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This page is part of index of people in horse lists. See that page for general information about this index and links to the volumes indexed. Use the letter links above for other parts of this index.

Name Folios
Nashe, Danyell (yeoman, Little Munden, Hertfordshire) 3 f.79r
Nashe, John (Watford, Hertfordshire) 3 f.21v
Nashe, John (yeoman, Stansted Mountfichet, Essex) 3 f.53v
Nashe, Roger 3 f.45v
Nashe, Thomas (yeoman, Little Laver, Essex) 3 f.56r
Neale, Bridgett (widow, Cheapside, London) 5 f.9v
Neale, Edmond (gent, Harpenden, Hertfordshire) 3 f.59v
Neale, John (esquire) 3 f.23v
Neale, Nicholas (yeoman, Harpenden, Hertfordshire) 3 f.59v
Neale, Peeter (gent, Dean, Bedfordshire) 3 f.108r, 3 f.108v
Neale, Thomas (cordwainer) 4 f.41r
Neale, William 3 f.97v
Neate, Thomas (Framlingham, Suffolk) 4 f.35r
Needham, Thomas (draper, Ave Maria Lane, London) 3 f.38v
Needs, John (haberdasher) 4 f.4v
Negus, Joseph (draper) 3 f.82r
Negus, Joseph (draper, Hackney, London) 4 f.46r
Neighbor, John (innkeeper, Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire) 3 f.68v
Nelson, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23v
Nelson, Joseph 3 f.21v
Netles, Stephen (clerk) 4 f.8v
Neve, John (East Bergholt, Suffolk) 4 f.36v
Nevell, John, 3 f.8v
Nevell, Thomas 4 f.12r
Newberry, Henry (gent) 3 f.120r
Newbold, William (gent) 4 f.4r
Newce, Christopher (gent, East Hanningfield, Essex) 3 f.36r
Newcombe, Bartholomew (draper) 4 f.4r
Newcombe, Bartholomew (draper) 4 f.6v
Newcomin, Mathew (clerk, Dedham, Essex) 3 f.86v
Newell, Christopher (yeoman, Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire) 3 f.69r
Newill, Mary (Mrs) 4 f.12v
Newman, Christopher (Hemingford, Huntingdon) 3 f.88r
Newman, Francis (smith) 4 f.11v
Newman, Gabriell (goldsmith) 4 f.6r
Newman, Gabriell (goldsmith, Addle Street, London) 5 f.2r
Newman, Gabriell (merchant) 4 f.7v
Newman, John 3 f.81v
Newman, John (gent, Huntingdon, Huntingdon) 3 f.88r
Newman, John (Lincolnshire) 4 f.37r
Newman, John (Olney, Buckinghamshire) 3 f.48r
Newman, John (Walton le Soken?, Essex) 4 f.14r
Newman, Robert 4 f.26r
Newman, Robert (Walton le Soken?, Essex) 4 f.14r
Newman, Thomas 3 f.81v
Newman, William (Great Horkesley, Essex) 4 f.24v
Newsome, John (merchant tailor) 5 f.9v
Newton, John (clerk, Little Baddow, Essex) 4 f.11r
Newton, John (gent) 3 f.70r
Newton, John (yeoman) 4 f.5r
Newton, Richard (Sarratt, Hertfordshire) 4 f.43r
Newton, Robert (grocer, Fenchurch Street, London) 5 f.8r
Nicholas, John the elder (gent, Hendon, Middlesex) 3 f.37v
Nicholas, Nathaniell (clerk, Ruislip, Middlesex) 3 f.83v
Nicholas, Richard (yeoman, Norwood, Middlesex) 3 f.84r
Nicholett, Richard (chandler) 5 f.9v
Nicholett, Richard (chandler) 4 f.3r
Nicholls, Anthony (MP) 3 f.24r
Nicholls, Arthur 4 f.12v
Nicholls, Arthur (yeoman) 4 f.18r
Nicholls, Blaunch (widow, Hendon, Middlesex) 3 f.38r
Nicholls, Daniell (yeoman, Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire) 3 f.32r
Nicholls, Dorothy (widow, Witham, Essex) 4 f.28v
Nicholls, Edward (gent, Hendon, Middlesex) 3 f.113v
Nicholls, George (clothier, Little Coggeshall, Essex) 3 f.96r
Nicholls, James (yeoman) 4 f.12r
Nicholls, John 3 f.7v
Nicholls, John (Boston, Lincolnshire) 4 f.23r
Nicholls, John (gent) 3 f.37v
Nicholls, John (Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21v
Nicholls, John (merchant, Birchin Lane, London) 3 f.72r
Nicholls, Randoll (Totteridge, Hertfordshire) 3 f.33v
Nicholls, Randoll (yeoman, Hendon, Middlesex) 3 f.37r
Nicholls, Robert (yeoman, Colne Engaine, Essex) 4 f.29r
Nicholls, Roger (gent, Hillingdon, Middlesex) 3 f.36v
Nicholls, Roger (tanner) 4 f.20r
Nicholls, William (gent, Hillingdon, Middlesex) 3 f.36v
Nicholls, William (tanner) 4 f.20r
Nicholls, William (yeoman) 4 f.12r
Nicholls, William (yeoman, Lambourne, Essex) 3 f.53v
Nicholson, Christopher (dyer, Coleman Street, London) 3 f.14r, 3 f.38r
Nicholson, Francis (gent, Chappel, Essex) 3 f.100r
Nicholson, John 3 f.13v
Nicholson, Michaell (brewer, Southwark) 4 f.48r
Nicholson, Richard 3 f.74v
Nicholson, Thomas (mercer, Cambridge) 3 f.74r
Nickes, Richard (yeoman, Salford, Oxfordshire) 3 f.65v
Nickes, Thomas (yeoman, Bloxham, Oxfordshire) 3 f.65r
Nickonson, George 4 f.26r
Nightingall, Daniell (yeoman) 4 f.11v
Nightinghall, Thomas Sir (bart, Clavering, Essex) 3 f.53v
Nim, William (salter) 5 f.8v
Nixon, Anthony 3 f.122v
Noble, James (gent, Tillingham, Essex) 3 f.58r
Nocks, Mr (parson, Great Addington, Northamptonshire) 3 f.126r
Nocks, Ralph (yeoman) 4 f.17v
Nodes, Charles (gent, Tewin, Hertfordshire) 3 f.92v
Nodes, John (Stevenage, Hertfordshire) 3 f.92r
Noell, Mr (rector, Little Canfield, Essex) 3 f.67r
Noell, Thomas (goldsmith, Noble Street, London) 3 f.13v
Noone, Richard (yeoman, Northaw, Hertfordshire) 3 f.32v
Norbury, John (esquire) 5 f.5r
Norbury, John (lawyer, Bow Lane, London) 3 f.4v
Norcott, John (armourer, Minories, London) 3 f.98v
Norfolke, Andrew 3 f.6v, 3 f.27v
Norman, Richard (Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire) 4 f.21v
Norman, Thomas (plumber, Lambeth, London) 4 f.48v
Normansall, Urian (dyer) 4 f.7v
Normansall, Urian (dyer, Royal Exchange, London) 5 f.7r
Normington, Alexander (Mr, Fleet Street, London) 3 f.11v
Norris, Hugh (merchant, St Martin Outwich, London) 3 f.105r
Norris, Nathaniell (Tilty, Essex) 3 f.36v
North, Christopher (yeoman, Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire) 3 f.68r, 3 f.94r
North, Raphe 3 f.61v
North, Sale (seaman) 4 f.27v
Norwood, John (grocer, Bread Street, London) 5 f.1v
Norwood, Robert (grocer, Bread Street, London) 3 f.19v, 3 f.101v
Nottinge, William (Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire) 3 f.70r
Nuby, Symon 3 f.11v
Nutt, Ambrose (Tollesbury, Essex) 4 f.16r
Nutt, Thomas (Deddington, Oxfordshire) 3 f.121r
Nuttmaker, Mr (cordwainer, Fenchurch Street, London) 5 f.15v