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This page is part of index of people in horse lists. See that page for general information about this index and links to the volumes indexed. Use the letter links above for other parts of this index.

Name Folios
Underhill, Thomas (cheesemonger, Southwark) 4 f.47r
Underwood, Edmond (grocer) 4 f.7r
Underwood, Edward (grocer, Bucklersbury, London) 3 f.2r, 3 f.102v
Underwood, Joseph 5 f.16r
Underwood, William (captain) 3 f.122r
Underwood, William (captain, Bucklersbury, London) 3 f.3v, 3 f.23v
Underwood, William (grocer) 4 f.7v
Underwood, William (grocer) 3 f.117v
Underwood, William (grocer, Bucklersbury, London) 3 f.102v
Ungles, Christopher (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15v
Unwin, Mathias (clothier, Essex) 4 f.42v
Upcher, Joseph senior (Fordham, Essex) 4 f.8r
Uphill, Anthony (stationer) 4 f.7v
Upshaw, John (clothier, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.67v
Upshaw, John (Dedham, Essex) 4 f.15r
Upshaw, Robert (yeoman) 4 f.11r
Upton, Nathaniell (carpenter) 3 f.44v
Upwood, Henry 3 f.97v