26v
Stocke, Edward junior 4 f.6v
Stocke, Edward junior (bricklayer) 5 f.6r
Stocke, Edward junior (bricklayer, St Swithins Lane, London) 3 f.63r, 3 f.72r, 3 f.72v, 3 f.79v, 3 f.91r, 3 f.93r, 3 f.96v, 5 f.3r
Stocke, Richard (dyer, Dyers Hall, London) 3 f.16v
Stocke, Richard (yeoman, Loughton, Essex) 3 f.64v
Stocke, Thomas (grocer, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.34v, 5 f.11r
Stocker, John (Godmanchester, Huntingdon) 3 f.81v
Stockes, Mr 5 f.13r
Stokebridge, Thomas 3 f.13r
Stokes, Walter (Halton, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Stone, Elizabeth (widow) 4 f.26v
Stone, John (gent, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.29v
Stone, John (Somersham, Huntingdon) 3 f.87v
Stone, Mr (Burford, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121v
Stone, Richard (yeoman, Fingringhoe, Essex) 4 f.39r
Stone, Robert 3 f.5v
Stone, Robert (joiner) 3 f.123r
Stone, Robert (joiner, Barbican, London) 5 f.14v
Stone, Thomas (haberdasher, Cateaton Street, London) 3 f.25v, 5 f.7r
Stone, William (clerk, Chelmondiston, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Stonehouse, George Sir (Charing Cross, London) 5 f.12v
Stonehouse, George Sir (MP) 3 f.117r, 3 f.117v
Stonestreete, Henry (mercer) 4 f.7r
Stonestreete, William (grocer, Southwark) 5 f.4v
Stoninge, John (leather seller, Watling Street, London) 3 f.80v
Story, Edward (ironmonger) 3 f.131v
Story, James (haberdasher, Merchant Taylors Hall, London) 3 f.17v
Story, Robert (St Ives, Huntingdon) 3 f.88r
Story, Walter (girdler, Friday Street, London) 5 f.5r
Stoton, Gilbert junior (Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire) 3 f.103v
Stoton, Gilbert senior (Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire) 3 f.103v
Stowe, John (yeoman, Great Bromley, Essex) 4 f.17r
Stracy, Henry 3 f.53r
Stracy, Henry (yeoman, Mountnessing?, Essex) 3 f.101r
Stradford, Nicholas (draper, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.29v
Straite, Josias (yeoman, Rayleigh, Essex) 3 f.56v
Strange, Jacob (son) 5 f.10v
Strange, John (Friday Street, London) 3 f.68v
Strange, John (merchant tailor) 3 f.131v
Strange, John (merchant tailor, Friday Street, London) 3 f.72r
Strayte, Reynald (gent, Rawreth, Essex) 3 f.56v
Strayton, Edward (gent, St Clement Danes, London) 3 f.105v
Streame, Richard 3 f.47v
Streate, John (mealman, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex) 3 f.22r
Stredwick, William (woodmonger, Whitefriars, London) 4 f.29v
Streete, William (mealman, Middlesex, Middlesex) 4 f.18r
Streete, William (yeoman, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex) 3 f.36v
Strelwick, William (woodmonger, Whitefriars, London) 5 f.12v
Stretton, Paul (smith, Heybridge, Essex) 4 f.39v
Stretton, Thomas (Mr, Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Stretton, Thomas (Wendens Ambo or Wenden Lofts?, Essex) 3 f.75r
Stretton, William (gent, Tenterden, Kent) 3 f.100v
Strickland, William Sir (bart) 3 f.110v
Strickland, William Sir (MP) 3 f.108v
Stringar, William (Lincolnshire) 4 f.30r
Stringer, George (gent, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) 3 f.43r
Stringer, George (Mr, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44v
Stringer, Samuell 3 f.4r
Strong, John (yeoman, Rowhedge?, Essex) 4 f.16v
Strongeman, Samuell (merchant, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.79r
Stubbard, Peter (grocer, Cateaton Street, London) 3 f.5r
Stubinge, John (Steeple, Essex) 4 f.26v
Stuckly, Valentine (vintner, Cornhill, London) 3 f.55r
Studd, John (Bocking, Essex) 4 f.14r
Sturly, John 3 f.7v
Sturly, Samuell 3 f.7v
Subbin, Ferdinando (gent, Lambourne, Essex) 3 f.53v
Sugger, Richard (yeoman) 3 f.103v
Sumer, Nathaniell 3 f.34r
Summer, Alexander (draper) 4 f.10r
Summer, William (Dinton, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.47r
Summerfield, William (clothworker) 4 f.25v
Summerson, John (Aldham, Essex) 4 f.26v
Summerson, Thomas (yeoman, Coggeshall, Essex) 3 f.79v
Sumner, Christopher (yeoman) 3 f.50v
Sumner, John (silkman, Paternoster Row, London) 3 f.51v
Sumner, Samuell (yeoman, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) 3 f.41r
Sumner, Steven (yeoman, Shelley, Essex) 3 f.55r
Sumner, William (yeoman) 3 f.50v
Sumpter, Gyles (Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.26v
Surbutt, Joseph (cutler, Minories, London) 4 f.51v
Sutinge, Robert 3 f.49r
Sutten, Thomas (Tollesbury, Essex) 4 f.16r
Sutton, Christopher (yeoman, Finchley, Middlesex) 4 f.46v
Sutton, Danyell (clerk, Wethersfield, Essex) 3 f.62v
Sutton, Thomas 3 f.70v
Sutton, William 3 f.4v
Swallocke, John (gent, West Thurrock, Essex) 3 f.54v
Swallow, William 3 f.61v
Swanley, Richard (mariner) 4 f.30r
Sweete, Robert (fishmonger, Lombard Street, London) 3 f.52r
Sweete, Robert (merchant, Lombard Street, London) 5 f.9r
Swift, Robert (blacksmith, London) 4 f.51v
Swift, Thomas (clothier) 4 f.11v
Swifte, Isaacke (haberdasher, Ludgate Hill, London) 3 f.123r
Sworden, John 3 f.49r
Sydye, William (Ardleigh, Essex) 4 f.13v
Symms, Thomas 3 f.9r
Symonds, John 3 f.7r
Symonds, William 3 f.73v
Symons, John 4 f.25r
Symons, Joseph (longbow string maker, Fleet Street, London) 3 f.12r, 3 f.27v
Symons, Richard (vintner) 4 f.7v
Symons, Thomas (captain, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire) 3 f.76v
Symons, William (goldsmith, Gutter Lane, London) 3 f.58v