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This page is part of index of people in horse lists. See that page for general information about this index and links to the volumes indexed. Use the letter links above for other parts of this index.

Name Folios
Jackson, Edward (clothier) 4 f.19v
Jackson, Faith (Mrs, Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Jackson, James (Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Jackson, John 3 f.28v
Jackson, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Jackson, John (gent, Aldham, Essex) 4 f.18r
Jackson, Thomas 3 f.21v
Jackson, Thomas (clerk, Tilbury Juxta Clare?, Essex) 3 f.42v
Jacobson, Rombolt (brewer, East Smithfield, London) 3 f.78r
James, Daniell (grocer, St Nicolas Lane, London) 4 f.51v
James, Edmond (haberdasher) 4 f.5r
James, James (apothecary) 3 f.122r
James, James (apothecary, Aldermanbury, London) 3 f.30v
James, John 3 f.7r
James, John (brewer, St Sepulchre, London) 3 f.92v, 5 f.13r
James, John (gent, Tyberton, Hereford) 3 f.99r
Janninges, John (Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34v
Jaques, Joseph (gent, Clerkenwell, London) 3 f.74v
Jaques, Mr (Luton, Bedfordshire) 3 f.66v
Jaques, Robert (brewer, Whitechapel, London) 3 f.118r
Jarman, Edward (carpenter) 3 f.127v
Jarvis, Peter (gent, Maldon, Essex) 3 f.55v
Jatton, John (mercer, Paternoster Row, London) 3 f.28r
Jay, John (feltmaker) 4 f.49r
Jay, John (Norfolk) 3 f.114v
Jay, Stephen (barber surgeon, St Christopher le Stocks, London) 3 f.27r
Jaye, William (Essex) 4 f.18v
Jefferies, John (grocer) 4 f.25r
Jefferyes, Edward 3 f.14v
Jeffrey, Edmond (yeoman, Southminster, Essex) 3 f.57r
Jekell, Nicholas (Castle Hedingham, Essex) 4 f.5r
Jempson, Robert (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Jeninges, Zachary 3 f.7v
Jenkins, James (gent, Covent Garden, London) 3 f.102r
Jenkins, Moses (clothier) 4 f.5v
Jenkins, Moses (draper, Watling Street, London) 3 f.26r
Jenkinson, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Jenkinson, William (Mr, Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Jenney, Christopher (draper, Bucklersbury, London) 5 f.2v
Jennings, Alexander 3 f.45v
Jennings, John (goldsmith) 4 f.47v
Jennings, Thomas 3 f.61r
Jennor, Thomas (grocer, Lothbury, London) 3 f.22v, 5 f.9v
Jenour, Francis (saddler, Coleman Street, London) 5 f.12r
Jerman, Henry (gent) 3 f.129v
Jersey, John (gent, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire) 3 f.92v
Jessup, Robert (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Jewett, William (Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44v
Johnson, Christopher 3 f.28v
Johnson, Henry (yeoman, White Colne, Essex) 4 f.12v
Johnson, Jeremy (goldsmith, Lombard Street, London) 3 f.35v
Johnson, John 3 f.7v, 3 f.71r
Johnson, John (Barkby, Leicestershire) 3 f.71r
Johnson, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Johnson, John (esquire, Moorfields, London) 3 f.93v
Johnson, John (merchant tailor, Aldersgate Street, London) 4 f.29r
Johnson, Martin (Spalding, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32r
Johnson, Nicholas (Mr, Milton, Bedfordshire) 3 f.126v
Johnson, Peter 4 f.8r
Johnson, Peter (saymaker, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.98r
Johnson, Richard (yeoman) 3 f.71r
Johnson, Robert (grocer) 4 f.7r
Johnson, Robert (Hulcott, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.46v
Johnson, Samuell 3 f.29r
Johnson, Samuell Dr (rector, Ashdon, Essex) 3 f.113v
Johnson, Thomas 3 f.4v, 3 f.71r
Johnson, Walter (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Johnson, William (Great Bowden, Leicestershire) 3 f.116r
Jolley, John (Salcott, Essex) 4 f.20v
Jones, Daniell (haberdasher) 4 f.51r
Jones, David (clothworker, Lime Street, London) 4 f.42r
Jones, Ellis 3 f.10v
Jones, Henry 3 f.24r
Jones, Henry (esquire, Marden, Hereford) 3 f.99v
Jones, Jenkin 3 f.68v
Jones, John (girdler, Hackney, London) 4 f.5v
Jones, John (grocer, Bartholomew Lane, London) 3 f.24r
Jones, John (mercer, Longworth, Berkshire) 4 f.29r
Jones, John (merchant tailor, Maiden Lane, London) 3 f.64v
Jones, Richard 3 f.2v
Jones, Richard (innholder, Fish Street, London) 4 f.46r
Jones, Samuell (merchant, Coleman Street, London) 4 f.47v
Jones, Thomas 3 f.11v, 3 f.12r, 5 f.1r
Jones, William 3 f.7v
Jones, William (clerk, Tytherington, Gloucestershire) 3 f.99r
Jordan, John (grocer, Bread Street, London) 3 f.21v
Jordan, Josephe 3 f.65r
Jordan, Thomas (skinner, St Swithins London Stone, London) 3 f.17v, 3 f.101r
Joslin, Peter (yeoman, Rayne, Essex) 3 f.115r
Joslin, Ralph (Rayne, Essex) 4 f.28v
Joslin, Ralph (Romford, Essex) 3 f.107r
Joslin, Symon (yeoman, East Hanningfield, Essex) 3 f.36r
Joslin, Turrell (esquire, Holywell, Huntingdon) 3 f.82v
Joy, Stephen (barber surgeon, St Christopher le Stocks, London) 3 f.8v
Joyner, Danyell (Chipping Ongar, Essex) 3 f.50v
Joyner, Danyell (clerk, Essex) 3 f.105r
Joyner, Nathaniell (gent, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.90r
Joyner, Samuell (Chelmsford, Essex) 3 f.93v
Judd, John (Little Canfield, Essex) 3 f.40v
Judd, Thomas (goldsmith) 4 f.3v
Judd, Thomas (goldsmith, Cary Lane, London) 3 f.73v
Judd, William (yeoman, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex) 3 f.40v
Julyan, Henry (Freiston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Junior, Woodgate, Thomas 3 f.67r
Juno, Henry (gent) 4 f.12r
Jurin, Abraham (merchant) 4 f.50r
Jurin, Abraham (merchant, London) 3 f.129v
Jurin, Abraham (weaver, St Swithins Lane, London) 3 f.21r
Jurin, Jacob (merchant) 3 f.115v
Jurin, Jacob (merchant, Southwark) 4 f.50r
Jurin, Jacob (merchant, St Swithins Lane, London) 3 f.30v
Jurin, John (dyer, St Pancras Lane, London) 3 f.6v, 3 f.14r
Jurin, John (merchant) 3 f.98v
Juxon, Thomas (sugar baker, College Hill, London) 3 f.19r