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This page is part of index of people in horse lists. See that page for general information about this index and links to the volumes indexed. Use the letter links above for other parts of this index.

Name Folios
Pace, John (Flamstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.33v
Pace, Robert (Flamstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.33v
Pach, Edward (yeoman) 3 f.114r
Pach, Francis (yeoman, Stansted Mountfichet, Essex) 3 f.53v
Pack, Christopher (draper, Basinghall Street, London) 5 f.1v
Pack, Christopher (merchant, Basinghall Street, London) 3 f.100r
Packer, Humfry (gent) 3 f.60v
Packharnes, Peter (Butterwick, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Packson, Thomas 3 f.24v
Page, Daniell (Watford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.43v
Page, Daniell (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.9v
Page, Edmond (haberdasher, Poultry, London) 5 f.4r
Page, Edmond (mercer, Poultry, London) 5 f.15r
Page, John (Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34v
Page, Randoll (yeoman, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex) 3 f.19r
Page, Richard (husbandman) 3 f.131v
Page, Richard (tanner, Dartford, Kent) 4 f.42r
Page, Thomas 3 f.3r
Page, Thomas (yeoman, Langley, Essex) 3 f.105v
Page, William (gent, Haverhill, Essex) 3 f.36v
Page, William (yeoman) 4 f.20r
Page, William (yeoman) 4 f.20r
Pagett, Dr 3 f.120r
Paine, John 3 f.71r
Painter, John 4 f.25r
Painter, Robert 3 f.21r
Painter, William (yeoman, Maldon, Essex) 3 f.109r
Pakeman, John (Tendring, Essex) 4 f.37v
Pakey, John (Sutterton, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22r
Palgrave, Thomas (gent) 4 f.5v
Pallavicine, Horatio (esquire, Chipping Ongar, Essex) 3 f.95v
Palmer, Edward (cooper) 4 f.51r
Palmer, Henry 3 f.34v
Palmer, John 3 f.50v
Palmer, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Palmer, Mathew (yeoman, Stansted Mountfichet, Essex) 3 f.53v
Palmer, Thomas 3 f.8r
Palmer, Thomas (haberdasher) 4 f.7r
Palmer, Thomas (merchant tailor, Whitecross Street, London) 5 f.14v
Palmes, Gwye Sir 3 f.113r
Palmes, Gwye Sir (MP) 3 f.113r
Panelie, William (yeoman) 4 f.10v
Pannell, John 4 f.27v
Panther, William (Paternoster Row, London) 3 f.27r
Papworth, William (Hitchin, Hertfordshire) 3 f.85v
Papworth, William (husbandman, Hitchin, Hertfordshire) 3 f.117v
Parcell, John 3 f.2r
Pargiter, Robert (grocer) 4 f.7v
Parke, Richard (Sleaford, Lincolnshire) 4 f.32v
Parker, Bernard 3 f.13r
Parker, Christian (widow, Watford, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44v, 4 f.45r
Parker, Edward 3 f.4v, 3 f.13r
Parker, Edward (merchant tailor) 4 f.49r
Parker, Francis (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.9r
Parker, Henry 3 f.6r
Parker, John 4 f.26r
Parker, John (Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Parker, John (merchant) 4 f.5r
Parker, John (merchant, St Mary at Hill, London) 3 f.7r
Parker, John (yeoman) 4 f.3v
Parker, Lawrence (Lincolnshire) 4 f.37r
Parker, Saphony (Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34v
Parker, Thomas (maltster) 4 f.48r
Parker, William 3 f.2v
Parker, William (gent, Stow Longa, Huntingdon) 3 f.80v
Parkes, Edward (merchant tailor) 3 f.111r
Parkes, Edward (merchant tailor, Friday Street, London) 3 f.119r
Parkes, Thomas (yeoman, Great Yeldham?, Essex) 3 f.43r
Parkeson, Richard (Southwark) 4 f.49v
Parkhurst, John (minister, Little Wakering, Essex) 3 f.26r, 3 f.57r
Parmeter, Nathaniell (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Parmiter, Edward (yeoman) 3 f.50v
Parmiter, John (yeoman, Castle Hedingham, Essex) 3 f.69v
Parnell, John (St Ives, Huntingdon) 3 f.81v
Parnell, John (yeoman, Stocking Pelham, Hertfordshire) 3 f.119r
Parnell, Thomas (Lincolnshire) 4 f.37v
Parnell, Thomas (Lincolnshire) 4 f.37v
Parr, John 3 f.12v
Parr, Thurston 3 f.8r
Parrant, John (gent, Little Hadham, Hertfordshire) 3 f.104v
Parren, John (Hook Norton, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121v
Parrish, Isaack (Fishtoft, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21v
Parrish, John (Fishtoft, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21v
Parrott, John (Shenley Church End, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48r
Parrott, Richard junior (Castlethorpe?, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48r
Parry, Robert 3 f.1v
Parry, Thomas (gent, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire) 3 f.37v
Parry, William 3 f.61r
Parsfield, Philip (yeoman, Wethersfield, Essex) 3 f.111v
Parson, Francis (merchant tailor) 4 f.3v
Parson, Francis (merchant tailor) 4 f.7v
Parson, Henry (mercer, Guildford, Surrey) 3 f.129v
Parson, Thomas (gent, Hendon, Middlesex) 3 f.37v
Parsons, Anthony 3 f.51r
Parsons, John 3 f.24r
Parsons, Richard (vintner) 4 f.48r
Parsons, Robert (hosier, Southwark) 4 f.49v
Parsons, Thomas 3 f.42v
Partridge, Gabriell (cutler) 5 f.10r
Partridge, Henry (cooper, Wapping, London) 3 f.34v
Partridge, John 3 f.25v
Partridge, Richard (Capel, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Pashell, Stephen (clerk) 3 f.23r
Patrick, Thomas (Great Horkesley, Essex) 4 f.24v
Patrick, Thomas (yeoman, Halstead, Essex) 4 f.11r
Pattin, Thomas (Maldon, Essex) 4 f.16r
Pattisen, John (yeoman, Saint Lawrence, Essex) 3 f.56v
Patton, John (Somersham, Huntingdon) 3 f.87r
Paveley, Robert (yeoman) 3 f.49v
Pawfrely, Mr (clerk, Haceby, Lincolnshire) 4 f.30v
Paybody, John (gent) 3 f.71v
Payne, Amos (goldsmith, Gutter Lane, London) 4 f.29r
Payne, Andrew (haberdasher, Cheapside, London) 3 f.50v
Payne, Elizabeth (widow, Hutton, Essex) 3 f.91v
Payne, John (Ardleigh, Essex) 4 f.13v
Payne, Samuell (haberdasher) 5 f.15r
Payne, Samuell (merchant tailor) 4 f.7r
Payne, Samuell (merchant tailor) 5 f.2r
Payne, Thomas 3 f.70v
Payne, Thomas (gent, Little Henny, Essex) 4 f.27v
Payne, William (yeoman, Little Bentley, Essex) 4 f.29r
Peachey, John junior (gent, Holywell, Huntingdon) 3 f.82v
Peachey, John senior (gent, Holywell, Huntingdon) 3 f.82v
Peachey, Thomas (yeoman, West Thurrock, Essex) 3 f.128r
Peacocke, Edward 3 f.53v
Peacocke, John 3 f.49r
Peacocke, John (gent, Huntingdon, Huntingdon) 3 f.86v
Peacocke, John (merchant tailor, Watling Street, London) 3 f.27v
Peacocke, William (yeoman, Ridgewell, Essex) 3 f.62v
Peade, Thomas (merchant) 4 f.48v
Peag, Thomas (merchant, Tower Hill, London) 5 f.6v
Peake, Thomas (Colchester, Essex) 3 f.69v
Peake, Thomas (draper, Colchester, Essex) 4 f.18r
Peake, William (draper) 3 f.98v
Peale, Christopher (horner) 4 f.18r
Pearce, Thomas (gent, Gloucester) 3 f.99v
Pearson, Samuell (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.14r
Peartree, Robert (clerk, Great Horkesley, Essex) 4 f.24r
Pease, Stephen 3 f.13r
Pease, William junior (Gracechurch Street, London) 5 f.12r
Pease, William senior (saddler) 5 f.16r
Pease, William senior (saddler, Gracechurch Street, London) 3 f.30v
Pecke, Francis (draper, Watling Street, London) 3 f.5v, 5 f.5v
Pecke, Oliver 3 f.97v
Pecke, Samuell (physician, Terling, Essex) 3 f.78r
Pecke, Thomas (clerk, Prittlewell, Essex) 3 f.57r
Peckett, Marmaduke (goldsmith, Lime Street, London) 4 f.42r
Peckman, Raphe (merchant tailor, Newgate, London) 3 f.110v
Pedder, William 3 f.97v
Peddor, Henry (gent, Caddington, Bedfordshire) 3 f.80v
Pedley, James (gent, Great Ravely?, Huntingdon) 3 f.81r
Peepes, Robert (clerk, Wenden, Essex) 3 f.75r
Peepes, Thomas (leather seller) 3 f.112r
Peepes, Thomas (leather seller, Cornhill, London) 5 f.10r
Peerson, William (yeoman, Stanbridge, Bedfordshire) 3 f.66v
Peeter, Joseph 3 f.17r
Pegge, John 3 f.21v
Peisly, Edmond (grocer) 4 f.3r
Peisly, Edmond (grocer, St Laurence Lane, London) 3 f.7r, 3 f.13v, 3 f.98r, 5 f.4r
Pelling, Isaack 3 f.10v
Pells, John (yeoman, Otley, Suffolk) 4 f.19v
Pemberton, William 5 f.7r
Pemberton, William (brewer, Garlick Hill, London) 3 f.22r
Pemmerton, Joseph (maltster, Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.42v
Pendleton, Henry (gent, Norwich, Norfolk) 3 f.118v
Penning, Elizabeth (Mrs, Ipswich, Suffolk) 4 f.34r
Penns, Thomas 3 f.61r
Pennyfather, Thomas 3 f.10v
Pennyfeather, Edward 3 f.60v
Pennyfeather, William 3 f.60v
Penoyer, William (merchant, St Helen Bishopsgate, London) 3 f.3r
Peny, Philip (South Newington, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121r
Percivall, Thomas (Sproughton, Suffolk) 4 f.35v
Percye, Mathew 3 f.25v
Perin?, Thomas 3 f.4r
Perkin, Edward (coach maker, Cow Lane, London) 3 f.79v
Perkins, George (schoolmaster) 4 f.19v
Perkis, Robert (yeoman) 4 f.25r
Perpoint, William (esquire, Chancery Lane, London) 3 f.3v
Perrett, Richard (St Ives, Huntingdon) 3 f.88v
Perry, Abraham (yeoman) 4 f.40v
Perry, Abraham (yeoman, Stansted Mountfichet, Essex) 3 f.101r
Perry, Barrington (yeoman, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire) 3 f.64r
Perry, Daniell (yeoman) 4 f.40v
Perry, Daniell (yeoman, Stansted Mountfichet, Essex) 3 f.40r
Perry, George 3 f.15r
Perry, Henry (Steeple, Essex) 4 f.26v
Perry, John (skinner, Cheapside, London) 3 f.15r
Perry, John (St Ives, Huntingdon) 3 f.88r
Perry, John (Wickham, Essex) 4 f.26v
Perry, Nathaniell (yeoman, Maldon, Essex) 3 f.73v
Perry, Nicholas (upholster) 4 f.7r
Perry, Richard (merchant tailor) 4 f.3v
Perry, Thomas (yeoman) 4 f.13r
Perwell, Henry (Ardleigh, Essex) 4 f.13v
Petchey, John (gent, West Thurrock, Essex) 3 f.54r
Peterborough, Earl of 3 f.128v
Peters, Richard (Mr, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48v
Pettise, John (Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) 4 f.33r
Pettishworth, Samuell (Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire) 3 f.92v
Pettit, Richard 3 f.51r
Pettit, Robert (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.9r
Pettit, Thomas 4 f.25v
Pettit, Thomas (yeoman, Maldon, Essex) 3 f.55v
Pettit, William (gent, Newton, Cambridgeshire) 3 f.76v
Pettit, William (Ugley, Essex) 3 f.35r
Pettman, William (West Ham, Essex) 4 f.38r
Peverell, William 3 f.16v
Phelps, Samuel (feltmaker, Bermondsey Street, Southwark) 3 f.15r
Phidgin, John (merchant tailor) 5 f.10v
Philips, Humfry 3 f.18v
Philips, John (yeoman) 4 f.13r
Philips, John (yeoman, Lincolnshire) 4 f.30r
Philips, Martha (widow) 3 f.34r
Philips, Martha (widow, Honey Lane, London) 3 f.18r
Philips, Richard (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.22v
Philips, William (gent, Sturmer, Essex) 4 f.30r
Philips, William (yeoman, Lincolnshire) 4 f.30r
Phillipson, Thomas 3 f.30v
Phyper, Joseph (Mr, Lincolnshire) 4 f.31v
Picher, Robert (Southwark) 3 f.130v
Picher, Thomas (esquire, Trumpington, Cambridgeshire) 3 f.77v
Pickarell, Edward (gent, Wanstead, Essex) 3 f.78r
Pickayes, Agmondesham (lieutenant) 3 f.125r
Pickayes, Thomas (quartermaster) 3 f.125r
Picke, John (innholder, Canterbury, Kent) 4 f.49v
Pickering, Dr (Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire) 3 f.125v
Pickering, Edward (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.89v
Pickering, Gilbert Sir (Queen Street, London) 3 f.11v
Pickering, Henry (merchant) 3 f.130r
Pickering, Henry (merchant, St Mary at Hill, London) 3 f.82r
Pickering, John (merchant tailor) 4 f.5v
Pickford, Daniell (clothier, Suffolk) 4 f.30r
Pickrin, Thomas 3 f.58v
Piggett, Thomas (yeoman, Harlow, Essex) 3 f.53v
Pigott, John (draper) 3 f.6r
Pigott, Richard 3 f.7v
Pinchbeck, Josuah (Leake, Lincolnshire) 4 f.20v
Pinchbeck, Richard (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Pinchbecke, Edmond (Leverton, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Pinchebecke, William (Freiston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Pincke, John (Gloucester) 3 f.99r
Pind, Jermin (haberdasher) 4 f.6v
Pinder, Michaell (draper, Cheapside, London) 3 f.78v
Ping, William sen 4 f.8v
Ping, William senior (Colchester, Essex) 3 f.90r
Pinson, Henry (haberdasher) 5 f.15v
Piper als Man, Stephen (Ridgewell, Essex) 4 f.25r
Piper, Stephen (yeoman, Ridgewell, Essex) 3 f.43r
Pishey, Thomas (Freiston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Pitches, John 4 f.27r
Pitches, Thomas (gent, Stebbing, Essex) 3 f.56r
Pitches, Thomas 4 f.27r
Pitches, Thomas 4 f.27r
Pitt, Rowland (fishmonger) 4 f.47r
Pitt, Rowland (fishmonger, Thames Street, London) 4 f.29r
Pittam, George (Burford, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121r
Pitts, John 3 f.38v
Plair, Thomas (esquire, Fish Street, London) 3 f.35r
Plair, Thomas (haberdasher, Fish Street, London) 3 f.21r
Plate, George (yeoman, Hendon, Middlesex) 3 f.38r
Platts, William (clothier, Soper Lane, London) 4 f.3v
Platts, William (factor, London) 3 f.69r
Playters, William Sir (MP, Sotterly, Suffolk) 3 f.85v
Pledger, Phillipp 4 f.8r
Plum, Edward 3 f.61r
Plum, Peter (yeoman, Stansted Mountfichet, Essex) 3 f.41v
Plum, Robert (gent) 4 f.25r
Plum, Robert (gent, Great Yeldham?, Essex) 3 f.43v
Plum, William (yeoman, Stansted Mountfichet, Essex) 3 f.53v
Plumer, John 3 f.24v
Plummer, John 4 f.25v
Plummer, Thomas (yeoman) 3 f.50r
Plummer, William (yeoman, Aston?, Hertfordshire) 3 f.70r
Plumpton, Edward (Lincolnshire) 4 f.37r
Pococke, John (merchant tailor, Watling Street, London) 3 f.13v, 3 f.25v
Pointer, Thomas 3 f.26v
Points, Elizabeth (widow, Essex) 3 f.106r
Pollard, Richard (yeoman, Latchingdon, Essex) 3 f.57v
Pollington, Alexander 5 f.3r
Pollington, Alexander (haberdasher) 4 f.4v
Pollington, Alexander (haberdasher, Lombard Street, London) 3 f.13r
Polsteed, Henry (merchant, Coleman Street, London) 3 f.75v
Polsteed, Henry junior (haberdasher) 5 f.17r
Polsteed, John (merchant) 3 f.105r
Polsteed, Thomas (merchant) 4 f.48r
Pond, Samuel 4 f.14v
Poole, Henry (girdler, St Antholin, London) 3 f.19r
Poole, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Poole, John (turner, Southwark) 3 f.26v, 4 f.46r
Poole, John (yeoman, Bobbingworth, Essex) 3 f.42r
Poole, Robert (Belchamp St Paul, Essex) 4 f.28r
Pooly, Gyles (merchant, Bread Street, London) 3 f.52v
Pope, Mathew (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15v
Pope, Richard (Norwood, Middlesex) 3 f.84r
Popler, Samuell (brewer, Southwark) 4 f.42v, 4 f.51v
Porter, Francis (yeoman) 3 f.39r
Porter, John (yeoman, Little Baddow, Essex) 4 f.11r
Porter, Martha (Mrs, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) 4 f.44v
Porter, Richard (esquire, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) 5 f.11r
Porter, Richard (gent, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) 3 f.43r
Porter, Stephen (gent, Barking, Essex) 3 f.78v
Porter, Thomas (grocer, Budge Row, London) 3 f.5v
Porter, Thomas (Tendring, Essex) 4 f.37v
Porter, William (gent) 3 f.39r
Portes, Richard (yeoman, Lincolnshire) 4 f.31r
Potchey, Richard 3 f.49r
Pott, George (sailmaker, St Katherine's Dock, London) 4 f.47r
Potter, Anthony junior (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48r
Potter, Anthony senior (Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48r
Potter, Daniell 4 f.18r
Potter, Edward (shoemaker, Cambridge) 3 f.77r
Potter, John (gent) 4 f.7v
Potter, Robert (Fordham, Essex) 4 f.8r
Potter, Robert (yeoman) 4 f.18r
Potter, William (Aldham, Essex) 4 f.26v
Potter, William (grocer) 4 f.11v
Potter, William (grocer, Wood Street, London) 5 f.2v
Powell, Athelston 3 f.21v
Powell, Edward Sir (bart) 3 f.130r
Powell, Francis (vintner, Paternoster Row, London) 3 f.18v
Powell, James (alderman, Gloucester) 3 f.102r
Powell, John 3 f.34r
Powell, Roger (leather seller, Southwark) 4 f.42v
Powell, William (brewer) 3 f.130r
Pratt, Edward 3 f.7r
Pratt, Henry 3 f.13v
Pratt, John (gent) 3 f.70v
Prentice, Nicholas 3 f.44r
Prescott, Alexander (esquire, Tollesbury?, Essex) 3 f.106r
Prescott, Edward (merchant, London) 3 f.106r
Preston, James (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Preston, John (gent, Harleston, Norfolk) 3 f.114v
Preston, Mary (widow, Colchester, Essex) 4 f.8v
Preston, Thomas 3 f.30r
Preston, William 3 f.60r
Price, John 3 f.16r
Price, John (haberdasher, Dedham, Essex) 4 f.10r
Price, John (Terling, Essex) 3 f.104r
Price, Richard 3 f.61r
Price, Robert (gent) 3 f.116r
Price, Thomas 3 f.7v, 3 f.19v
Price, Walter (gent, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) 4 f.40v
Prichard, Rowland 3 f.20v
Prichard, Thomas 3 f.16v
Prickloane, John 3 f.106v
Pride, Thomas (haberdasher, Pye Corner, London) 3 f.1r
Priest, James (yeoman, Ruislip, Middlesex) 3 f.83v
Primate, Humfry (haberdasher, Newgate, London) 3 f.8v
Primate, Josias (leather seller) 3 f.129r
Primate, Josias (leather seller) 4 f.7v
Primate, Josias (leather seller, Fleet Street, London) 3 f.2r
Princett, John (webster, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.90r
Prior, John (yeoman, Barton in the Clay, Bedfordshire) 3 f.104r
Pritchett, Francis (rope maker, Southwark) 3 f.96r
Pritchett, William (roper) 4 f.49r
Pritty, Henry 3 f.27r
Pritty, Oliver (merchant tailor, Dowgate, London) 4 f.49v
Prittye, Peregrine (merchant tailor, Dowgate, London) 3 f.27r
Probie, Henage Sir 3 f.46v
Pryen, Robert (grocer, Cannon Street, London) 3 f.28r
Pryor, William (gent, Caddington, Bedfordshire) 3 f.80r
Pryor, William (Leake, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21r
Pudifatt, Jeremy (yeoman, Rowhedge?, Essex) 4 f.16v
Pudifatt, John (yeoman, Bennetts End, Hertfordshire) 3 f.28v
Pudifatt, John (yeoman, Rainham, Essex) 3 f.54v
Pudifatt, Joseph (Ruislip, Middlesex) 3 f.84r
Pudifont, Daniel 3 f.30r
Pudney, Christopher (yeoman) 4 f.11v
Puke, George (girdler, Friday Street, London) 3 f.59v
Puke, Richard (grocer) 3 f.59v
Pulham, Robert (merchant, Colchester, Essex) 3 f.98r
Pulham, Thomas (clothier, Essex) 3 f.100v
Pullin, Rowland 3 f.4r
Pullin, William (brickmaker, St Leonard Shoreditch, London) 3 f.100v
Pullin, William (gent, Charterhouse, London) 3 f.80r
Pullome, Mary (widow, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.89r
Pully, John (yeoman) 4 f.13r
Pumphritt, Nathaniell (farmer) 4 f.52r
Punt, Thomas (gent, Easton, Huntingdon) 3 f.80v
Puplitt, Henry junior (Great Horkesley, Essex) 4 f.24v
Puplitt, Henry senior (Manningtree, Essex) 3 f.90v
Purchas, Thomas (clerk, Eastwood, Essex) 4 f.29v
Purckes, Richard 4 f.25r
Purdy, (widow, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire) 4 f.33r
Purkas, George (Bluntisham, Huntingdon) 3 f.87r
Purlinge, Thomas 3 f.69v
Purrett, John (clerk, Shillington, Bedfordshire) 3 f.103v
Pury, Thomas (deputy lieutenant, Gloucester) 3 f.99r
Pury, Thomas (esquire, Clements Inn, London) 3 f.14r
Putnam, John (gent, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) 3 f.29r
Putsey, Edward 3 f.7v
Putto, William (yeoman, Little Baddow, Essex) 4 f.11r
Pyate, Captain (Fleet Street, London) 3 f.16r
Pyate, Mr 3 f.103r
Pye, Robert Sir 3 f.25v
Pye, Robert Sir (MP) 3 f.129v
Pyeman, James (Stowupland, Suffolk) 4 f.29v
Pym, George (yeoman, Essex) 4 f.52v
Pym, John (Brill, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.46v
Pym, John (gent, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.75v
Pym, John (MP) 3 f.23r
Pym, Richard (innkeeper, Bishopsgate Street, London) 3 f.1v
Pynnes, William (Colchester, Essex) 4 f.27r